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  1. sex education season 2 are entertaining still very british and too many scene are cringe inducing
  2. after finishing greedfall the quality of deadfire are even more obvious deadfire are what player needed but not what they asked for
  3. interesting show but sometime subtitle go by too fast to read
  4. rewatching castle first few season have some unique charm the later season have some very entertaining episode but always feel like just some long running tv show
  5. many changes in witcher tv show are interesting but the awful time jump edit all the time are too distracting and pointless
  6. end game does have some design problem pretty much the same run out of budget syndrome like poe series can only hope dlc have enough content
  7. not sure why they make the armor in the show looks like the one in witcher 3 it looks good in video game but not for real people wearing it
  8. the struggle between director are obvious c3po are still annoying and add new cute droid doesn't balance it
  9. the lies of locke lamora for a book with obvious quality it feels very boring and pointless only entertaining part are fraud for cloth and only interesting character die very quickly off camera
  10. expanse always feels so slow almost nothing happen in every episode but also feel like something epic are about to happen
  11. few care about valve since they basically doesn't make games anymore but the hostile exclusive competition of all the store and every publisher pushing their own launcher are a nightmare to many players
  12. hope for more indoor area monarch are a little exhausting
  13. though it most likely won't work on old save good to be fixed
  14. that visual novel also have a terrible save system
  15. management in rpg are too often terrible most obvious solution are what dragon age awakening did management by actual quest with decision and dungeon but owlcat are too stuck in it's own way to actually improve any system
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