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  1. As someone for whom BG3 is meh but who loves the Forgotten Realms and craves an FR game (which is not the same as craving a D&D game), Obsidian making NwN3 is exactly what I myself have been hoping for.
  2. Love that Perseverance is specifically built to look for life on Mars.
  3. So then because it happened a certain way in the past, it's okay for it to happen the other way today? If I had been alive during the McCarthyism era I would've very strongly objected to it and opposed it. So I am consistent, which ultimately is my point: people being consistent. It's certainly not an absolute situation, but the odds of you not being held accountable are way better for you (in today's America) if you are coming from the left than the right.
  4. Absolutely. As long as it works the same way both ways. But it doesn't. People on the left routinely say stupid, ridiculous, and outrageous things but don't get held accountable in the same ways. And that is what bothers me on this issue (not this particular instance of it because I have no idea who this person is as I hate and strictly stay away from both social media and celebrities).
  5. Not much longer now before humans become redundant.
  6. I love her as my tank - no mods. You have to give her a good strength item and then she's great. But unlike what many people suggest, I did not use her with a tower shield and only the regular shield plus bastard sword. Her eventual AC was very close to if not over 50.
  7. I guess there's a threshold of prettiness, 'cause I'm not experiencing any of this.
  8. I also agree that Ciri is a rather boring character, but at the same time I also thing CDPR will be under a lot of pressure to go with a female protagonist. But I don't see how they keep all TW3 fans happy given the multiple possible endings for Ciri in that game.
  9. And every single profanity needs to be proudly voiced.
  10. What @Zoraptor said. Ciri was even brought up by one of the main guys working on the franchise on social media trying to gauge people's reactions. His big selling point was that with Ciri's special ability, you can have the game jump from world to world thereby making the game open universe. Don't know about the rest of you, but I would hate that. Hope someone smacked some sense into that guy.
  11. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a35205969/navy-new-constellation-class-frigates/ These ships look really good. Bigger and more heavily armed than destroyers in most navies. And love how they're being named, moving away from the stupid and silly naming conventions of late.
  12. Oh right, yeah that's a Hellfire variant. Would be interesting to add it to the GBU-39.
  13. This had already been revealed. CDPR had said they plan to move into full development of the next Witcher game soon after CP2077 was released. But also that the game will not be Witcher 4 because Witcher was always meant to be a trilogy and that Geralt's story is over. But seems now development start for the next "Witcher" game is going to be delayed.
  14. Heh, guess what? There is a version that deploys blades too. Has been used against terrorist targets.
  15. Sometimes you want multiple targets to be hit exactly at the same time, or hit in a particular sequence. But my understanding from other reports I've read is it isn't working as well as they need it to work, at least at this stage of development. Btw, a version of the SDB has no warhead, and its destructive power is entirely kinetic.
  16. I've been advocating for something like this for years. Btw, wasn't something like this the original idea behind NwN?
  17. I agree with @Boeroer, and so does the head of MS's games division who has said in interviews he needs a range of games for GamePass, not just a range in type of games but also in small versus big games because GamePass needs a constant supply of new games to keep subscribers happy.
  18. Hey I completely agree with you. Even your first post I agreed with, but also thought it was funny. Yeah I backed BT4 only as a way of supporting inXile given it was at a time when we were not getting any old-school cRPGs, and the few remaining studios making such games were looking like they may go under. I had never even heard of the original BT games. Backing BT4 meant I got the BT1-3 remasters for free. I have them loaded on my machine, but don't know if I will ever get around to playing them. But I will definitely play BT4 at some point. I currently have a good-sized backlog of game
  19. I wholeheartedly agree. And to note, the parts in those stories about Arcanum were explicitly stated as being speculation/wishful thinking. And if I were to bet, I would put my money on an original IP. With respect to future inXile games, though, I personally hope they will consider going back to the Numenera setting and IP and create a new game there that is properly funded and supported.
  20. I've read multiple stories that say inXile's AAA project is a steampunk game, with some people wondering (hoping?) if MS has managed to get its hands on the Arcanum IP.
  21. Not me!! I freely lower the difficulty level, sometimes for the whole game, and have no ego invested in trying to deny it or hide it. My RL is complicated, challenging, and often not fun at all. My video games are my escape and liberation from my RL. As such, I don't need frustration or aggravation in my games, and challenge only to the extent it is fun for me.
  22. Yeah I enjoyed DA:I despite what critics had to say about it. I especially liked the story and the companions, and I love the Thedas setting and lore. For some reason I can't seem to get into contemporary city builders. I seem to prefer either medieval or space. So I'm currently playing a lot of Surviving Mars and Dawn of Man. Looking forward to Kingdoms Reborn and Medieval Dynasty exiting EA as I don't care to play games that are in EA.
  23. Just hang in there. I'm in this same boat myself. But there are some indie games along the lines you are speaking of coming along, and hopefully at least some of them will be good: Wrath of the Righteous; Black Geyser; Alaloth; Dark Envoy. Further along, in addition to Avowed, there are Starfield and DA4. Oh, and just FYI, some well-reputed modders are creating an EE for IwD2 that looks quite good. For myself, the dearth of good cRPGs is why I've recently branched off into city/base-builder games.
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