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  1. Sadly, have to wait until tomorrow.
  2. Really? Out here it is like 90% IPA. I don't mind IPAs, but prefer other types more and so it's a constant battle with my beer store to get them to stock more non-IPA types.
  3. He. I was only commenting wrt high fantasy games. A sci-fi game ...? I may be more open to playing weird races.
  4. Agreed. The final straw was areas where you had burning lava fire and then literally right next to it a bunch of cheery flowers and birds and bunnies hopping about. WTF. Yeah, it has to be human-like races for me to be able to play them (as the PC). Even orcs are perfectly fine. But lizards? Just no.
  5. I agree very much that whether one likes the setting of a game is not just a critical factor but even a foundational factor in whether one will end up liking a game in that setting. The setting is the starting point for whether you like a game. I love the Eora setting. But I can appreciate others may not. That I absolutely hate the Rivellon setting is a big part of why I found D:OS to be a horrible game.
  6. Yes I think the issue of people having to buy and play a game to know exactly what's in it and how it plays is overblown imo. In today's world, one can use gameplay videos and streams from other people, including pro reviewers who get their copy of the game in advance, to get a pretty good sense of whether they will like a game. And this can happen fairly soon after a game is released.
  7. In any case, that they are once again going to first-person really bothers me. It is why I already have to miss out on TOW. I would be so very unhappy to have to miss out on a second major Obsidian game.
  8. I know it's off-topic, but do you suppose the "cheesiness" of some of the writing in P:Km is the result of everything having first been written in Russian and then being translated to English? In the most recent AMA for P:WotR, the devs mention how the English translations from Russian often don't come across the way the writers intended and that this is a continuing source of much frustration for the writers.
  9. This could be. They specifically use the word "gunplay."
  10. It's one opinion. Doesn't make it definitive. I'm quite sure we will see more "PoE" games. It is likely they won't be in the same form as PoE 1&2 and maybe something more similar to DA:I or Skyrim.
  11. I agree that it wont be post-apoc as that is essentially TOW. But it really sucks that it will be first-person. I hope they will find a way to give the option of third-person.
  12. Well, correct me if this is not true, but my understanding is that for both PoE games the DLCs had someone other than Josh being the lead on making them. And for me, for both games, the DLCs were significantly better than the base game. My personal opinion, but just saying. Obsidian has a lot of very talented individuals who have the chops to be project lead. Having Josh be the overall creative director of the studio is perfect. But someone else can and should be project lead on a PoE3.
  13. But is this meaningful consequence? What exactly happens when the guards come and try to arrest you? Either they let you go or you kill them with no further repercussions. I don't see any meaningful consequences there at all. If you get hauled away to a prison cell in which you languish for a long time and you gain a widespread reputation as an untrustworthy crook, that would be consequence. But of course players would reject that as too extreme, even those who keep saying they want consequences in their RPGs. I think self-described RPG fans love to talk a good talk about wanting meaningful consequences in their games, but in reality don't (though I want to be clear I'm not saying this is the case with you).
  14. Well I'm not a beta backer so I'm not involved. No expectation of a survey for me. But as a general backer, if the beta is about to be released (the new promised date was June), then of course I am very happy about that development.
  15. I have stated on many occasions how much respect I have for Josh, but as far as PoE goes I actually think it would be better if Josh walked away from PoE and left it to someone else to take the lead on any future PoE game. I think Josh is an extremely talented game designer, and clearly very passionate about his craft. But I disagree with him on many of his preferences for game design.
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