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  1. Bruce's views are exactly those you'd expect from a white South African banker. The dude trolls like long lines behind a fleet of Chinese tuna boats denuding the Pacific but him being terrified of anything even close to 'violent left wing anarchists' on the streets is and has always been 100% consistent. eg his views are also absolutely consistent with those he has expressed about more local issues like the Marikana massacre.
  2. In some cases what they will actually be getting is analysis of their own influence operations. In others you just get lots of pandering to whoever is shouting loudest. Lots of politicians and the like seem baffled by reality not matching what they're hearing from Social Media. Election campaign here, and the opposition had clearly done a load of social media analysis stuff so tailored a bunch of policy and complaints from it. But that was effectively just targeting the loudest voices; and the trouble was that the loudest voices are almost always those who are complaining about stuff rather than those who are happy about it. So they ended up complaining, a lot, about the covid response and put out a load of contradictory "we'd go harder earlier on restrictions, but also we'd be more like Sweden and take a relaxed approach; and shut down the borders harder and earlier, but also let tourists back into the country!" because that's what the loudest SM voices were saying- but when polls were released there was 90% approval for the covid response and National dropped into the 20s from the 40s in terms of voting intentions. They'd almost certainly have done better literally gagging themselves for the past 6 months rather than trying to cater to those yelling loudly on SM.
  3. Strix Vega64 has 200/220W stock BIOSes*. So the usual simple overclock is +50% power limit -> 300/330W, I'd presume the BIOS of whoever made yours probably has the power limit upped by default. (I've been at stock power for the last year, undervolting and memory overclock gets most of the performance increase of taking the power limit off without the card sounding like it's trying to achieve orbit; and a stable memory overclock is more difficult with the extra heat) *Practical draw averages ~210W on my card
  4. Vega64 is quite an interesting comparison power usage wise to the 3080. I've had my Vega64 overclocked and it has almost exactly the same performance/ power balance for its last 100W as the 3080 has; ie going from 210W stock to 320W gives ~10% extra performance (plus a decent bit more for memory overclocking) while 3080 going from 220W to 320W (stock) also gives ~10% performance. If Vega was notoriously bad at power scaling at the upper end Ampere pretty much has to be labeled the same; though that may well mean that Ampere is very efficient below the top end as Vega was. (I'd pretty strongly suspect that 10% is where nVidia expects Big Navi to land. Those coolers on the FE are not cheap and only really necessary because of that extra 100W, and they could balance lower power draw/ performance with it being a 'great overclocker' for those who don't care about heat. Only reason I can see for it is because they expect competition at that level)
  5. Think there are multiple issues at play there I think 1) nVidia overegged the pudding. The good thing about using up to [performance metric] is that people don't see the 'up to', the bad thing about it is also that they don't see the 'up to'. 1.9x performance/ watt? 2x performance of the 2080? If you're believing that sort of claim without the 'up to' and context of them being very different use cases then the actual performance is a disappointment, relatively, even if performance is objectively good. 2) While Ampere is a big improvement over Turing in value Turing was a historically poor improvement over Pascal. Ampere's performance/ value gain is a correction from the previous 'bad' generation and is nowhere near as much of an improvement when compared to Pascal. That was largely acknowledged by Jensen at the presentation when he appealed to Pascal owners to upgrade because now there was a point to it. 3) The cards are very hot and hungry. At least some of the people who loved to make jokes about how hot Vega was might be seeing the irony. 4) Not so much for the general user but a lot of people really thought they would be on TSMC 7nm and are disappointed at the tradeoffs Samsung 8nm represents.
  6. Meh, that's like the "94% of people dying from covid had underlying conditions" thing. It's true, but deeply misleading, when used out of context. Fundamentally, something you can definitely do that helps (ie mask wearing) is always better at providing protection than something you could potentially do sometime in the future assuming it works and is safe (get vaccinated). If both are available doing both is better than doing one or the other. Digression: Kind of funny in a way, it's generally the same people who embiggen Sweden's failed herd immunity approach who seem to be against vaccination despite it being the epitome of and instant granter of herd immunity theory. Well, so long as vaccine efficiency is above that required for herd immunity and everyone takes it, but even a 50% effective vaccine is most of the way there.
  7. 3080S/Ti at some point seems pretty likely since there's a huge price gap to the 3090 and one of the more persistent rumours is of a 3080 with more memory being produced. I wouldn't expect too much from factory overclocked models though. Per Gamers Nexus the last 10% stock performance increases power draw by 100W, and you'd have to presume reviewers have had binned cards sent to them. An overclock is going to be very hungry.
  8. It won't be an incorrect reading. They'll have had it checked by multiple other groups to confirm it. A mistake there and that simple would be career ending for the researchers and for whoever approved publication. OTOH I'd have to agree that the belief that all pathways except for a biological one have been excluded is fundamentally hard to support for an environment as different as Venus's is from Earth.
  9. Minsc? Brave Minsc, following equally brave Khalid in trying to single handedly attack an Ogre in the Nashkel wilds. That's also how I knew that the 'Minsc' in Irenicus' dungeon was an imposter so left him there to be squashed flat. The thought of Minsc teaming up with Lilarcor, it's enough to make me consider taking a drill to my frontal lobes even without having experienced it directly. Other observations: 1) Jan Jensen is all the comic relief I'll ever need. Turnips >>> Boo. 2) Disturbing lack of appreciation for Edwin in this thread Meh, Anomen was so insufferable I always deliberately 'failed' his quests. I guess that does make him good at eliciting a reaction though and thus by some measures a good character...
  10. IF frequency is meant to be decoupled from RAM speed in Zen3? Grain of salt, I cannot remember where I saw that, I do remember it being described as potentially like the old Northbridge/ FSB overclocking. There are certainly IF 'dividers' added in the new AGESA per 1usmus.
  11. +15% IPC and +10% clocks plus 8 core ccxs and way better inter ccx latency were what I've heard. Zen1-> Zen2 was +15% IPC and ~+25% clockspeed, with a full node shrink, so I'd agree that rumours are probably overstating things. (Zen2 actually has an IPC lead in desktop already, albeit in large part due to Intel being stuck on skylakes for 4 years. Intel's gaming lead is due to its frequency lead and less latency with ringbus. Intel has the slight IPC lead on mobile with icelake, but way worse efficiency, core count and clock speeds there; though tigerlake may improve some of those significantly)
  12. Fun (?) Fact (?) Danish people don't call Danish Pastries 'Danishes'. They call them 'Viennas'. Same as New Zealanders don't call Kiwifruit 'Kiwis', we call them 'Chinese Gooseberries'.
  13. It wasn't just WB who wouldn't let Peter Jackson do his job though. The Sir Peter Jackson who ran The Hobbit project was not the same Peter Jackson who ran the LotR project. Should have stuck to his guns and had an external director- or not brought in del Toro and done it himself initially and asterisk The Lovely Bones- should have stuck to his guns and not had a trilogy, and the development overall was run about as badly as LotR's was run well. Then again I'm just bitter at Jackson that's there's never been a Bad Taste 2.
  14. Wonder how long it takes to get the chips packaged up and distributed. Huawei is out of TSMC come the end of the month, so there will be a lot of capacity suddenly free especially with 5nm continuing to come on line. They might actually have decent availability for both launches, for once.
  15. I will never cease to be amused by reports on Novichok. Ten times more deadly than nerve gas, a teaspoon full could kill thousands, manages to kill precisely none of the people its been targeted at while getting detected both times. Then again officially Andrei Lugavoy was wandering around for days covered in Po210 after allegedly poisoning Litvenenko, which set a low bar for credibility and for credulous acritical reporting. Surely, the capital would have to be Kalmar. There are sanctions on Turkey, for buying Russian S400 instead of the overpriced and underperforming Patriots that the US refused to sell them anyway though rather than for their campaign of ethnic cleansing, rape, kidnapping, murder etc in occupied Syria or the similar earlier campaign in Cyprus with a bit less nutbar cannibal child killer jihadi use but added colonisation instead. Given to Ukraine by Krushchev, a Ukrainian. Strangely enough the one decision by Stalin you will find westerners consistently defend is... Georgian Joe handing over Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Georgia. And since it's come up yet again, Crimea has voted to leave Ukraine no less than three times and arguably 4 times. Firstly in 1991 Crimea voted to leave Ukraine (95% for) but got gazumped by the USSR breaking up. Secondly in 1994 they elected a pro secession government in another landslide, Ukraine sent in 70,000 troops and abolished Crimean autonomy by fiat next year after Crimea's parliament tried to implement its policies. They then wrote a no secession clause into their constitution. While the Crimeans were meant to get a new constitution voted on by them they never actually did, because they wouldn't approve what Ukriane offered and instead got a constitution imposed by the Rada. Then after the coup in 2014- and if secession is illegal by the Ukrianian Constitution then so was that, just stating facts and logic- to remove the President Crimea overwhelmingly voted for they finally got to express their will and leave the country that had suppressed and crushed their aspirations for 22 years. And it was all perfectly legal, thanks to the west's precedent setting invasion of Yugoslavia and unilateral separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Bit more democratic than the referendum declaring Kosovo's independence*, at least, and Crimea had the actual democratic processes of 1991 and 1994-5 to refer back to. They also declared independence then asked to join the RF, technically, because that was the legal way to do it. *Hint: no referendum took place there, but that was OK because western project.
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