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  1. Nuclear power in space has energy density as a major requirement while terrestrial plants don't. That means that all (?) space based nuclear reactors use highly enriched fuel, and highly enriched fuel == 'weapons grade' which is even more very tightly controlled than low enriched fuel. The Russian plants for example use 90-95% U235 in space, their ground equivalents use 3.5-5% enrichment.
  2. Trump ~250 Obama ~1700 (included 330 on his final day) BushGW ~300 (Scooter Libby probably most controversial) Clinton ~450 (probably the best Trump analogue for a list that generated a lot of accusations and controversy, Clinton's likely more) BushGHW ~75 Reagan ~400 Carter ~500 So Trump's use was pretty standard proportionately with Bush sr being a low use outlier and Obama and Carter (given his was a single term) being high use outliers. Of course, if you go by rumours there are hundreds of extra secret sealed pardons from Trump sitting around waiting until they are needed by his famil
  3. Does he really need to? If you apply Leviticus or some of Saul's reactionary rubbish then homosexuality is an abomination and gays are going to hell. You could certainly label that as hate speech and ban the Bible, but then you're suppressing people's Religious beliefs instead and a large number of Christians effectively think Saul was a reactionary homophobic knobhead so you'd be lumping them all in together. And talking of what's good for the goose is good for the gander: "You dont have any right to discriminate against LGBT to the point where countries like Saudi Arabia made it illegal
  4. Companies can censor whatever they like. What they can't then turn around and do- without looking like massive hypocrites at very least- is claim that other entities censoring them is an awful crime against freeze peach and liberty. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. That's why Twitter got laughed at when complaining about getting banned in Uganda a few days ago as a crime against 'basic human rights'; (1) if you want to apply Jack Dorsey's standards don't be surprised if Uganda applies Museveni's standard's right back and (2) bans become matters of basic human rights, when you'
  5. Don't be silly. Obviously the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine will turn you Republican as they contain RNA- 'Republican, North America'; it's in the name sheeple. OTOH the AZOxford and Sputnik vaccines contain DNA- that's why Soros/ Gates chose adenovirus, it's a DNA virus- and will make you vote Democrat.
  6. I can see why some developers would want to use her. They can then use all the established characters of the series that a lot of people have grown attached to, have continuity with the previous games, plus it will be [future year] and it's CDPR so you know a set male protagonist is going to get extensive negative press; and under the canon there aren't female witchers until Ciri. Ciri as Witcher ending was pretty clear sequel bait too. Gameplay wise while in theory she should be ludicrously overpowered to take on nekkers or drowners you can just ignore that and give her whatever powers you wa
  7. Just go with the theory that Moses ~ Akhenaten. Then we could have Trump be rediscovered 3000 years later, have a famous bust of Melania in a Berlin Museum, and extensive excavations of his palace at Amarna el Lago.
  8. Liverpool would instantly become the most educated city in the UK if they did that.
  9. Really didn't need to specify that that headline came from The Scum, you can spot their headlines a mile off. Colonial Anarchist SLAMS Headline Writing of Brave Spirit of Dunkirk Sun Reporter in Vile Online Rant!
  10. Presumably vetting is extremely routine for Secret Service types, and it certainly ought to be done as a matter of course if outsiders have to be brought in for special occasions. I know there's probably a legal reason for it but National Guard fundamentally seems like a weird choice for extra security, from the outside.
  11. After the Zumwalts anything would be an improvement, including the original Constellation. Got to say, reduced rcs warships are without exception really, really, ugly. Not exactly a massive practical consideration, of course...
  12. Probably 90% of the stuff in that article had already been revealed. They'll be working pre development on WitcherTNG already much as C2077 had a lot of pre dev work done on it before entering full development in 2016... ...to be fair to Schreier though, while things like C2077 only entering full development in 2016 isn't a revelation, that fact was hidden away on an obscure site called, I think, 'wikipedia' (sp?) since like 2017, so it isn't surprising he thought it was news. He's also incorrect on a couple of matters of fact, eg since Raithe quoted it: there are car ambushes, ju
  13. It's weekly here too- and delayed, which is kind of weird considering how comparatively little TV they have to show with covid delaying so much stuff. Schedule is determined by whoever bought the show locally.
  14. The weird laptop thing was a bit later, the gist is that Hunter Biden was stupid or greedy enough to take a position on the Board of a Ukrainian gas company (Burisma) which he had no qualifications to hold except for his father being VP. The prosecutor in charge of corruption investigations then got fired. Allegation is that Biden (sr) got that prosecutor fired to protect his son. There really isn't any evidence to support that, the prosecutor almost certainly got fired for being generally useless with the timing being coincidental. Hunter Biden taking that position was a really bad look thoug
  15. We have a specific name for that sort of statement here, the 'Smashed Avocado fallacy': "if people just stopped buying smashed avocados for breakfast they'd soon save enough to buy a house" was a near literal quote from someone defending the housing crisis. ie, despite house price appreciation at twice the median wage annually, the problem is people buying luxuries- so if people just stopped paying a mythical $20 a day for a café breakfast they'd be able to afford their own slice of paradise. Complete fiction of course, that saving wouldn't even cover appreciation on the deposit, and would be,
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