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  1. Fan of Sci-Fi? Psychologists Have You in Their Sights LOL I'd say that sounds more like gamers! Yeah you nerds. Why don't you self medicate with alcohol and drugs like everyone else? LOL!
  2. It's been near three weeks since I last left the house. Other than to get the mail but that really doesn't count. Today I'm not only goung out I'm going to interact with... (shuuder) people! Some of the local organizations are having a "halloween carinival" for kids in town. Going to help out today. I considered bringing Sunny but probably better not to.
  3. I hope you stay active here. You're a good dude and your posts are a constribution to this board. I'd hate to see you fade away.
  4. Watching nature shows on TV can cure boredom, sadness I agree 100%. I have Curiosity Stream and also on NetFlix there are many.
  5. I used to think politics was so important. That our very lives and fortunes hinged on the outcomes of elections. In the 80's you'd hear s--t like that from time to time. Nowdays it's all you hear. But it's really not true. All victories and defeats are fleeting. When Obama won with a super majority in Congress I thought we were well and truly f----d. We got some bad law rammed down our throats but such political alignments are always temporary. In 2010 the pendulum swung back the other way. Im not voting for either Trump or Biden. I have no use for either of them. If I had to pick one it
  6. Sunny is a sweet dog. But she is dumber than a box of crayons. She has lived here for seven years now. And after all that time she still does not know that the front door and back door lead to the same house. If she goes out the back door and ends up in the front yard she will walk all the way around the house to come back in through the back door. If I stand in the front door with it open and call her she will run all the way around to the back door to come in.
  7. Cory Booker is a piece of s—t
  8. They decided two minutes of hate was not enough
  9. And you trust the government to exercise that power responsibly and evenhandedly? You trusted at some future point they won’t decide that everyone who wants something they don’t think they should have is inherently irrational and mentally dysfunctional? Or believes something they “know” is wrong is not a symptom of some mental defect? Government is not made up of robots. It’s made up of people. People have passions prejudices and ambitions. And very few are able to subordinate them to some notion of the greater good. Far from it. Usually they construe the greater good as to matching thei
  10. OK you hit on an interesting point that I’d like to come back to in a bit. Little short for time right now. when it comes to civil liberties I am of the opinion that there are two positions. The first is that you are in favor of all of them all the time for all the people. The second is that you were opposed to all of them all the time for all the people. Many people think there is a middle ground where some civil liberties are OK and others are not. Some are absolute and others granted only at the pleasure of the body politic or “the people”. Those people are fools. And t
  11. I am so sick of hearing Ruth Bader Ginsburg being championed as some arch defender of civil rights. She was nothing of the sort. She was a defender of the civil liberties that she believed in and a militant opponent of others. And damn what the law said. Yes I know, De mortuis nil nisi bonum. But we also owe it to ourselves to be truthful
  12. It is a much better game now than it was a year ago. It was clunky, buggy, and seriously unbalanced when it first rolled out of the gate. It has been considerably streamlined and is much better for it.
  13. For breakfast I put a bag of instant oatmeal in a coffee cup and used the Keurig coffee maker for the hot water. Just one problem. I forgot to remove the K-Cup that was in there first. So I ended up with oatmeal in coffee. I tried it anyway. I figured I like coffee and I like oatmeal, maybe they will be good together. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.
  14. Dinner tonight was two pan fried fillets of real Hatchee River catfish. So fresh it was literally swimming 24 hours ago. I breaded them with hand ground cornmeal and served with steamed green beans and summer squash. Everyting on the plate with the exception of the oil used in the pan came from my garden or property. That is freaking cool IMO!
  15. Sunny and I walked down to the Hatchee yesterday afternoon for a little fishing. Right around sunset I caught a nice sized catfish. Guess what is for dinner tonight!
  16. in other paradox news Imperator Rome is getting a complete overhaul with the next patch. New UI new game mechanics and it sounds like a lot of elements from crusader kings three are going to be introduced there. Also in stellaris we have a new DLC to look forward to. Well, you can count me in on both of them.
  17. Reading about the plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan. I really don’t understand what their endgame was. What did they hope to accomplish by all this? Any concessions they got would be fake. And it’s not like they’re going to get to walk away from that. Maybe that kind of thinking just defies rational reasoning. Maybe guys like that just do things to do them. Hey I am 100% forgiving your life for the cause if you believe in it. I have said in the past with great conviction that I would defend my home and my property to my very last bullet. But this one doesn’t make a whole lot of
  18. Still working from home. State offices have not reopened yet. And as I posted earlier my home office never will reopen. What that means for me remains to be seen. Right now the theory is we continue with virtual offices with physical facilities for our district in Memphis when needed. That would not be so bad. You have to give corona credit for one thing. It has moved the Internet in the direction of realizing it’s true potential. meanwhile in a totally non-technology related direction I’ve been looking at a method to start a fish farm on my property. It would be easy if I could redirect
  19. While we’re at it we can make the citizens pay to use public toilets to. Another Roman innovation.
  20. US to impose tariffs on $1.96B worth of aluminum sheet goods Hmmm…. I don't recall Congress taking this up. What was that you said? They didn't? Really? But how could that be? I seem to recall in the US Constitution Article I Section 8: It's the FIRST GODDAMNED SENTENCE! THIS is why the country is f---d. This in not Trump. They should have put a stop to this s--t with Wilson. Trump is just the latest in a long line. Sometimes I think we'd be better off abolishing the Executive Branch.
  21. The red lights are flashing in the ****pit. But there is no pilot: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/08/economy/deficit-debt-pandemic-cbo/index.html Guys, I want to stress to you that there is nothing that can be done about this. No possible outcomes of the 2020 election will help. To fix this problem the US Government must freeze spending for at least five years. No extra spending, no pay raises for SSN or folks who work for the govt. A real freeze. In five years (give or take) normal economic growth will make this manageable again. Don't think taxing will help. According to Kiplinger the
  22. The political spectrum is not a line. It’s more like a horseshoe. The two extremes are closer to each other then either is to the mean.
  23. I am very glad Reagan and Goldwater are not around to see what has become of the republican partyI am very glad Reagan and Goldwater are not around to see what has become of the republican party
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