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  1. Anthem NEXT == dead. Anthem CURRENT is still continuing as a live service for both its users. Not the most surprising news of the day, one suspects.
  2. The trouble with both of Paradox's statements are that they are exactly what I'd expect them to say if the game was looking to be cancelled, but they didn't want to outright say it because the CEO/ CFO have upcoming earnings calls and don't want to answer difficult questions. What I'd expect if they were committed to release would be a very explicit and directed statement, what we've got has a lot of wiggle room. "We have started a collaboration with a new studio partner to finish work on the game [vtmb2]. This has been a difficult decision, but we are convinced that it is the right way f
  3. I wouldn't be sure they have a replacement lined up. It's a hospital pass for whoever got/ gets it as taking over development half way through is notoriously difficult and the title's reputation is pretty much shot to pieces. Best damage mitigation for Paradox also would have been to name the replacement studio immediately. Despite what Paradox state publicly I would not be surprised if it was quietly canned further down the line and both remaining preorders got cancelled in a few weeks. Frankly their statement strikes me as damage control for an outright failed title, and I would not be
  4. IIRC BIOS has a formal 'economy mode' (not absolutely sure of the name) you can turn on which drops the set TDP from 105W with options down to laptop level draws. Pretty sure it's an AMD/ AGESA setting so supported by all boards.
  5. Sounds more like YAL-1 (or its predecessor) than Star Wars, though that was well inside the last 20 years.
  6. Birds of Prey flopped, but everything else Harley Quinn has been close to an unqualified success. OK, Suicide Squad was... uneven, but nearly everyone liked Quinn/ Robbie in it and at least in theory the main drawcards were Smith, and Leto's Joker. A scramble to produce some sort of antivillain, especially a female one, from Disney is not exactly surprising, nor is their attempts to do so being somewhat eye rolling since that has to be done within the family friendly framework. I suspect they really want a female equivalent to Loki rather than Harley Quinn though, so they can keep the hil
  7. Succession to a strongman is always difficult if it isn't hereditary. But in terms of a country's strength Russia and China under Putin and Xi are far stronger than under their predecessors, and they're both nationalist/ religious so long as you take China's 'communism' as a belief system. Of course for Russia it was a positively subterranean bar as Yeltsin's mouldering corpse would have been better than Yeltsin was since at least he couldn't actively ruin the country when dead as he did alive... I don't think we really need to look far beyond Goering's quote for reasons why nationalism i
  8. Yep, it isn't polling in the western sense. The policies they change and pay attention to are things like the price of pork or rice and whether people think they're too expensive, and any other simmering economic tensions since it's far more likely that they'll get significant regime threatening dissent due to economic reasons. Taiwan/ HK/ Xinjiang are more prestige problems after the century of shame, not existential threats. Their only existential threat is when the majority Han starts protesting because they're hungry or not getting the life improvements they expected. Pretty similar f
  9. We do know why in the general sense, but we don't in the specific, for individuals. Usually it's because antibodies are built/ spliced together (in an unusual variable manner) but from set genetic blueprints as all proteins in our bodies are, and while that blueprint is large and varied if you're unlucky that blueprint may not contain the parts that are needed for a specific infection, and a lot of antibody generation is kind of random rather than directed so it takes more/less time to get to the right place for different people based, essentially, on luck. Probably the best analogy is having
  10. You invest because there's zero input costs since wind and sun is free, with the knowledge that if you don't have wind or sun you need something else or some way to store the power excess from the renewables. Coal/ nuclear/ gas all cost ongoing money to supply and in nuclear's gas remove the fuel required. Then you have the question of what is 'less faulty'. Everyone knows what the limitations of renewables are- solar needs sun, wind needs wind, hydro needs water and a gradient etc- and the 'reliable' back stop of natural gas option was itself unreliable in this case due to, well, needing
  11. Everything from earthquakes to covid to winter storms to Erdogan personally claiming to have ordered that Russian jet to be shot down is obviously Fetullah Gulen's fault though, he doesn't need to actually blame him specifically any more. Stub your toe? Gulen. Weevils in your flour? Gulen. Rain on your wedding day? Gulen. Green lights when you're already late? Gulen. OTOH if Trump had somehow managed to wangle his way back to the presidency Erdogan would probably be claiming MAGA Shaman as Turkish due to Tengrism- while simultaneously courting the domestic Islamic vote.
  12. Breaking news: the Capitol riots were influenced by Kurdish revolutionaries, according to world renowned geopolitical analyst Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Normally I'd hesitate to post anything Memri related since it's an Israeli psy-op that deliberately mistranslates a lot of the time to make people look more stupid or obnoxious than they are, but in this case it's what he actually said. The idea of MAGA types being influenced by massively left wing anarcho-collectivist Kurds is an interesting take, to say the least.
  13. You're not saying the same thing. 1) 'Strain' on natgas supply was not the problem, it physically freezing and reducing supply was. Even if wind power had been at 100% nominal power- which no one should be relying on- it would not and could not make up that difference. Wind power only reduced first, it had no influence on natgas power dropping. They wouldn't have had Scotty shouting down the lines about not being able to give it more or his natgas plant'll blow cap'n, they'd know it can produce x MW of power- and you cannot run the turbines out of spec. 2) a,b are conflation, at best
  14. We should be fair to Boeing's incompetence, they managed to design a plane with a single fundamental problem- wanting to fly itself into the ground- and find multiple points of failure (attitude indicators, pitot tubes, software) that could manifest it, rather than just one; and paywalled one preventative measure. There are always single points of failure in an electrical grid unless you're designing with massive redundancy, and fundamentally even then you will still have a hard upper limit at some point at very least. Economically the push will always be to supply just enough power to me
  15. Good old Recep Tayyip Erdogan going a bit mental at everyone having completely asterisked up a hostage rescue operation*. It's everyone's fault apart from his, especially his domestic Kurdish political enemies and the US. Probably Gulen, Israel, Iraq, students, gays, Syrian refugees, Greece, Armenia and Iran too. Coincidentally Turkey's economy is going down the gurgler as the funny money fiscal policy and building bubble burst, and he's getting publicly bent over by China over vaccine supply and being forced to abandon support for the Uighurs, not exactly a great look for someone who has trie
  16. Since Kurzmann/ ST came up in the movies thread I feel compelled to say that the penultimate episode of Discovery S3 seems to have finally killed off my ability to watch. It sits there in my Netflix queue, forlorn and alone, waiting to disappear into the rubbish bin of half watched shows. I wonder how Clarice is. Surely not a generic procedural that might as well use the initialism Clarice Starling Investigates, surely not.
  17. Dunno, most of the defensive 'requirements' in Kingmaker seemed pretty sensible to me. If you're fighting undead make sure you have death ward and restoration, if you're fighting stuff that poisons have poison resistance etc. It's way more of a all buffs all the time game compared to the BGs but then BG spells were largely cheese fests with different balance issues like the aforementioned summoning. And again, I'd suggest there's a lot of rose tinted on the Baldur's Gate side. BG2 Beholders and illithids? The liches with Imprisonment? All instant gameover or as good as if you fail a save, if y
  18. I think you're regarding BG1 with a fair bit of the rose tinted there. You tend to forget all the the times you got wiped by kobolds in the Nashkel mines with their ludicrous crit dealing bows shooting your mages and thiefs or when you stumbled into an Ogre who gibbed everyone in 3 rounds just outside Candlekeep because it's been 23 years and you know what is coming. Or that literally every in game problem could be solved by, well, summoning allies, then summoning more allies and summoning more again. Kingmaker is a game where you absolutely should ignore any hard encounter and come back
  19. Would still be too slow to use Stadia without lag.
  20. Shoot a man on 5th Avenue, I could. Be fired, I would not be. While true, if you reversed the positions and looked at liberals who compare conservatives to nazis they certainly don't get fired for it. If they did the unemployment rate in the US would skyrocket.
  21. As Elerond mentioned, the cost of administration of benefits is ludicrous. Cut that out and there's a big saving. Last time I checked it literally literally cost more to investigate benefit fraud here than was saved by detecting it, for example. You do have to have the investigations as you there would be more fraud if there was no chance of being caught, but still, nett loss per investigation suggests better alternatives should be looked at.
  22. "Not only will America go to your country and kill all your people. But they'll come back 20 years later and make a movie game about how killing your people made their soldiers feel sad" Be interesting to see if the game starts with some neanderthal from the 82nd using a .50 cal for crowd control, somehow I doubt it.
  23. Not really news, I haven't seen anything that wasn't general knowledge at the time or soon after. I know a lot of people regarded him as a bit of a girl power male feminist, but to be honest he had some pretty... odd stuff going on even without retrospect- Angel stalking Buffy when she was 13, the Spike S6 thing, a lot of Xander's stuff, Wesley's slave girl in the closet not to mention that the whole premise of Dollhouse was extraordinarily creepy. Lots of fetishisation going on there. That Buffy in particular was a toxic set was a pretty open secret even before Emma Caulfield asked for Anya t
  24. Yeah, though we might not want too many similarities to Spanish Flu since its first major mutation caused most of its death toll, albeit indirectly.
  25. The Watership Down movie was renowned for giving kids nightmares, the TV series is renowned for giving them to adults.
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