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  1. maybe consider reading some pathfinder related novel? some of them are actually entertaining
  2. things like min max attribute was minor in pathfinder 1e broken and weird multiclass and archetype combo was the real problem mythic also seems to double down on the whole pre buff caster crush anything doesn't have free dispelling attack thing
  3. finished sequel of the black hawks and start trying the sword of kaigen immediately want to give up in the first half hour the oppressive japan style might be fresh or interesting for some reader but was too painfully boring now the black hawks was predictable but with some entertaining part but with two major character bland as plank of wood main character somehow couldn't stop making bad decision and lack initiative to do anything in most situation two books of setup for a depressive sequel hook ending the ride into sunset ending was pretty bad main character remain and play game with the only villain with character development would be a much more intriguing hook
  4. finished deadfire again redicover the struggle of companion leaving before final battle in later patch noticed the effort put in some of the aedyr and vaillian accent in the voice acting again and learned to hate ridiculous high ar on potd again
  5. finally replay deadfire after reinstall os game are very unstable in full screen for some reason really hope some sidekick will return in poe3 as companion rekke vatnir and fassina might be very entertaining first three companion for a game
  6. ranger struggle with pen more than many other class multi with chanter or cipher will help with it a little
  7. reading more pathfinder tale the amount of melodramatic main character ending the story with oh no have to leave the side character they learned to care over the course of the story behind because the main character cannot change their ways and will only hurt the side character if they stay are extremly frustrating
  8. most of dyrwood looks undistinguishable from most other generic fantasy setting other than adra white march improved somewhat deadfire is the best crafted in recent years
  9. atmosphere are one of the strength of poe but deadfire manage to convey depressive and desperate with mostly sunny tropical environment instead of boring standard fantasy with gun and slightly weird aedyran pronunciation the other strength would be saint war story line not in deadfire due to beening in a massive statue body walking around high level combat are faster in poe but few part are more interesting and player no longer need to constantly check if item give the same bonus was much better design
  10. just finished liar's island have a great ending much better than expected though this series does have the most frustrating main character never liked the incorrigible rogue type of main character
  11. ranger have highest accuracy but low pen easiest way to deal with it are getting a chanter to sing crashed upon the shield
  12. wish had known console command like this 2 years ago wasted hours try to test what effect it what are the number of other major faction?
  13. with months of travel time most distant colony would have to adapt to local condition and run themselves
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