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  1. If the US does go full authoritarian dystopia they can always rotate their space force logo 90 degrees to get the Blake's 7 Federation logo instead of the ST one.
  2. So, does anyone really think the Trade Federation is going to invade Naboo? I don't think Gunray has the gonads to personally, without some sort of legal cover. The impeachment trial is ludicrously boring. Jacob Rees-Mogg: even sleeping he's the toffiest toff.
  3. There's also Nordic/ DerpSilver financials. IIRC Nordic (as was, now, haha, 'Embracer') at least is publicly traded. Expecting Epic to share actual sales numbers is a bit ridiculous though- how often does GOG or Steam share actual sales numbers for specific games? Basically never; that's why utilities like SteamSpy exist to scrape ownership data. If Valve was disclosing that information you wouldn't need SteamSpy- and we know TWitcher3's sales figures via CDPR. Exodus definitely isn't a AAA game, if it were you'd need a new classification for the GTAV types above it. It's made in a cheap country and neither Nordic nor DerpSilver are AAA publishers. They got a decent amount of publicity, but a lot of that was 'free' from nVidia for going RTX and- lol, since it's actively worse than the alternatives- DLSS.
  4. 6/8 pin power connectors come with the PSU. If you're reselling the old PC whoever buys it should get the old PSU's 6/8/24 etc pin connectors as well (plus the use of another brand/ model's PSU connectors with a PSU may literally result in hardware destruction).
  5. She had some clout as a DNC vice chair prior to 2016, and her resignation from that is where Hillary's current animosity stems from. Not much clout compared to Hillary though of course. Indeed, that's why I find stuff like Hillary's "russian asset" or all the DINO claims so amusing- she held a pretty high position in your own party yet she's a closet republican infiltrator and traitor? Doesn't say much for your party then, does it... Or maybe Hillary is just an absolutely terrible and vindictive loser whose failures are always someone else's fault.
  6. Hillary Clinton apparently has a new documentary series coming out. No doubt it will be a fascinating watch in which she reflects on her flaws and why exactly she lost to Donald Trump rather than being a portrait of narcissism and excuse making with a hefty dollop of retribution for perceived slights, based on the promotional interviews she's giving.
  7. I wouldn't doubt it's greener than solar electricity generation, that isn't really all that green (yet) even at low latitudes due to them having a fairly short lifespan, losing a lot of energy in the conversion to electricity and needing to use rare earths and the like. The really effective use of solar is direct water heating systems- literally running water through black hose or an equivalent under sunlight- as it requires no specialist equipment or inefficient steps. Obviously cannot be used every where or every time but you save a lot and quickly when the typical hot water cylinder is 2-3kW even if it's only effective for 6 months of the year. I don't know much about Facebook's approach, the suggestion for using captured heat to double dip on the 'greenness' came from an accountant's idea on how to game a carbon credit system most effectively. It is exactly the sort of thing I'd imagine Facebook would do though.
  8. Watched season 2 of Titans since it's on Netflix now, and I cannot say I was at all impressed. The ending to the Trigon storyline was facile, the season and individual episode story was disjointed and illogical and its ending was even more facile and had a random death which I'm sure was meant to be poignant but instead came across as an incredibly cheap way to try and illicit an emotional response in an episode which was otherwise a trite series of goods triumphing over evils and a season which otherwise was CW level random drama for the sake of drama.
  9. Nuclear is nowhere near the greenest option if you count total costs. But no one ever counts total costs for environmental stuff because the economic system would collapse if you did. IIRC the cheapest renewable energy by a country mile is using solar energy to heat homes' hot water as all it needs is some piping, sun and a dark matt background to absorb the heat. Yeah, that's the accountancy trick of using the excess heat from the servers to heat homes or water or whatever; you can then claim that you're 'saving' that energy and use it to defray your other carbon costs. If you're using hydropower or another renewable type you can easily end up with a- theoretically- carbon neutral or even carbon negative footprint despite using huge amounts of energy for something that is, ultimately, a load of unnecessary wank.
  10. We're already in a green washing race, though of course it's mostly accountancy tricks with carbon instead of dollars- especially so for countries with a carbon credit or trading scheme where you make actual money by padding your environmental credentials. I'm sure some people will believe that MS is 'carbon neutral' in reality instead of just on paper so they can feel virtuous for buying a Surface Pro or xbox or whatever; but yeah, practically MS will be doing the carbon equivalent of licensing their tech at an extortionate rate- which coincidentally is just slightly less than their gross profit in whatever region- from an Irish subsidiary. (To be fair to MS they are far from the worst offender)
  11. Oh Allah (Peace be Upon Him) yes. They have a catchy name ("The Network", would probably work better in arabic though), neckbeards like true salafis, preaching in their places of worship (reddit etc) etc etc. Haha yes. You can add lazy and feckless- and overly sensitive- to that list as well. The absolute state of the PC gaming market can be summed up by comparing 'Good Old Guy' GOG's turnover vs 'Evil Gommie Spywar'e EGS turnover. Exclusives 100% work, outrage is 100% useless and good will is about 95% useless unless you're a corpulent ex Microsoft Seattleite with a knife obsession (and even then it's 99% inertia rather than actual good will). Anyway, for some 100% genuine and true random news, since exclusives 100% work CDPR is making Cyberpunk2077 GOG exclusive which is why they're delaying it for 6 months. In a shocking twist they will then make it EGS exclusive for the next 6 months.
  12. They are, but they generate the names that way precisely because they blend in with the general populace- in the last page or so there are three other posters with similar style names.
  13. Yeah, I'd admit that scripted isn't quite the right word and that's why I put it in quotes- especially since the X labs were my favourite part and they're fairly rigorously scripted. It's more of a subjective feeling than anything objective. The thematic difference is perhaps best summed up by the protagonists; Degtaryev is a soldier whereas in SoC your mission is personal and a lot more mysterious (though of course amnesia is a cliché way to get mystery). I also suspect it's partly because I found companions and significant NPCs had way better survivability in CoP compared to SoC, so tended to have a lot more talking and a lot more team feeling missions in CoP as a result.
  14. Yeah, shame Sega couldn't find a way to turn down that radio. Been a while since I played but that is the only licensed track in AP, isn't it? Can't remember anything else.
  15. I'd suspect that the quests are one of the things that put a lot of people off CoP initially. The first couple you're likely to do can be punishingly difficult or finicky for the stealth one even if you played the first game on its hardest difficulty. The first SoC quest is certainly hard, but it's fair- the first CoP one (from memory) involves radiation, a constricted area and enemies spawning in once you get the object. You also have a pretty garbage gun to start off with despite being a major, not even a full fat AK. You start off worse equipped in CoP but that has an explanation and you can use a silenced Makarov/ sawn off for the 1st mission fine. Personally CoP felt a bit too 'scripted' for my tastes and lacked the chaotic free form feeling of SoC. It also (mostly) lacked my favourite bits of SoC, the fantastically atmospheric X labs and underground sections. Still a good game and definitely worth playing, just not as good as SoC.
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