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  1. Mad a to do list and it says "clean windows". Not sure if I meant a clean windows installation, or you know, cleaning my windows. Both my "windows" are filthy.
  2. Basically just wait a year or so for the chip shortage to subside.
  3. There are no good game names left. There are no good franchise names left. Everything has already been done. Pretty soon we are going to run out of things to misspell with a "Y" or the like so they are trademarkable. So you just worry about making it sound unique. Just one game that kind of sounds like yours - that's actually a good result.
  4. I need movie ideas. I shot all the suggestions for movie night down and landed myself the job. 9/10 of everything is crap. I need something not crap. Artsy is fine. If turns out terrible I can just call them all Neanderthals and pretend i like it. lv 2 necro post-
  5. Turn based Firaxis - X-COM - like with spells ?
  6. Warhammer will giver their IP to anyone though.
  7. Didn't she use to be a pro wrestler or something. Probably a lot of maga hats in the pro wrestling crowd. Ultimate fighting ?. Something like that.
  8. Hire someone to do your social media already. Amateur hour at Twitter has cost a lot of people their jobs. If you have a public profile at your work, then social media is a performance. It's not meant to be the real you.
  9. Please, I need to know if Nioh 2 is any good before I drop 60 euro on it. PC port. I don't care that there is no support for mouse or keyboard, as long as it plays well. Any Team Ninja afficianadoes ?
  10. I had a lot of fun with mass effect 2 and 3. I've played all the DLC already though. Seems a bit lazy.
  11. so Stadia finnally died. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/01/tech/google-stadia-sge-shutdown/index.html Well, months of writhing still to go I suppose.
  12. "around these parts." I forgot to say "around these parts."
  13. I started a new game as a nomad and lasted 4 mins before encountering a game breaking bug. I was doing the whole, "howdy partner, we don't take kindly.." with a samurai sheriff when my car ran into a missing plot trigger. These things kinda rob you of the good first impression. Other than that, I mean it looks pretty solid conceptually if not stability wise.
  14. I'm really getting tired of my old rig, but with all the shortages it's not even like I can order everything at once. I suppose I'll just bear the load screens and occasional stutters on my way through cyberpunk.
  15. Tried to find a maga hat for my mom as a gag christmas present. Can't find one in a danish webshop, always a long wait for Amazon US. ****ing globalists man.
  16. I went off the idea of getting high refresh rates much for the reason Humanoid stated. Also, only other Gorgon has edit. Sorry for the mess.
  17. This Dell : https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/dell-ultrasharp-43-4k-usb-c-monitor-u4320q/apd/210-avke/monitors-monitor-accessories
  18. Wow for the link - fu. Why didn't that work
  19. I'm looking at https://www.google.com/search?q=Dell+U4320Q&rlz=1C1GCEU_enDK864DK864&oq=Dell+U4320Q&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59j69i60j69i61&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I already have a 27" 240 hrz plain old HD monitor for gaming. I figure what's the point in 240 hrz if you can't push a boatload of frames to it. So I'm left wanting something that's just supposed to be big and have nice image quality.
  20. I'm thinking of buying a really expensive monitor in protest of how expensive a new PC build is. That way I'm not going to have that much left to spend. This makes perfect sense right ?
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