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  1. just realize the mummy come out at 1999 pretty sure nostalgia kicked in years ago wonder if they will try to reboot it again
  2. only remember shadow of tomb raider have a short main story that feels exhausting to play through rewatching cutscenes feels a lot better
  3. just try a few side quest of neketaka if that is not enough than maybe nothing will be easy to get tired of rpg that require hundred hours to get some idea of what is going on couldn't get into a lot of good game because of the heavy investment
  4. reading pathfinder comic again tiny raven lawyer in a cup is the best really hope paizo will make more for 2nd edition and why are windows keep getting worse with every new version can barely do anything other than watch downloaded video and novel
  5. paradox studio itself never seems to have much resource despite the ridiculous amount of dlc they sell but studios paradox hire seem to do great work sometime shadows of new york and night road are both great recent example
  6. discovery of witches s02 seems to be released all at once might give it a try give up on season1 after 2 episode
  7. trying to replay poe2 but pc are super slow for some reason couldn't even play a 20mb audio file and some exe couldn't start
  8. not sure what is the point of that gremlin the movie would be pretty much the same without it
  9. upload s01 a few decent black mirror episode stretch to a season not very bleak but still have some horrifying element a lot of comedy and melodrama
  10. it is a obvious problem when combine with the limited resource of owlcat owlcat choose to put too much obviously bug inducing content into the game because it is likely popular among the most fervent tabletop fan base instead of the most practical things in the end it leave a lot of description that reference things doesn't exist in the game and might be copy pasted directly from the books the number of hot fix is the reality cannot be argued over preference or taste
  11. couldn't possibly follow any of those victorian dialogue without subtitle never understand why there are so many victorian show and movie ww2 spy seems to be the only british genre with similar amount of product
  12. tyranny are great with a unique art style more game really should try to use but lack of support from both paradox and obsidian are the major problem kingmaker waste too much resource on ancient tabletop rule and still roll d20 in dialogue skill check
  13. the watch s01e01 some of the scenes didn't hit as hard as creator obviously wanted it to might be some edit problem feel a little rushed
  14. stormlight are just so pointlessly long rather reread any mistborn era2 than read another massive waste of text that goes nowhere and have a lot of spren in it
  15. toxicity and drama might be things many people seek but are repetition doesn't seems to add anything to the experience
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