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  1. They didn't even think IJO actually existed at the time but was just used by anyone attacking the US and France in Lebanon. It was all a bit fraught given the genocidal rampage by western and Israeli supported Phalangists at Sabra and Chatila had happened only six months prior. So the obvious candidate was a Palestinian upset the US was running interference for 3000 civilians getting murdered. Plus ça change, plus ça même chose there. In any case it's fundamentally a poor example because there was retaliation once they'd decided who had done it. The guy who they think ordered it got blown up in Damascus by a CIA car bomb, and there was also another infamous incident (which the US denied involvement in; the CIA had 'just' trained and supported with intelligence the 'anti terrorism' task force that did it) where 80 civilians in Beirut were killed by a car bomb aimed at another person they thought was responsible.
  2. That isn't even the correct wikipedia article Bruce. Which about sums that post up in terms of its accuracy. The US did nothing about its embassy being bombed then because... they didn't know who had done it. Arms wise, a pending ICJ judgement of genocide against Israel would be a massive problem for Germany (and Britain, France) as it would mean they'd been abetting it, especially since the ICJ prelim was that there is a case to answer. Though I'd suspect Lexx's objection is more moral than legal. In any case, the retaliation seems to have been a damp squib, and almost literally so. Hopefully that's the end of it.
  3. Would probably drive a fair few people mad with its clunkiness (especially early on) but it's hands down the best RPG based on ~1400 Bohemia I have ever played.
  4. Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 has been formally announced: Jesus Christ be praised, a trailer has come to see us, god bless you trailer etc etc.
  5. Finished the Fallout TV show. TLDR: not as good as the Amazon Marketing Blitz™ has it being, but still pretty good and gets a fairly strong recommendation from me. Mostly consistent with the games too- some issues with Fallout 1 especially, unsurprisingly it's less consistent with the west coast Fallouts than east coast given it's set near LA. I'll use nested spoilers for the big stuff
  6. The trouble is that this is fundamentally a lose/ lose situation for Biden. If he's hard on Israel he'll lose votes, if he ignores Palestinians and Israeli war crimes he'll lose votes. There's very little at risk for Trump who can say what he likes on the issue; anyone pro Palestine or (unironic usage this time, to be clear) Rules Based Order or nuanced responses to international affairs is never going to vote for Trump anyway, and he isn't in power. In this case I don't think Biden has a smart play, from a purely political perspective, only bad and worse. (While a lot of people including myself would like Biden to make a Moral Play and actually use the US influence to, well, stop the starvation, collective punishment, destruction of educational institutions, deliberate targeting of health sites and workers, targeting of journalists, targeting of diplomatic structures, targeting of aid workers, targeting of civilian structures etc etc instead of mildly pontificating about it I struggle to think of a single time a US President has actually made a genuine Moral Play, ie (try and) do something because it's simply the right thing to do, knowing that it'll potentially hurt him politically)
  7. David Axe forbes sites/blog is the source, so no it isn't a serious assessment. (actually not sure he's the ultimate source, but it's the title of his April 7? article. Either way, he's a clickbait merchant and his articles tend to be either 'the sky is falling' or 'everything is coming up Roses' with little in between)
  8. Yep, should keep Netanyahu safely in power for another few months so Mission Accomplished from his pov whatever the result. Completely predictable, especially when the US made it obvious they'd back Israel under any circumstance.
  9. Watched the first two Fallout episodes. As a big fan of the game series all the way back to its roots in 2008 and having played all of Fallout 3, 4, Shelter and 76* I am fairly pleased so far. Definitely looking forward to watching the rest of the episodes, and that is not as common as I'd like. TLDR: 1st episode is disjointed (it's a Prime TV show, after all), 2nd is a lot better. Probably comes about as close to capturing the mass market fallouts as anything could, and has some encouraging signs of 1/2/NV too. *I feel vaguely dirty typing that, but feel vaguely compelled after the number of "played all the games: 3,4 and 76!/ Captured Bethesda's genius!" that I have read.
  10. Yeah, I actively avoid fps/ drone stuff too though I will generally watch non drone stuff if I think it will be interesting. I don't really care about gore/ death, personally, since it's obviously happening but... there are way, way too many people getting their jollies from fps or dropped drone footage and I really don't like associating with them even tacitly. Quite apart from Israel's policy of destroying all infrastructure so that civilians cannot take cell phone footage and cannot upload it there has also been a systematic policy from media to either actively or passively suppress Palestinians SM. Any combat footage --> 'terrorist' source, and passive footage 'cannot be verified'. Indeed, just about all the evidence of summary executions, torture and the like come from idiotic Israeli soldiers who are proud of themselves. That too is largely suppressed by media. Eh, I'd go out on a limb and say that article is of, hmm, limited accuracy. The only limitation either side has had for thermobarics on fps is weight and the munition generally being too heavy for a fps drone, eg the generic RPG-7 frag payload is 1/10 the weight of a RPG-7 thermobaric warhead. But there are some fps drones that will manage 2kg and there's at least one (43mm, for GM94 launcher) grenade that has a thermobaric variant in use by both sides that weighs 250g, only 60g more than a rpg-7 frag does. One suspects both sides have been using that fairly extensively but it simply hasn't been publicised.
  11. They don't draft the young due to having the worst demographic crisis in the world. (Specifically, the population age 'pyramid' looks like a 13 year old boy's drawing of Pamela Anderson rather than a pyramid; death rate 15.2, birth rate... 8.6; no census since 2001 due to losing around 20% of its population in the 90s; and all that before the invasion. Essentially they're desperate to keep young workers alive and, well, breeding as much as possible while there are far more older people who will generate less tax and start claiming a pension sooner)
  12. Meh, AP is still running interference for Israel- still got to have the obligatory reference to how everything was started by/ is justified by Oct 7- it's just very hard to run interference with something so very obviously a war crime beyond an implicit "it wouldn't have happened if Hamas didn't exist". Also a lot harder when those killed are mostly nice westerners rather than icky Palestinians. To put it in perspective, even Haaretz is running tougher articles than those AP blancmanges are. And Haaretz is actually subject to the Military Censor, AP just censors itself. The very definition of, to quote Bibi, "unintended", that. I often unintentionally do something three times in quick succession with deadly results. That's why I'm posting this from a high security prison/ insane asylum/ am a Major in the most moral army in the world. I'm very very sure Israel is utterly appalled and despondent that WCK has suspended operations and that wasn't the aim of the operation in the first place... yeah right, the only 'unintended' thing was there being people from friendly countries in the vehicles. Even then, not like those spineless jellies like Sunak Trudeau or Albanese will actually do anything about it apart from verbal diarrhoea about the tragedy of it all.
  13. 3 Body Problem being good isn't that much of a surprise. The parts of Game of Thrones B&W did as an adaptation of the books was excellent. While the ending does tend to retroactively stink up the series as a whole the praise they got for the adaptation part was justified. Since 3 Body Problem is also an adaptation it ought to be closer to GoT S1-4 quality than GoT S8. Plus, no Star Wars films on the horizon any more that they want to rush off to.
  14. Ukraine doesn't invade Russia because this isn't Hearts of Iron IV, and wars aren't won on the battlefield of reddit and facebook. (Militarily the first attack was pointless but probably worth a try, the second was the kind of stupidity people accuse Russia of all the time, zerg rushing prepared defences for photo ops. That they got so few photo ops out of it is indicative of how very very badly it went. They're not really limited by any impositions from outside, everyone knows the troops involved are not majority Russian despite their name and both attacks featured western supplied equipment. They're limited mostly by being PR operations that have a high resource cost Should probably add, since it's key to why the whole thing is counterproductive: the advantage of 'forcing' Russia to station troops there is decidedly double edged because in reality it doesn't happen in a vacuum. What practically happens if Russia has lots of troops there? So does Ukraine. They have to, to guard against Russian invasion from their troop build up. So no net advantage)
  15. No. There's a difference between being enforceable and binding. The wording and it coming from the UNSC makes it 100% binding, that's intrinsic, what it requires is a subsequent resolution for enforcement if (when) ignored. John Kirby is being dishonest when he says it isn't binding, because what he means is that the US will not support enforcement- which, of course, as a paid up member of the Rules Based Order he cannot actually say, lest people wonder why the US only wants enforcement of international law against its enemies, not its friends. Same situation with the ICJ. Its decisions are 100% binding, but it has no enforcement mechanism. That is meant to come from the UNSC.
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