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  1. always use berserker give fast debuff is what barbarian do best in the first few second of combat
  2. don't offer the new suspect cause the old one's execution was a reasonable outcome the journal doesn't have enough variant to reflect the difference player will be happier if there was a way to cause both suspect to be exiled rather than executed
  3. tyranny still have major bug even after the two year anniversary pack and the run out of budget in the middle of development symptom are much more obvious then poe and deadfire
  4. yes there really should be some ending slide for that island and maybe add one for splinter reef if player kill the fampyr and destroy the orb ideally even some for sayuka and crookspur if slaver are wipe out
  5. hylea are the obvious choice galawain are second since dyrwood are weakened by the crisis significantly
  6. so eroa have a josh sawyer constellation is that what wael doesn't want player to see?
  7. And that is sort of the problem I have been having with romance RPGs for a while. There is certainly a place for pulpy fiction, and “everyone wants to bang me” power fantasy. Alpha Maybe OuterWorlds would work with shallow but fun romance options (difficult to judge due to how little of it we have seen). But as in general narratives grow more complex and nuanced, while characters’ relationship capabilities remain in James-Bond fantasy territory then something feels off. RPGs isn’t a real life simulation - romance doesn’t need to be part of every RPG, if it isn’t a needed part of the experience. Attaching shallow romance to companions just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore for me. Why not have an RPG which would explore relationships. Still, I would rather see one complex relationship, over multiple choose-your-fetish choice. Just as adding new weapons for combat, without a mechanical difference isn’t enough, adding many romances without narrative/character depth might sound good from PR standpoint, but isn’t worthwhile investment IMO. the feeling that everyone attract to the main character for no reason is a obvious problem it mostly work in mass effect as long as player doesn't make shepard's face too horrific but in other rpg romancable npcs should be attract to certain style of character not just because the main character is the main character
  8. only durance are completely unable to get along with almost anyone devil of caroc hate those burned down her village more than readceran
  9. Not more expensive, just different area design to suit third person camera angles. If you're going for third person AND first person then you're always going to get ****ty piece of both. Third person games have been propperly built for years, in fact most games from Japan are third person. Only a handful of shooters are first person. The only thing that you need to take into account is animation when you create a third person character. Games such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas and even Skyrim have ultra ****ty third person animation and design. Fallout 4 was A LOT better, but still not perfect because in essence the game was primarily designed for first person. So camera angles and certain shooting angles were busted. first person was great for picking up stuff in skyrim and recent fallout but third person was necessary for avoid sticking the camera on all those repetitive dungeon walls with only a few kind of different texture
  10. choose first person over third doesn't make sense since third person cause way less nausea when climbing the stairs and the game seems to have a lot of stairs and corridors maybe third person are more expansive to make?
  11. some people just have a intense hate for rpg romance as for lack of romance are not good or bad for obsidian now because they clearly unable and unwilling to put effort into romance some hope obsidian keep trying but that may come years latter
  12. through some conversation option player can find out that she is jealous of magran and hate rathun for not worship her instead
  13. yes bioware games almost have the best romance among rpgs and mass effect wouldn't be success as much without them mostly because how much bioware invest in this part of the game obsidian clearly unwilling and unable to put that much time and effort into romance deadfire and tyranny are obvious enough atleast in deadfire player will always have modwyr
  14. just hope npc will not randomly drop dead in the middle of the town it was the worst part of skyrim
  15. melee in first person looks uncomfortable as usual no friendly fire are certainly welcome get flaw from bitten by tiny alien puppy are interesting
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