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  1. Why would this result in a "segregating" of the modding scene? A mod can be made available in both places, no?
  2. I hear you all, but for me the inconvenience is pretty significant. When I recently started playing enhanced BG1 I wanted to include a whole slew of mods for the first time. All the many mods people have been talking up for years. But once I started doing it, I quit after adding in around three mods because it was too much of a pain. I especially hated that you needed to add the mods in a specific sequence, and if you got even one small thing wrong, you had to delete all the mods, make sure you once again had a clean copy of the game, and then restart the process of adding the mods. Sorry, but that's just ridiculous!
  3. Yes I'm aware of this. But ideally, Larian will come through with their promise of Steam Workshop for BG3, and then these mods will be available there. I really like just being able to activate mods in Steam Worshop and not doing the whole downloading and manually adding in a bunch of mods one by one.
  4. No way! I love being able to set my games--old or new--to max graphics settings and no performance compromises when I play.
  5. No, not at all. I'm strictly RPG and strategy gaming. But the thing is, my current machine is nine years old. I always get max use out of my computers before I junk them. So I always try to get the "best" when I buy, so that 8-10 years later it is still at least okay. P.S. I do have a nice 25" 4k display.
  6. Yup. I make a decent living, but don't spend much on myself. And no kids. So I'm glad to find something I can spend my hard-earned money on that will bring me a lot of joy and happiness.
  7. According to a recent Politico story, the "allow" side is winning in the vigorous internal debate within the Administration on this issue.
  8. Btw, I finally got that deal I've been waiting on for my new gaming computer. It gets to me June 11th. Soooooo excited! I can finally start playing the big new games!! 14th gen i9 14900KF processor (24 core, 68 MB cache, 2.4-6.0 GHz thermal velocity boost) RTX 4090 GPU (24 GB GDDR6X) 32 GB memory (DDR5, 5600 MT/s) 2 TB SSD
  9. I'm waiting for (and need) many, many mods for BG3 to make it even remotely playable for me, beginning with a 6-person party mod.
  10. It's a Bioware game, so aren't romance options mandatory? I would expect they'd be just like in the previous games, and especially so since this game has been rebuilt as a more tightly narrative-driven game.
  11. https://www.newsweek.com/vladimir-solovyov-nato-warsaw-helsinki-will-ours-russia-ukraine-war-1901936 LOL What say you Poles and Finns?
  12. https://apnews.com/article/estonia-russia-buoys-border-10b99970ed538ce1684bf88c6384a1ec Hope you guys in the Baltics are getting ready. You're up next!!
  13. https://wccftech.com/dragon-age-dreadwolf-has-everyone-at-bioware-really-happy-with-how-it-turned-out/ It's the #1 game in my Steam wishlist, so I want it to be good <fingers crossed>. Don't have much else in the way of what I want: a party-based fantasy RPG that is NOT turn-based combat.
  14. Maybe they're trying to poach talent from CD Projekt. And if that is the case I would be rather angry about it, because I'd much, MUCH rather have CD Projekt's games than Larian's games.
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