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  1. Nope. Complete indifference. I am far more concerned about control of Congress. One party control is worrisome.
  2. Don't remember if I shared this one or not: OK, ya'll may resume serious discussion now.
  3. It's not that I WANT there to be fire causing the smoke so much as expect there to be. But, I do not suggest the "evidence" coming from what's-his-name and Guliani is on the level. But that does not mean everything is on the up and up with the Bidens. Hunter Biden whose background was law, banking, and Amtrak suddenly ending up on the board of Burisma in a place like Ukraine is suspicious. They were in an undeclared shooting war with Russia and needed US influence so one might be forgiven for thinking MAYBE HB's presence on a board of a foreign energy company he owned no stake in and had no q
  4. I meant to say ‘88 not ‘84. I remember that this happened with George HW Bush was running. I just couldn’t remember which time.
  5. I’m truth I do not recall Bidens name involved in that at all other than he was running for President in ‘84 when al this came up IIRC.
  6. Except him tell me my friend, do you recall the story from Genesis where God told Lot he would spare Sodom if Lot could find 50 honest men? If God put that choice to you and said he would save Washington DC if you could find just 50 honest men is Joe Biden on your list?
  7. No not equating the two. Just getting a chuckle over the hypocrisy. The situations were very different.
  8. @Gromnirremember this? https://www.nytimes.com/1991/08/06/us/inquiry-is-ordered-on-1980-campaign.html We have no evidence of wrongdoing but the seriousness of the charge demands investigation. Boy have the standards plummeted. But then again they were never meant to apply to Democrats were they?
  9. Multiple? Sure. Frequent? Not so much.
  10. Gromnir it does not have to be completely true for there to be truth in it. And there is waaaay too much smoke surrounding that bunch for there to not be a fire. of course my opinion of that is irrelevant. I’m fact if the FBI had incontrovertible proof the “big man” was Joe himself and he was on the take it would not matter. Every one how is voting for him is still voting for him because they are not voting FOR him. They are voting against Trump. Trump will leave office in the exact manner he came in. A completely unacceptable option defeated by a slightly less objectionable alterna
  11. I am shocked. And I am disappointed. I am giving you exactly 10 minutes to figure out your error and correct it before I report you to Fio for ignoble dismissal from this community!
  12. This was the first presidential debate I watched in a long time. Nothing I saw changed my mind about anything obviously. Biden is an old and tired man. A spent force if ever he was a force. He is contemptible and corrupted. And yes I believe all of the stories regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe’s benefit from them have more than a grain of truth in them even if they’re not all entirely true. Trump was right about him last night. He is the caricature of the bad politician and a poster child for term limits. Trump is... well he is what he is. After three years and nin
  13. https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2020/10/22/end-the-navys-vessel-exception-give-sailors-and-marines-the-due-process-afforded-to-every-other-us-service-member/ I never knew there was a vessel exception for NJP. I’ll tell you one thing though, turning down NJP for a court-martial is not something you do lightly. NJP is not a trial, it’s punishment. Agreeing to it is pretty much the same as pleading guilty. However the punishments that it hands out can range from extra duty, fines, minor restrictions or the loss of a rank. Usually they are on the lighter side of that. Cou
  14. Biden wants to "equalize" 401(k) tax breaks. That's newspeak. In plain english he wants to eliminate it because tax breakes make democrats angry. Whatever. I don't have one so "equalize" away. More and more I am only concerned about "how does this affect me". The upshot of never havimg had children I guess. Very little about whatever outcome November brings will significantly affect me. Although I do laugh at the folks who think Biden's probable victory will unite us back together. It won't. Were we united before the 2016 election? Hardly. Besides, much like the Democrats in '09, and the
  15. I aged 5 years in the 9th inning of the ALCS. I aged another 5 last night. The Rays don't win any way but close!
  16. Happy birthday to fallout new Vegas. 10 years old and still great.
  17. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/asteroid-destroy-earth-election-day-180700146.html giant meteor inbound the day before election! Here comes the real winner of the popular vote!
  18. Something else the politicians fail to grasp. The majority of voters are not voting for anything. They are voting against the alternative. They don’t understand they were simply the least bad option
  19. That is precisely what’s going to happen. My prediction is the very first thing they will do when Congress and the new president are seated in January will be to vote themselves a pay raise. And that’s just going to set the tone. Then in 2022 they will lose one or both houses of Congress. The pattern has been clear for the past 30 years. Oh no the Republicans have screwed up the country let’s vote for the Democrats. Oh no the Democrats have screwed up the country let’s vote for the Republicans. remind me again what is the definition of insanity?
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