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  1. What will be interesting to see if all the people who were recently shocked and appalled at Chinese ethnic cleansing, settlement and oppression in Xinjiang will be similarly upset at Israeli ethnic cleansing, settlement and oppression in Palestine. Somehow, I suspect not.
  2. Technically SWIFT is European. Based in Belgium, iirc. Thoroughly compromised by the NSA though, and frankly, if they were the only ones I'd be extraordinarily surprised. So it going would be great since it's pretty useless and hopelessly insecure, if it weren't for the fact that a replacement would also be specced by the sort of people who think building backdoors into everything is a great idea. Russia and China have supposedly had an alternative ready to go for years.
  3. Myanmar and Burma are the same word more or less. Effectively it's like the Marathi Bombay -> Mumbai or Bengali Calcutta -> Kolkata crossed with Holland/ Netherlands. Please follow the rules of the internet and mention Foundations of Geopolitics and how it explains everything about Russia when mentioning that name.
  4. Nope, the original criticism was: .."one of their rockets is going to crash. Quality control and safety are not words that can be attributed to Chinese industry".. and that's a direct quote with only the emphasis added. If it were quality control only I might- probably couldn't have been bothered- have pointed out that (allegedly at least) the Chinese rocket is actually Working As Designed; so it isn't a QC problem but is a safety one, to whit, what it's designed to do is dangerous. None of the situations I listed except the SpaceX one were QC issues- unless the Chinese rocket failed its
  5. HD was, as always, trolling and it's absolutely obvious if you have any background in the subject; there was no bait to take because his 'pro China' stance is entirely predicated on getting knee jerk responses for his own amusement. The beauty about it is that he also manages to troll in such a way that anyone who is actually pro China gets riled too- and probably ends up admitting to all sorts of crappy stuff that actually did happen while trying to correct the inaccuracies. That too is obvious, if you have any background in the subject. Kills the 'beauty' of it a bit to explain, but...
  6. Sigh. I mean, we could go back to Skylab crashing over Australia- at the risk of it being labeled 40 year old whataboutism, I guess- or bits of the Space Shuttle distributing itself over NM, AZ and TX, but we really don't need to. The same thing happened literally a month a go (OK, not literally literally a month ago, in happened in... March) to SpaceX. The reality is that space is hard and doesn't pick sides based on geopolitical prejudices. Not bad, not bad at all. Triggers those who know nothing about the subject, also triggers those who do know something about it. (F
  7. For anyone who doesn't think Bruce is spouting rubbish, (1) the US still has an export ban* (2) it has an export ban on vaccines it hasn't even approved, eg Astra Zeneca (3) it has enough vaccines to vaccinate everyone eligible, already- the stockpile has only increased since January so has outstripped demand for 4 months even when demand was peak *which at least they're waiving for expiring stocks of vaccine- and less credibly, to try and stop people using Russian or Chinese vaccines (ie the at cost Pfizer delivery to Brazil) Which is eminently sensible in general, bu
  8. The guy in charge of Stadia also left Google/ Alphabet this week, which is step 4 on google's 'product about to be cancelled' checklist.
  9. Yep, similar to the situation with the AstraZeneca/ Oxford vaccine where it was designed at Oxford but licensed to AstraZeneca to make, except BioNTech does have some production capacity of its own in Germany and there's no requirement for the vaccine to be sold as not-for-profit with their partner, which the AZO agreement has. So while AstraZeneca makes no money from it Pfizer manufactures something like 95% in their partnership, and it's almost entirely on a for profit basis. At cost is ~11USD per dose judging by what they charged Brazil, so they're marking up by 90%- at least- to others.
  10. Won't someone think of the poor pharmaceutical companies and their bottom lines? Poor old Pfizer, having had their research paid for by the German government, their vaccine indemnified against side effects and selling their vaccine at a bargain basement 50 75USD per person to most of the rich world when without the pandemic they'd have still been trying to rely on their triangular grow it big pill for sales. How will their CEO afford his 3rd private Caribbean Island of the year if Biden and the WHO get their way? (Wanting to waive patents is nice, but it's no loss for US companies. Modern
  11. Most studios would give their left kidney for 16 million sales or whatever it was. All CDPR has to do to get the hype back is announce their next Witcher Colon Subtitle game. But what they've probably learnt from C2077- apart, hopefully, from some better project control- is that 7 years of hype building is dumb.
  12. AMD's naming schemes are probably the stupidest thing about the company. To be fair, they're miles behind Intel's mobile naming scheme in terms of stupidity- so bad that Intel's own marketing department doesn't even know what the model numbers mean- but AMD's is still unnecessarily confusing. Zen 2 and Zen 3 are both 7nm too, so they aren't even gaining extra capacity with the naming, and using the same naming scheme for CPUs and GPUs is moronic. 3600X/T is a (ok, pretty pointless for the XT) CPU, 5600X is a CPU, but 5600XT is a GPU... why? It's so easy to avoid.
  13. Funnily enough one of the big suggestions for fixing the declining maths standards here is grinding, ie going back to actually learning times tables etc at primary/ intermediate school level instead of jumping straight to a 'problem solving' approach for everything. Ironically (or not*) that approach was meant to help lift up poorer performing students who hated formulaic stuff like times tables etc, but has actually dropped average achievement down significantly instead. *problem solving is great in theory but not really sure how it was meant to work when you didn't have the basics down
  14. It should be fine for sample size. IIRC 95% confidence with +/- 3% for a country size typical population requires only ~1000 people, so long as you're able to weight respondents properly. You can download the report if you want and have a look. Don't think they charge for it, but I haven't downloaded it myself to check. Certainly can't accuse the Alliance of Democracies of deliberately commissioning a survey to give the answers they wanted, they're an impeccably pro western lot founded by a former NATO secgen. Not really something that you can accuse Teh Grauniad of though:
  15. The diseases are rare because the vaccine rates are high, so herd immunity is in play. When vaccine rates drop enough they'll come back, especially something ludicrously infectious like measles which will happily infect 20 new people per infection if it can. (The 'funny' thing is that when we had a measles outbreak here a couple of years ago lots of supposedly 'educated' antivaxxers were first in line to get their children vaccinated- their refusal wasn't based on anything other than it not being 'necessary' for little Jonny to get the jab because everyone else was immunised, and their im
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