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  1. prefer battering blast than any other ray spell but not on most caster spelllist wish nenio can go full arcanist
  2. just findout unequip any metamagic rod cause severe stutter for some reason save become unplayable after this happen to main character
  3. no idea how to keep hex up in rtwp put cackle on auto and cast other hex manually? always use ember as blaster doesn't use much hex
  4. just losted 2 hours of progress due to a severe stutter bug headache inducing
  5. marksman are great if enemy general doesn't cast spell
  6. tried y the last man much better than expectation this show take itself pretty seriously bleak all the way
  7. it is demon path not surprised there are dv involved
  8. never liked the whole baba yaga in golarion thing but the official ending are putting romanov on the throne of irresen and hope things would be better that make as little sense as the wotr secret ending a lot of adventure path have weak ending but this one stand out as one of the worst
  9. rowdy seems to be the new cheating option not sure if any enemy with wing actually immune the ground effect so kineticist might need wall and cloud too
  10. after kingmaker and wotr a starship combat system seems doomed to fail maybe a 2e game can use abomination vault as dlc
  11. a lot of player are guessing runelord or tyrant grasp both would require a lot of work on owlcat side hope for a more urban focused pick maybe council of thieves or war for the wrown agent of edgewatch with pathfinder 2e would be best but unlikely for owlcat to make
  12. complete house multiple times with a few hours couldn't get past the first puzzle in enigma who did they hired to come up with all this awful puzzle in wotr
  13. ending of wotr are pretty awful areelu the most awful and boring part baphomet are so much more interesting than any other villain in the game would make a great final boss
  14. nenio is the best how any player doesn't want to use nenio are beyond reason
  15. owlcat seems tobe just bad at design level mostly due to format of crpg and ambition the late game of wotr are worse than kingmaker somehow hope next few dlc and patchs can improve something
  16. give up realism in superhero comic a long times ago with all the nano tech nonsense
  17. have the same feeling for the first few episode and give up the show things pick up a lot after s01e05
  18. good show was expecting more shipper fuel
  19. that was the most painful encounter in the entire game plan to just ignore it next playthrough
  20. double cast fireball basically kill more than anything enjoy before another nerf
  21. owl house was cancelled still can not believe it
  22. azata have some spell that doesn't work but the bigger problem are aivu frighten enemy just run too much hard to catch
  23. according to other player only demon with low rage can be nocticula consort
  24. pretty sure level 10 have the same description when someone find them in the game few months ago really get no chance to use them before dlc anyway
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