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  1. the final version crush in final chapter even more often then before reboot pc sometimes work
  2. mass effect always have shadow problem it is much worse in andromeda somehow also added flare problem atleast kingmaker only have shadow problem
  3. absurdity doesn't work if reality are far more ridiculous that take a lot out of the comedy
  4. never liked civ5 much but the block building in civ6 seems overcomplicated so many adjacent bonus to keep track of
  5. red prince and fane are actually pretty good character but in the end still not likable enough possess by random powerful demon for no reason are not a good way to start a story if the possession come from some stupid deal made with the demon the whole thing would be much more interesting
  6. most game doesn't have more text than 10 novel never know how much budget make audio book exactly cost but compare to even moderate budget for major game release it couldn't have been much kickstarter for pathfinder kingmaker are 900k the game include 5 hours of camping companion dialogue most player never get to trigger more than 10% and they couldn't afford a audio book for all the other text it is confusing why anyone couldn't see the necessity after hours of staring at a screen reading novel even a young reader with good eyesight will suffer but for aging rpg players that also have to deal with awful sometimes half translucent tiny font and unreasonably bad ui it is torture
  7. it doesn't matter the voice are expensive or good or not even the audio book style full voice by one reader are still better then no voice
  8. it doesn't matter the voice are expensive or good or not even the audio book style full voice by one reader are still better then no voice
  9. without vo the game will be always more inaccessable vo are necessary deadfire should have fully voiced narration too
  10. never understand this obsession with saving the world and becoming a god thing so many rpg players seems to have or in the case of fnv it was to become warlord by yesman
  11. first episode of snowpiercer are intriguing enough though it would be more interesting as a casino cruise
  12. other than reputation the tablet maybe have effect on final battle rival
  13. choice of games are making three vampire the masquerade games not sure how much content these will have compare to coteries of new york
  14. performance are mostly ok usually the first ten minute are worst part divide map into too many small piece are indeed an old and lasting problem at this point for the entire genre
  15. wanted to try that game for a while but seems like too much math and micromanage involved
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