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  1. been playing more choose you own adventure game keeper of the day and night are pretty good but reading are getting more difficult as eye getting more easily exhausted
  2. every time play stellaris again after a patch always end up with painful wrist far too many click to do anything
  3. the kraken undersea that big electric worm and big alligator might count as sea monster but player fight non of them on a ship
  4. poe1 are far too exhausting to look at and play going back after so many quality of life improvement of deadfire are unlikely to be easy
  5. wotr have the same blend of wacky character cartoonish advanture and sudden tone shift into occasionally messy tragedy some joke in beta are very good the style didn't change compare to kingmaker
  6. https://youtu.be/Gj2iCJkp6Ko been waiting for this far too long
  7. always have trouble with victorian british accent hope this one is easier to understand
  8. the worst part of that game might be some big empty building that player have to pointlessly run up and down many time spider also very good at creating occasionally epic moment with great image and music will likely never forget the shadow dragon scene in bound by flame and that crown on massive horned skull in greedfall
  9. the first season are so much better than expectation the standalone episode are amazing looks like season 2 are toying with shipper smart move
  10. most part of pathfinder setting are intentionally obvious and generic but owlcat actually come up with some pretty interesting character even though most of them take too long to have a arc because how long the game drag on
  11. Let the Dark Harvest begin looks like a fun movie
  12. godzilla vs kong make even less sense than last few movies feels like travel to the center of the earth and back only take a few minute and godzilla somehow drilled a hole into the center of the earth fast pace are better than draging too long fight scene no longer too dark to see
  13. finished Murder on Eridanos other than the 150 skill check in the end mostly enjoyable experience
  14. reputation only increase 1% for each quest for some reason not sure if it was caused by old save or dlc itself
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