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  1. Given today's blockbuster news, if Avowed is Obsidian's "Skyrim clone" game and Microsoft now owns the actual Skyrim/TES, where does that leave Avowed? Doesn't Avowed risk becoming a duplicative, and therefore redundant game for MS?
  2. Yeah these are exactly my feelings as well. When MS bought up Obsidian (and inXile) I was one of those happy about it, precisely because it made Obsidian the top-dog RPG studio within the MS empire. Now, the new top-dog is Bethesda, and the top-dog always gets the biggest slice of the pie. So where does that leave the smaller entities like Obsidian? I hope someone at MS addresses this question at some point.
  3. Secret NGAD fighter flies, sets records, raises a lot of questions
  4. Agreed. It's what I've been arguing as well.
  5. That is a good bet. That's what the SETI program has largely been all about, continuously scanning the radiation spectrum for any wave signals that may be artificial because radio signals would be the most basic way for us to receive signals from some other civilization. Technically it is possible there could be technologically advanced life that has, for whatever reason, chosen not to broadcast anything using radio waves, or else developed a way to limit the spread of their broadcasts. I would say it is unlikely, but who knows? The more likely event is that technologically advanced life forms are at least several hundred, if not several thousand, light years away, and their signals have not yet reached us. At least I hope so, for the sake of our survival.
  6. Yup. What @majestic said, though I think signal strength will remain sufficient well into a signal's travel into our galaxy. The closest, the Alpha Centauri system, is about 4.2 light years away. Proxima Centauri b is the closest known exoplanet. The Gliese, Eridani, and Trappist systems (@ 15-16, 20-22, and 39.5 light years respectively), all have multiple terrestrial exoplanets within the habitable zone.
  7. Traveling at the speed of light since what, the 1930s? Sure, they have reached nearby star systems.
  8. I am a very strictly beer guy, but recently tried some Disaronno and really loved it. Can any of you recommend other similar liqueurs I might therefore enjoy for me to try?
  9. Oh, "they" already know. From the moment we broadcast our very first radio signal, "they" have known.
  10. I guess because CBS doesn't have any shows to put on because of Covid, they are going to be running ST: Discovery on the broadcast CBS channel. So I finally get to watch it. Based on all I've read here I have very low expectations. But it *is* ST, so I'll give it a go.
  11. Seems like someone's decided they're going to try and squeeze every last dollar they can out of that franchise before they drive it into the ground.
  12. This is the greatest tragedy of PoE2. You are absolutely correct about its RTwP implementation. It is superb. And as such the tragedy is Obsidian (and perhaps other cRPG studios as well such as Owlcat) learning some sort of false lesson here that RTwP = poor sales and abandoning their excellent RTwP sytem.
  13. I am not convinced of this at all. Even a recent poll done by a major gaming website in the aftermath of BG3 being announced as TB, shows support for TB v. RTwP at 53% to 47%. Polls on the Larian BG3 subforum themselves also are similar. What I find is that TB fans are about 51-55% but make 90% of the noise, and that's what people (and cRPG developers) are reacting to.
  14. 100% agree. If you can't directly control them, they are just frustrating and aggravating to have with you and only serve to get in your way.
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