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  1. In other news, Donald Trump is withdrawing the US from the WHO. Probably won't make much immediate difference as the US has been in arrears for its contributions for ages, but it's always interesting to see the dichotomy of Trump simultaneously raging about the US not being backed up enough and losing international influence to others like China then turning around and tearing up agreements and leaving organisations; often handing the most influential mantle over to China in the process. At this point it's difficult to see even Trump being stupid enough to not see the connection between the two, guess it's politically expedient though in focusing the us vs them attitude.
  2. Nothing wrong with being a steel plant worker or whatever, I really couldn't care less what job people work 99% of the time- but the vast majority of such workers will not be retraining in the way Hillary suggested or you seem to be suggesting because it's fricking impossible for them to and there simply aren't enough Economy 2.0 jobs out there. The fantasy that there are is convenient because it places all the blame on those who fail. Everyone doing an online course to become a web designer or starting their own business is utterly impractical. Most importantly, the situation with Steel Towns in the US is identical to what we have here with single industry towns like the Freezing Works Town- once the big employer goes the vast majority of the money is gone too, immediately. Good luck opening up hundreds of new businesses in a town with much of its workforce unemployed, or competing as a self taught web designer against tens or hundreds of thousands of others. As for the handyman, trades are an absolutely fantastic option for many. My brother in law is an engineer- and after 4 years at uni he'd be making more money for less hours worked if he'd stayed as an electrician. But, you can't have the entire steel plant retrain to be electricians or builders when there's no money in the town any more, what are they going to build or wire when no one has any money? End of the day if you're in a service type industry you have to be serving people with money or you are going to fail.
  3. Now playing Covid: The Outbreak from GOG. Not sure I like the game, but as an outrage generator it's the best thing since Epic Exclusives.
  4. Everyone being able to pull themself up by their bootstraps is a complete fallacy (as intended by the idiom itself). The US does have a lot of potential social mobility, but you absolutely require some luck to go along with the hard work, and a lot of people who work extremely hard never make any progress for reasons way beyond their control- like, say, a global recession caused by a pandemic putting you and 38 million others out of work, most of whom are looking to get into very few available replacement jobs. Ironically, the fantasy of all the redundant steel plant workers and auto assemblers of the US bootstrap pulling to become web engineers and making tech start ups won Donald Trump and lost Hillary Clinton the last election because it was so obviously a fantasy. Sure you do. It's almost always the most marginalised groups that behave that way. In France it's typically north africans from the banlieux (not black africans; arabs/ berbers) and in the UK it's typically 'asians' (by the stupid UK usage of term; from the Indian subcontinent). Elsewhere it's typically poorer people from the dominant ethnicity. The common factor is being poor and marginalised, not any tone of skin.
  5. Rat cannabalism is really common. They'll eat their own young if they're a bit peckish and want a snack. You also tend to get 'rat home invasions' every autumn/ winter when it gets cold.
  6. Ginsburg has had some pretty significant health issues over the past year though, hasn't she? General poor health isn't great for longevity especially with covid19 around. (I have to admit, a situation where Trump is trying to appoint someone to the Supreme Court with a few months left on his term and the Democrats are trying to Garfield his nominee would be hilarious for the role reversals)
  7. Winter "Summer" sale on now. And of course, it's not even summer in the NH yet which I'm sure contradicts some sort of EU false advertising guidelines. Apart from the System Shock remake and Desperadoes 3* demos mentioned in the Random News thread there are also new releases of Prey (2017) and Metro Exodus (both sans denuvo, of course). Bit more expensive than the single dollar that I spent to play them and Outer Worlds on gamepass, but Prey at least is worth every cent for anyone who is a fan of Deus Ex/ System Shock and similar games. And despite ranting at it back in January I'll probably get Exodus too, since it's a game I should love, and I'm absolutely determined to like a Metro game at some point or die trying. *Shadow Tactics by the same devs in on special too for a bit over a fiver, highly recommended for anyone who likes squad stealth type gameplay.
  8. The US really needs some form of proportional representation for the electoral system. Way harder (some impossible) to gerrymander and people can vote for who they like with a decent chance that their vote will 'count'. Wouldn't help much directly on the Presidential side at least at first, but it would certainly help give exposure for candidates who aren't irrationally angry septuagenarian sex pest dotards. Of course proportional representation requires the turkeys to vote for an early christmas, which is fundamentally unlikely.
  9. Probably formalising the node improvements as a response to Intel's 10ks- later fabricated 1000 and 2000 series would hold better overclocks at lower voltages than the ones near release date. Combine that with the chiplet design and you can easily massage the performance upwards a bit on a mature node. Zen3 will almost certainly have the same staggered release schedule the other releases have had, so some models won't be expected until 2021 anyway as inventory builds in.
  10. Caught up on The Expanse, hadn't seen 3B as well as S4. While 3B was clearly necessary to advance the plot it was a jarring shift from 3A and the gate stuff felt like a super extended Star Trek episode, of the type I'm not too keen on. I presume the seasons fell across a book boundary again like with Eros in S2, though that was way less jarring a transition. I liked S4 well enough, but it felt pretty disjointed at times with the action having so many peripheral plot lines (though it was obvious early they'd come together eventually). And elements of the Ilus plot again felt like an extended Star Trek episode of the type I'm not too keen on. Some more spoilerish observations...
  11. The main pro of masks can also be achieved in humans by simply not going out when you're sick. The benefit of masks (those without a proper filter at least) comes from deceleration/ capture of droplets, which is only important if they are high velocity in the first place. Don't go out when coughing or sneezing and problem solved, the advised 6' to 2m spacing is enough to prevent most airborne transmission. The other con of masks is that it makes people feel safe when they're not. Most of the people wearing them will believe that they themselves are being protected by the mask when they aren't, but that feeling of being safer means other more effective measures get ignored.
  12. Thing is even if you're an egamer who wants max fps in csgo or whatever- which is a realistic usage scenario- unless you're also in the money no object bracket your best purchase option is probably the 10300k (?, the rebadged 7700k anyway) because its single core performance will be about the same, it will cost so much less, and can work effectively with a cheap cooler which takes a further $100 off.
  13. I'd presume Wil would like to appear in Picard, if possible. It's the only show Wesley could sensibly appear in, and being less than effusive publicly would not be a good look.
  14. The number of people who spend 2000+USD on a rig to play Tomb Raider at 1080p low quality is not overly large. Way more realistic offerings from Intel, certainly, and they seem to have finally acknowledged that Zen changed the game in desktop semi permanently. A lot of the senseless segmentation like gating HT has gone, not before time. End of the day though it's basically the same thing Intel has offered since 2016 (well 2017, for the 10 core 7900k) with a price drop, marginally better clocks and a lot more juice required. They will probably also have the same supply issues they currently have outside the US. Should also be noted, Linus got unusually low temps/ wattage for his 10900k, others got considerably higher wattage.
  15. You can make a bunch of fruit liqueurs easily using similar methods- cassis with blackcurrants is another good and easy option and you can even make bootleg Grand Marnier/ Cointreau with sweet/ sour oranges as well (down a bit in alcohol content though). No bootleg Benedictine though, God knows what goes into that...
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