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  1. The same thing was said about Libia, Syria, Iraq and Iran governments. What came after is not better than previous regimes. Surprisingly I do understand and share Bruce concerns about destabilizing SA and Turkey without knowing what would come next.
  2. Interesting. I remember having this exact discussion here not long ago and being called crazy for suggesting such ridiculous things as Facebook blocking news or governments essential services. Also the usual "it's a private company they can do whatever they want" and "you cannot force them to publish something they don't want" lines.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger-counting
  4. To be fair Biden also had his big day when one of his staffers had to resign for abusing a female reporter. Go Biden. Now you only need a sexual assault and pedophilia charges to complete a Democratic Administration bingo. And it hasn't been a month.
  5. Haha, what a joke of a lawyer he doesn't have a fancy big firm, he doesn't take huge cases, my super friends will win. LoL. And yet he beat your Democrats friends behinds like a bunch of kids in a schoolyard. It must really sting when the underdog you talk crap about wins. I've read the highlights and his arguments about Dems hipocrisy, witch hunt, cancel culture etc. Were spot on. GoTrump24
  6. There was a time when a cabman was a very buoyant occupation. And introducing automobiles was met with apocalyptic visions of mass unemployment... and it didn't happened. There will be new jobs and old jobs will evolve. People are creative that way. In my lifetime I saw completely new jobs emerge and old obsolete jobs dissapear. Sometimes both of those apply to the same occupation. Just as I would never predict such a job as Web Developer existing when I was young I cannot predict what new jobs will emerge in the future. I guess we will get away from physical labor. And seeing the young genera
  7. A test run with limited number of participants is not the same as running a nationwide program. First of all participants know it's limited time, so there is 0 incentive to quit a job. There is no data on the impact on the economy so such factors as inflation etc. will not show up. Also the longterm impact will be hard to predict. Basically it's like saying that taking big consumer loans is great because we tested it by giving some guys a hundred thousand for 3 months and his life was awesome in that time.
  8. It all depends on the difference between the UBI and potential salary. Usually a minimum wage. If for example you get 1000$ UBI and minimum wage is 1000$ which gives lets say 700$ after taxes and you need to spend for example 200$ to get to work (car, gas, transport) and pay 300$ for childcare then the wasting 40h a week for essentially 200$ extra might be somenthing many people would opt out of. Also you need to consider that UBI should cover living expenses for one person, right? Now what about marriages and kids? Do UBI apply to kids? Then for a marriage with two kids you have 4 times
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