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  1. Political power in the United States has always been like a pendulum. It swings one way and then the other. Usually the farther it goes in one direction the farther it will go in the opposite direction on the next swing. But for the majority of our history there’s been a pretty even equilibrium. The fear has always been that one side or the other will seize the pendulum. Now it seems the (probably) irrational fear of one side doing it is making the other side actually try to do it. The outcome of an individual election is not something you really should worry about. It could easily be undone i
  2. The problem with voter fraud is it must be planned in advance. And you never know which states will be in play. Michigan was close so suppose the Dems actually did have a scheme to "find" 12k votes. It still would not have won the election for Hillary because Trump would have had 291 rather than 301. Pennsylvania they would have needed to "find" 34k votes. Even then Trump still wins with 271. This is why worries over voter fraud in Presidential elections are unfounded. These are both Democrat run states and to "steal" them they would need some 47k fraudulent votes and even THEN you don't win t
  3. Baseball playoffs all day today. The Marlins won! It was a good day!
  4. @Gromnir in all fairness my criticism of fear mongering that. Trump would not leave office came before Trump actually said he would not leave office. I don’t know if he realizes or not but if he loses then next January he is leaving. Either with dignity and his head held high or kicking and screaming the end result will be the same.
  5. I don’t know if I saw what I wanted to see so much as what I expected to see. Donald Trump was a boor and a jackass. He spouted off a whole lot crap that wasn’t true. Like most all of it. Chris Wallace handed him a handful of opportunities to help himself and he didn’t avail himself of any of them. The only thing he in greater quantity than hubris was hairspray. Joe Biden was slightly more truthful and actually had a message such as it was but his mind definitely wandered and he tended to put extra zeros on the numbers that he cited. He was visibly fatigued by the end of the night.
  6. True, but it answers to a smaller voter base. So, theoretically, it’s easier to manage and replace. Of course that still requires an informed and willing voting public. And the United States is coming up woefully short on that count as well.
  7. The worst presidential debate of all time In 118 days one of those two fools will be President of the United States. God help us all. Anyone still think I'm crazy for wanting a small, weak central government? It certainly minimizes the damage that can be done by fools!
  8. It was like watching two old men arguing at a shuffleboard court. Someone explain to me how I'm "wasting" my vote again? Votes for those two are wasted.
  9. Well I’m definitely going to be watching. I hate them both, don’t give a damn which one wins the election, and which one goes home in ignomy. They are both trash. But watching an absent minded and doddering old man argue politics with a know nothing blow hard, especially when neither of them has a clue what they’re talking about, sounds like entertainment to me. Do you know the worst part? I’m not even sure which one of them is which!
  10. Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen on voting third party and why America should be more like Switzerland well, she is getting my vote. Neither Trump nor Biden deserve it. Just because somebody hands me a bag of poop does not mean I have to take it.
  11. Just taste better. Plus I live a hell of a long way from the ocean. Good seafood is hard to come by. Back when I lived in South Florida it was easy and common place to get. I miss that
  12. well if it’s my last meal, and I’m not going to die until I get it, then I’ll take two scrambled dodo eggs and a dinosaur steak please. I’ll wait. in all seriousness I’d like an appaetizer of steamed stone crabs. For dinner a grilled yellow fin tuna raw in the middle, conch fritters, salad with orange vinaigrette dressing in big slice of Keylime pie for dessert. Oh and a pitcher of margaritas would be nice. Maybe I have to go but I shouldn’t have to go sober
  13. The first patch comes out today. And it's a big one. The patch notes are north of 15k words: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/09/28/crusader-kings-3s-patch-1-1-culls-excessive-bastardisation-and-other-ai-quirks/
  14. All this talk about bell peppers.... that's it I'm making stuffed peppers for dinner tomorrow night
  15. I wasn’t even sure which game content was modeled in which was vanilla. Until I ran into a NPC with Amalee )from Skyrim’s Interesting NPCs mod) voice
  16. Here is an article echoing a lot of the things that Gromnir has said https://www.yahoo.com/news/reason-supreme-court-vacancies-getting-044620938.html
  17. It IS a thing for local elections where even a hundred votes one way or the other could turn an election. But a presidential election with 130+ million votes cast you could not fraud your way into that.
  18. I played FO4 all night. It's not a great RPG. It's not even a great FO game. But it IS enjoyable. Put aside it;s flaws and legacy and just "live" in the world and take in the atmoshpere and it's pretty good. Of course my game is heavily modded and was the day Nora stumbled out of Vault 111 so maybe vanilla does suck.
  19. Well I’m of the opinion that a persons religion is unique and personal to them. The best way to spread it is to be an example of it. Not use it as a club to browbeat other people into thinking like you do. But that’s just me. I also think religious convictions deserve to be and should be challenged from time to time. Besides, what do you think is more pleasing to God? Blind acceptance of what someone said? Or cold rational deduction that God is real and does, on occasion, takin an interest in the humans. And the other critters to.
  20. Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years So.... is anyone going to tell them Article 3 fixes SCOTUS appointments for life? This law, even if passed and signed, will be struck down. Not that Democrats give a flying f--k what the Constitution says unless it allows them to do what they want. Used to be the Republicans were the defenders of the Constitution. Ah the joy of remembering days long gone. Anyway. The only way this happens id by Constitutional Amendment. That is sort of a pain in the butt. And it takes years. But the Democrats are many things
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