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  1. Which is why they'll almost certainly try and leverage Russia away from China*. That's going to take some compromising though, and that won't be popular with some. Obviously that's also not going to be said outright, especially at a NATO meeting. But you can hardly argue that containing China is a part of NATO's purview, since there are only a dozen countries further away from the North Atlantic than China. Finding Putin's price is almost certainly why Biden is meeting him though, it's certainly not just to posture about things and read through a grievance list, as the press seems to want
  2. Speaking generally; you have to have enough virus there for the test to detect. If you've been exposed and are incubating but have a low initial viral load you'll still test negative. The good news though is that that also means you'll have extremely low infectivity since you need a decent viral load to be shedding it. That's why you have sporting or other events where you need a negative test result before going; you may be infected and get sick later but you won't (shouldn't) be infecting people at the event with a viral load low enough to get a negative result. That's the idea behind t
  3. TOW's trailer certainly got people talking a lot more than a 'serious' trailer would have, and was a great idea for a 90 sec video when you have basically nothing to actually show- and I do rather like a bit of meta (Throne of Bhaal's gamer party, the fast simulation scene from Person of Interest's If-Then-Else etc). Happy to focus on Stalker 2 having a bunch of negative indicators like skins etc since it's probably a steam exclusive, so I'll assume it's a buggy mess riddled with mtx.
  4. Ended up being 60-59, though the Joint List would have voted for the new government if needed so practically there was more margin to spare. I think it would have to collapse pretty quickly to get Netanyahu back. Apart from the build up of legal troubles that he will have difficulty deferring now he's also accumulated a lot of enemies, not all of them outside the Likud bloc, and his style has been to use his position to play them off against each other and placate those he has to. That's become a lot more difficult now he has less favours to grant.
  5. That's kind of inaccurate, since ISI and Al Nusra never operated together- Al Nusra was literally ISI's wing in Syria so if you were ISI in Syria you were by definition JaN; Jabhat al Nusra == the Support Front (of ISI to Syria). I know why it's put like that in the timeline since they split relatively soon after, but at that time there was literally no difference. (The conspiracy theory with respect to CIA == ISIS is a classic 'interesting series of facts' conspiracy theory. All three ISI(S) leaders were captured by the US at various points and released- both Baghdadis and the current le
  6. ISIS has killed more muslims than any other group, via terrorism. Of western aligned nations the US definitely, and Saudi probably (via Yemen) have killed more muslims under 'normal' circumstances (Syria too, but it isn't western aligned). Pretty easily, really, if the Australian SAS is any gauge. The Australian government initially swore blind it was all a media beat up by the unpatriotic and arrested ABC journalists for reporting it then we got stuff like: "we have 7 prisoners" "sorry cobber, only room for 6 on the heli" *bang* "we have 6 prisoners..." or them killing 12 civilia
  7. Kingdom Come Deliverance soap must be specially designed for use when you're bathing while still wearing clothes, if the game's any guide.
  8. The funniest thing about the Australian Constitution is the clause describing which colonies were (meant) to become Australian States: "New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia, including the northern territory of South Australia". New Zealand OTOH has no constitution. There was an attempt to make one in 1989-90 with the Bill of Rights, but it ended up becoming just plain old law since they didn't want to weaken the idea of Parliamentary Supremacy with something constraining like a Constitution.
  9. Don't know about Denmark but for Australia at least detention of illegal immigrants is outright mandatory, and they also last month brought in literal indefinite detention, without trial, for those who aren't granted refugee status but cannot be returned due to danger in their home countries. Which is slightly illegal under international law, but probably plays well to Scummo's electoral base- and there's an election due within the next year. Anybody with a serious belief that refugee centres cannot also be concentration camps should have a look at Australia's Manus Island abomination and
  10. Thief: Definitive Edition? Well now, that sounds like a deal. Will be great seeing how the 16 years of graphical improvement effected seminal levels like the Boneyard or Cathedral for the better.
  11. The main reason for joining the clerics is that they have by far the best exclusive power, since it stunlocks targets.
  12. The current main WSJ contributor on the Chinese covid 19 theory- and the guy who broke the story about sick workers- has been used extensively to launder dodgy intelligence in the past. When he worked for the NYT most of the inaccurate information given by that paper was bylined by Judith Miller andor Michael R Gordon. At least he wasn't involved in outing a serving CIA officer because her husband was politically embarrassing though, unlike Miller.
  13. For companies it's simply PR, everything that comes from their official accounts is designed to buff their image and let them sell more stuff. I do wonder if Raytheon has the same profile if seen from, say, a Saudi IP and companies that believe strongly in human rights, free speech etc seem to make an awful lot of 'mistakes' that just happen to censor things that powerful countries and customers don't like. Indian terrorists spreading terror by criticising Modi's covid response being 'accidentally' banned from twitter, a prominent search engine owned by a prominent US company 'accidentally' bl
  14. In terms of being potentially hilariously inaccurate movies Vin Diesel's interpretation of Hannibal would have definitely been interesting to see, at least, though he did at least seem pretty invested in the idea on a personal level- but then again, so did Gibson with Braveheart and The Patriot. You just know that some people would be disappointed if he didn't eat Flaminius' liver with some fava beans and a chianti after Trasimene though. Much as I dislike Braveheart on general principle I'd say he in particular got screwed over by the old and more general adage of victors writing hist
  15. Yeah... That kind of reasoning is the classic sort you see in military scenarios- the Russians won't mind their capital being nuked, because we say it's a proportional response and... we used an IRBM instead of an ICBM? People don't work like that, and neither do countries. If you're nuking Moscow then Washington gets nuked back, at very very least, and then you have the absolutely classic cycle of escalation under way. Realistically, given that Moscow has something like 20% of Russia's population and economy a proportional response is hitting everything from New York to Richmond; and the
  16. That's not a great example since Russia doesn't need to use IRBMs to nuke Poland as Kaliningrad oblast directly borders Poland. Any scenario in which Kaliningrad no longer borders Poland is one in which things have already escalated beyond where you can apply direct logic- as is one in which Russia is using nukes for asterisks and giggles as a first strike weapon. The broader point is that that applies generally- there's already other options for any sensible scenario. If things have escalated so far that 'genuinely' medium range targets like Paris or London or Brussels or Vienna are
  17. Apparently all the putative government's MKs are getting heightened security due to death threats. It's a tiny theoretical majority so an assassination is being treated as a real possibility.
  18. Looks like Netanyahu is gone as Israeli PM. Pretty big achievement being so polarising that near diametric opposites Naftali Bennet and Joint List join forces just to get you removed- and almost no tears being shed internationally since Bibi was near universally loathed by everyone. Next step for him, prison, with any luck. Then again, 8 parties and with the Joint List outside the formal coalition doesn't exactly scream stable government. You can pretty much guarantee there will be attempts to split one or more off starting 5 minutes before the deal was formalised.
  19. Funny really, Sony, MS and Samsung will all have RDNA based 'APU's before AMD itself releases one to the public, Samsung's in something as small as a phone. I'd kind of presume the 5000 series desktop APUs are stopgaps for a Zen3 refresh- there may not be much point going RDNA2 with the integrated graphics if they're just going to choke on insufficient cache and shared DDR4 RAM. The stacked cache and (maybe) DDR5 support should move any bottleneck out a bit. They may also want to avoid people trying APU raytracing until there's more bandwidth, that performance will not exactly be great ev
  20. You don't need any IRBMs if you have ICBMs, that's ultimately why the US and Soviets agreed to eliminate them. In any case, they could be (and were, the first test held by the US was literally days after leaving the INF) reinstated almost instantly, and almost certainly as nuclear too since some warheads never seem to have been actually destroyed as they were meant to be, just decommissioned. That was one of the bones of contention- frankly, breaches- of INF with the land based AEGIS anti missile stations Obama built, they used tomahawk launchers so it was trivial not just to refit them for ba
  21. Zen3 and production starting end of this year according to Ian Cutress. May well be part of a simultaneous rebrand to Zen3+ though. That and the DLSS equivalent should really improve the gaming performance of their APUs. Didn't see it mentioned, but I presume that it will get used for GPUs as well at some stage, given them looking at MCM and having such a large cache on the 6000 series.
  22. AMD's answer to DLSS, coming June 22 and hardware agnostic, should work for 500+ AMD (presumably 400+, since there's zero difference) and 1000 series plus for nVidia.
  23. Think we class that as domestic terrorism since he had a right to be here and was not an agent of any overseas organisation. Though I think the general inclination of Australia to try and use New Zealand as a dumping ground for its home grown criminals and terrorists is why they aren't finding us very supportive in their fight with China- and the whole Rainbow Warrior affair left a generation of New Zealanders with the memory of being bombed by a supposed friend then told to 'suck it up' by supposed allies like Maggot Thatcher. Thus we have a very realistic assessment of exactly how much
  24. Bunch of DGSE cretins mining a civilian ship in a theoretically friendly country's harbour is stretching the definition of 'naval battle' a bit. Technically it was probably a draw anyway, both sides lost a ship and the French lost twice as many people, albeit none dead. Still the only act of international terrorism committed in New Zealand, and it was by the country 1 in 50 of our population never came back from after traveling 20,000km to defend it in WW1. Then people wonder why we've zero interest in picking fights with countries thousands of km away just to support out 'allies' any mor
  25. The Fail does say 'set to be published' which would normally imply it's passed review. Then again, they're not exactly reliable and if they did understand about the difference between that and 'submitted' they wouldn't care anyway, if it made them sound more authoritative. And since it isn't 1am any more... ..while the claim of 4 basic amino acids in a row is patently false and that sequence simply isn't there it is entirely possible that that's not what the authors actually said- with what they did say being translated into a form that the average Mail reader can understand. A prote
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