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  1. Treadstone, based on the Bourne movies, finally came out on the USA Network this week.
  2. This is the kind of first-person feedback i've been hoping for to help me decide on the game. I am completely sold on this game's RPG elements. I just tend to dislike games that are not of a 'medieval' nature and instead are 'contemporary,' so that's the only thing that sort of concerns me.
  3. Ah yes, the old 'it's all capitalism's fault' argument. Sorry no. This has nothing to do with capitalism. To the contrary, this is wokeness gone mad, where being woke means 'how dare anyone criticize China!' in exactly the same way as Google and Facebook and other woke Big Tech companies love to kiss China's ass.
  4. I am pretty sure it's just speculation. Larian hasn't unveal any details just yet. Yes speculation, but I can't imagine it will be anything else. What Larian has stated though is that the combat system has been established a long while ago and that they will not be changing it or adding multiple options for it.
  5. I don't own nor have ever played any Blizzard games, but just wondering ... what's wrong with standing with the people of Hong Kong?
  6. But this assumes there is only one thing (TB v. RTwP) differentiating the two games. This assumption is flat out wrong. There are quite a umber of variables separating the two games. The dependent variable here, sales, could be driven by a range of independent variables and not just the one.
  7. I truly hope you are right. But I'm not sure this is how it will play out. I mean this should also be true for Larian and BG3, right? And yet they are going with only TB. So even though it would make sense to have both, I am expecting Obsidian to pick only one over having both, and the one they pick to be TB. Do I have any evidence to support this? No I don't. It's just my gut feeling is all.
  8. He's long wanted to make an historical RPG, hasn't he? One with a classless system and TB.
  9. If they did that would be fine. But I doubt it because incorporating both into the game from the ground up would likely be both complicated and costly. But now that they have MS's money maybe the cost issue is not an issue.
  10. My guess is that they working on one of everything: TOW2 (all the first-person combat related hiring they've been doing), PoE3 (all the isometric hiring), and a completely new IP project (Sawyer's ?). For PoE3, though, it had better be RTwP. I'm getting tired of people insisting on and demanding that every cRPG made these days be TB. TOW is TB; I would guess a new IP game would also be TB; everything doesn't need to be TB.
  11. I figured as much, but that's a LOT of projects: Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri. Well, hopefully at least a couple of them are games I would want to play, which is to say single-player, party-based, RTwP, and not first-person.
  12. Sad that it's something I won't get to play since it is first person.
  13. Moon, mars, asteroids, I don't care I want it all to happen. I have had a deep and abiding love for human exploration and settlement of space since I was like 5 years old. That's why my first couple of degrees are in aerospace engineering. And since I am now in my fifties and I want to see this stuff become a reality in my lifetime, I am impatient as hell and want it to have happened yesterday.
  14. The parts where you are few, very short, and quite easy to get through.
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