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  1. Sorry to hear. Yeah, as others have said, hang in there and don't lose hope. Something will come up soon. Maybe you should consider coming out here to "new" England. Lots of tech jobs here.
  2. I'm the same, and yet I never have much free time. It's why I'm so looking forward to retirement.
  3. It amazes me how quickly you guys are able to get through games. How do you find the time?!
  4. I'm with @BruceVC on this, but I also want such games to depict people and the environment in a real way. I just cannot get into games that have cartoon-like art styles/imagery. Just can't seem to be able to gain immersion in the game if things don't look at least somewhat realistic (but not necessarily talking high-end graphics here).
  5. Quite a few of you here will find this analysis to be very interesting and on point: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/ukraine/putins-new-story-about-war-ukraine
  6. I was about to post making this exact point. We constantly have a stream of former-blah blah people forming new studios from which we have not yet seen a single game worth talking about. I expect this guy won't be any different.
  7. So awards like this matter to you? Just curious, because they don't matter to me at all, but I'm always interested in why things matter to people.
  8. That's strange. I went through the whole DLC, did every questline all the way through or almost all the way, and never had this issue with a low-level NPC who could not be kept from dying. You may want to check a guide. The Neoseeker and Fandom.com wiki guides are particularly good.
  9. You can get quite far into each faction's quests before you start breaking them, though doing certain quests ahead of others makes a big difference. But the problem is that it is not always clear when you are about to get to that point of breaking another faction's questline. It is even possible to cross the no turning back point in a questline without knowing it beforehand. I think they have done this intentionally to force players to not try doing everything in one playthrough, so that they can claim the game has good replayability.
  10. It also may point to piss-poor marketing as a major culprit here. Potential fans had to find or stumble upon the game over time because Obsidian did not lead them to it.
  11. I agree with you about '80s rock music, and also Def Leppard specifically. But for me the '80s were awesome across the board generally. I was class of '86 in high school and class of '89 in college, so that was quintissentially my decade.
  12. Sure, but my post was general and separate from and not tied to that video in any way.
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