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  1. netflix seems to have infinite millions to waste on buying mediocre movie and funding shows that goes nowhere for 10 hours
  2. hope microsoft doesn't overextend it self with all these acquisition if they interfere too much nothing good is gonna happen to any of them
  3. babysitter killer queen not sure if this sequel are necessary still pretty entertaining the first movie strike a better balance between disturbing violence and ridiculous comedy
  4. people are afraid of debt debt is how market get all these poor employee to work awful job that never pay enough to cover their bills until it drain all the life out of them
  5. cb and long truce time sometimes force rapid expanding ruler leave weird border behind
  6. mulan have some good scene but mostly the same awful editing and pointless slow motion common in most recent action movie
  7. the boys season 2 feels faster and more entertaining the season 1 but where are the rest of the episodes?
  8. tristan are a deva even though trapped inside a male human body may or may not been human or male
  9. really liked the affliction and inspiration system certainly much better then memorize every buff and debuff some rpg system force player to do since every one of them give + or - 5 to a attribute it is very easy to remember each of them also + or - 10 to will fortitude and reflex ar pen system might be the worst part of core combat mechanic but still a functional one
  10. trying ck3 tribal turn feudal in early start date are somehow even more painful then before clan seems very lacking in content compare to feudal
  11. without bug the management mechanic of kingmaker are just boring and pointless in early version lack of information and bug cause players have no idea what is going on what is a bug what is working as intended in later version the only major problem seems to be most player have trouble reaching espionage 10 have to remember rush relation 3 early and build many tavern
  12. wasteland 3 have too many skill and unable to see what the dialogue option actually say without the meeting the requirement is the obvious problem but much better then roll dice for result nonsense some video game still use
  13. maybe best to do all 20 level of that dungeon at once otherwise missing an quest item would be a much more irreversible mistake really expected wasteland 3 tutorial level to have some medical item didn't find any at all
  14. engwithan build gods on pre existing myth soul and body of gods are also possibility build separately and not simultaneously the machine in ukaizo are a convenient way to give gods to have total control over reincarnation
  15. so one need to have multiple friend and family they actually care about to feel multiple character creation less awful? no wonder it is a dying video game design
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