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  1. More idiocy. Everyone knows who Gromnir is if they been here for more than 5 minutes.
  2. Complete idiocy. I will refer you to this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Have_a_Dream Maybe some wisdom will come to your identity politics infested head. c) doesn't give a ... about what nationality or color the interlocutor is and focuses on what they say and do. I see you will not point to me where did I say anything about white supremacy, typical Edit: On second thought if a moderator would cut this conversation to separate thread it would be great, as this is not the place for discussions like this, I think.
  3. Yes. We deciden on our annual meeting that we will shake things up a bit I hope the irony of accusing someone of xenophobia while claiming individual must have certain characteristics because he is from a certain nation is not lost on you On the topic however. Where did I use the words white supremacist in my reply? Or are you claiming in your non-racist and non-xenophobic style that only whites can be racists and xenophobic and the race is implied in the term itself?
  4. It's sad to see that if it's white corporate guys at CNN then settling outside court is just a way to avoid lengthy court battle, but when it's a black guy it's suddenly admission of guilt for good old Grommy here. Not a surprise at all to be honest. It's good there is still some decency in few people round here, though.
  5. Seriously? At the day he died tragedly with his young daughter and 7 other people? A little decency and respect. If not for him then for his family and fans.
  6. Seriously the rest is unnecessary. It's neither time nor place for this.
  7. Well it beats "Government can seize private property. Period." I'll tell that much. Also how the heck is a country border private property? Seems to me like a really bad planning from the start and the situation at hand is just a result of this idiocy.
  8. Everything is closed so there are problems with food and supplies. People are forced to stay indoors. It seems the numbers of sick are underreported.
  9. What you guys think about the virus outbreak in China? My friend came back like 6 months ago from Wuhan after living there for over 5 years, so he still have some contacts there and he tells me that situation on the ground is more dire than officials wants to admit.
  10. Typical "the dynamics between the butcher and a cow is not equal so the cow have no choice" BS. Now this is interesting. I'm going to place some bets on the kind of accident will happen to Gabbard in few weeks. https://www.businessinsider.com/tulsi-gabbard-suing-hillary-clinton-for-50-million-in-damages-2020-1?IR=T
  11. P.S. I'ts a camera.
  12. Bastards. Poor plants need carbon dioxide to live and grow.
  13. So funny, creepy Joe is calling game developers creeps https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/01/17/opinion/joe-biden-nytimes-interview.html
  14. @Gromnir Wait. In my opinion WaPo journalists are not thorough researchers and often lie and omit the truth, but I cannot extend that view to a book they wrote because WaPo execs are not involved? How that works? It's flattering that you think I'm the president of US, but I assure you it's not the case. So I don't care what I... I mean he does or who he praises and for what, when he... I mean I give my opinion. I don't share your view that statement must be true unless someone sue the author. I think not giving ridiculous and outlandish statements that are calculated to get publicity a time of day is in most cases better.
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