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  1. How so? The word maid comes from the word maiden which isn't a bad word. And I don't think it was used as an insult, like ever. The bad connotation can only come from the things that this occupation involves which doesn't change with a new name as Volo pointed out. Funnily enough the term maid was coined because young girls from nobility and such often became maids for more powerful aristocracy members and it would be inapropriate to call them servants.
  2. Isn't that a classic MO of various defenders of "putanamehere" population?
  3. How did this happen that police no longer is to "serve and protect"? This is antithetical to police force in a democratic society. Who let this happen?
  4. Well it is a little easier when you can share the householdd work with someone.
  5. I find Australian dangerous wildlife to be exaggerated. There is nothing that could oppose a simple rabbit.
  6. Well it seems we will get Zack Snyder's version of Justice League next year.
  7. Then why all remote jobs go to India?
  8. Depends which kind of police we talk about. The regular kind or the political represion kind. Still I would be more focused on the government who uses police rather than police themselves. Police is usually reflection of government and politicians. As we now know even FBI can be corrupted to frame and destroy political opponents when corrupted government tells them to. I would hardly describe calling them murderers as being critical.
  9. Less internet edgelord bedwetters attacking the police like they straigth from Compton.
  10. LOL. Why would they compete if they could take those guaranteed employment, decent wage and benefits and maybe have their private business work off hours or during.
  11. Isn't the power already in place? The argument is to remove it so the argument have to come from someone who wants to change the existing law. Well, yes. I don't see any problem with that. Maybe they should. Could solve some problems.
  12. Can't help but have the image of a thug crying and wetting himself the moment the handcuffs are closing reading stuff like that.
  13. But what if in revoking that power you would increase the number of people being hurt? Qualified immunity sounds like something completely idiotic.
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