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  1. Finally finished Witcher 3. Got the really good ending. Did every single quest. What an incredibly awesome game! Will be doing the DLCs next. :)
  2. Thanks for checking! I vaguely remembered it had something to do with a statue coming back to life.
  3. My understanding was that in the Murder in Baldur's Gate pnp module (I think) it was revealed that Minsc and Boo had been turned to stone long ago and someone had mistaken them for a statue and, heroes that they are, placed them in a town square somewhere. Then along came some adventurers in the current timeline who decided to cast 'stone to flesh' on the statue and voila!
  4. Same here. I broadly disliked the D:OS games for multiple reasons, but especially for the combat system.
  5. Took a break from Witcher 3 to fire up Civ 5 for a bit. Now back to Witcher 3 and still loving it. I feel very strongly that a non-party-based RPG cannot ever be enjoyable for me, but Witcher 3 appears to be a unique exception to the rule. I guess in a way it feels quasi-party-based, what with characters like Ciri and Yennefer and others constantly involved directly within gameplay. An interesting way to approach a solo-play game.
  6. @algroth, thanks for being so fair-minded. Don't get that from too many people these days. I'm one of those who absolutely loves P:K. But unfortunately I don't have the time to write a lengthy explanation of the many reasons why. Yes it had some early teething problems, not surprising at all for a tiny studio making its very first game. But they have been superb at listening to fan feedback and releasing patch after patch to fix and improve the game. The current enhanced edition of the game is very solid. P:K, along with the two PoE games, is my go-to game now for repeat-play among classic RPGs so much so that I no longer have much of an interest to repeat-play any of the IE games anymore.
  7. Actually, you've said it right here. For me, immersion comes more from the feel and the world and the story rather than from gameplay mechanics. So that's the difference. And besides, I've never cared for the mechanics and rules-set of 2e anyway, so for me there's not much of any meaningful difference between BG1 and 2 in that regard. And, the EE has brought all of BG2's mechanics and various other gameplay options into BG1. But, you are also right in that at the end of the day this is all very subjective.
  8. What for you is romanticizing for me is realism and immersion. Yes, believe it or not, I like that part of a game where I am just a tiny little pawn. It *is* engaging and fun for me. This is why I prefer playing BG1 over BG2 every single time, and, I prefer the early parts of BG1 over the later parts, essentially beginning to lose interest once I get to the city of Baldur's Gate.
  9. This article brings up the possibility of replacing spell slots and spell memorization with something else. Lots of interesting (in a non-positive way) things in the article. https://www.pcgamesn.com/baldurs-gate-3/dungeons-and-dragons-6th-edition
  10. If only. I shudder at the possibility we may end up with cooldowns.
  11. I agree. One of my fondest recollections from playing BG the first time was how incredible it felt when I FINALLY got my first +1 sword. I suppose this all also fits in with Vincke saying that leveling up is too slow in D&D and again, "not fun" in a video game. So, both XPs and awesome items thrown at you like candy.
  12. From one of Swen Vincke's recent interviews it sounds like spell slots/memorization is/could be completely out because it's a mechanic that's not "fun."
  13. Seems like "Baldur's Gate: Original Sin" might be what fits best.
  14. This might be what encourages me to try the game despite its first-person perspective, since it is combat that I generally cannot abide in first-person.
  15. I wonder if Swen might be pursuing some new type of combat system for this game, something that is a cross between RTwP and TB. Something like that I might very grudgingly be willing to accept. But if it is a typical TB system, especially something like the utterly crappy combat system of the D:OS games, I'll be - very angrily and very bitterly - passing on this game.
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