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  1. and trump did create many problem need correcting what rational government won't try to do that?
  2. finished a little hatred most bleak and depressing one in the first law so far the world of first law are getting awful to the level close to news now one of the new main character are even more disgusting then calder but bayaz are still the best archvillain the two new union main character are identical substitute for their fathers what is the point of decade time jump? to add more suffering of factory worker?
  3. hope npc in the wild doesn't randomly die because of something happened when player are near the area
  4. rewatching community the dream of six seasons and a movie so distance now
  5. of course it will only get worse remember that movie idiocracy?
  6. isn't that most people behave online these days? hard to keep up with their manic energy
  7. was expecting carnival row to be very heavy handed about all the racism staff but the show is surprisingly good only major flaw are the destined for greatness prophesy thing
  8. tyranny sequel are almost impossible so poe3?
  9. damage by crushing truth or too damaged to face the truth are not exactly a choice
  10. just start reading best served cold read all the other first law book already get a little tired of grim dark maybe should try some standard fantasy next
  11. why are so few game focus in vegas or casino it looks like a interesting topic
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