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  1. Boy genius, 12, set to study aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech Holy crap! This kid is something else!
  2. 'Miracle of nature': Record number of endangered turtles hatch in Mexico
  3. California Man Donates 25K Baseball Cards to Girl, 9, Whose Collection Was Destroyed in Wildfire
  4. Commodities are not for the faint of heart. Or for folks who rely on investments for income. Silver traders are usually more practical because silver has numerous indusdtrial uses. As a resource that actually gets used you have to be more cognizant of it's demand. Gold used to be that way. And it was much more stable when the US dollar was actually tethered to it. Gold these days is a panic buy. It's like folks who buy all the D-Cell batteries when there is a hurricane coming. Even if they don't even have stuff that uses D-Cells. The beauty of commodities like those is you might lose mon
  5. Silver is like any other commodity. It’s a hedge against inflation. Like any other physical commodities is has a real world value. The farther ahead of that value the worse that commodity is to buy. It will return to the mean eventually. Gold and silver are great investments in troubled economic times. But right now inflation is not particularly high. Which means they are seriously overpriced. I know gold has seen some very large price fluctuations in the recent months. And right now I think it’s still overvalued. IMO large cap stocks in companies with modest debt service is the place to be. I
  6. Whether a change is for the better is strictly a matter of opinion. It sounds awesome when you hear they are giving everyone a free house. Less so when you hear they are giving away YOURS! Just an example. I'm not seriously suggesting they are taking anyone's house away. You gotta clarify s--t like that areoudn here lately!
  7. A second Trump term facing a Democratic controlled House and Senate would certainly be entertaining. A Presidential election decided by the House of Representatives would also be a lot of fun. yep... I just want to watch it all burn!
  8. The problem with the shuttle was weight. It's expensive to lift heavy things into orbit. It's much more efficient to lift smaller payloads more frequently. And while the orbiter itself was reusable it's lift system wasn't. The orbiter could not carry more than it's own weight because of the limitations of the lift system. At a point in the design process it likley became clear to the engineering team the entire concept was flawed. But, this was a political directive. A space plane was asked for and a space they shall have. Another thig that went wrong with NASA starting in the late 80's
  9. But after thirty years what they actually produced was not what they conceptulaized. The biggest hindrance to NASA is, and has always been, politcs. Congressmen demanding production of certain systems by certain companies in certain states. All of which are in a postion to shut the whole thing down if they don't get their way. Most of whom are far more conerned in the process and their role in it than the outcome. One of the big reasons the unmanned program was outsourced to JPL was to avoid the infighting. I read a great book a while back called Chasing New Horizons. It's about the Plut
  10. Project Artemis is on schedule for manned lunar landings in 2024. Assuming funding isn't cut before then. Exploration for it's own sake is still Nasa's thing. Even if Obama did curtail it significantly and direct NASA to purely political ends. The Space Shuttle was in development even before project Mercury. The dream of a reusable space vehicle was 30 years in development when Columbia first launched in 1981. And it was not a reusable system. The orbiter itself was but it was over weight, overly complicated and contained five seperate systems that had to work together. I remember how impresse
  11. Cool story. Good luck and Godspeed 2nd LT. Idrache. Many thanks!
  12. Even if Roe were overtunred abortion would still be legal because nowhere is it illegal. Some state legislatures will be quick to act I think. Alabama and Utah most likely. But most will have zero desire to punch that tar baby. They will make noise and talk the talk but nothing will materalize. Of course Congress could pass a law by next March that Biden (presumably) would no doubt sign. A law that in broad language prevents state governments from interfering in medical procedures where public assitance it not used to pay. I know 9 lawyers in Washington who would likely be very happy if they
  13. This is more what I was getting at. The liberal justices, except Ginsburg, could not always be counted on to reason their way into a "liberal" ruling. Even Sotomayor, probably the most "liberal" justice on the Court now, has conistently applied 4th Amend protections in the broadest way. That is, IMO, a decidely "illebaral" position. Illiberal in the American definition of the word at least. Ironicly the American definition of liberal is almost opposite it's actual definition. But hey, screwing up the language is part of our charm. Anyway, before I wander off point again, the appeal of tex
  15. @GromnirI was a little put off by the automatic assumption on how ACB was going to rule on cases she had not even heard yet. Even the regularly "liberal" justices are all over the map when it comes to applying law in decisions. The only two you could absolutely count on to be predictable were Ginsburg and Alito. Ginsurg once said something to the effect of "decide on the outcome you want and start your reasoning from there". That is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing I'd think. They should follow the text of the law wherever it leads not grab it by the ear and drag it where they
  16. In the late summer I used to plant pumpkins for the same reason. Two years ago I ended up harvesting over 200 pumpkins and sold everyone of them on the first day.
  17. Watermelon rind is also good for deer. They love it. Sometimes I would leave a little piles of it around. Between the deer and the wild hogs it would all get gobbled up quickly Fried watermelon is extremely good. It’s also good on the grill braised with a honey and water mixture
  18. I love watermelon. And it’s so easy to grow. Probably one of the easiest plants to take care of. Only problem with them is they don’t keep well. You can’t freeze it and you can’t dry it. You have to eat them right away. Usually I grow quite a bit of them in the spring for cash crops. You can sell small to medium watermelons at the farmers market for two dollars apiece. The larger ones for as much as five. unfortunately our farmers market has closed along with the flea market. I keep expecting another one will open but it hasn’t happened yet.
  19. I ordered the seeds for next years garden. No more farmers market so I’m only planting for me . So 3/4 of an acre. Sweet Corn Kentucky Blue Pole Beans Lima Beans Butternut Squash Summer Squash Vidalia Onions Strawberries Green Peas Its more diversity over a smaller plot than I usually do. But this time I’m keeping all of it. Canned or frozen.
  20. That’s a hell of a lot of subject material over a pretty broad range. I don’t recollect exactly what my sixth grade history teaching was like but I’m pretty sure it was not that cluttered. As best I can work out I guess I was in sixth grade in 1980? Close enough to guess. I do remember discussing the evolution of language which I remember being very interesting. you know the one teacher I had that I will never forget was a history teacher. Mr. Cahill. seventh or eighth grade. The entirety of his lesson plan was cause and effect. This happened because that happened. I found his method of
  21. Hopefully that will come later in life. It certainly did in my case
  22. I voted yesterday. There was a short wait but no biggie. For President I voted for Jorgensen of course. And no it was far from a “wasted” vote. The winner of the electoral votes of my state is an absolute foregone conclusion. A vote for Trump or Biden would’ve been wasted. Not that I would ever cast my vote for either of them. On the other hand every single vote that Jorgensen receives is invaluable. Not because it will make her president. That is mathematically impossible. But every vote the Libertarian candidate receives improves the standing of the Libertarian party, improves their process
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