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  1. This is what I call environmental storytelling:
  2. I am looking forward to this. I hope it turns out ok.
  3. it still holds up. Are you playing it with the HD mod?
  4. Sacred 3 It's pretty fun actaully. It's a non-open world diablo clone.
  5. Biden was leading with 8k in Nevada, now that number is closer to 12k. Chances are looking better for Biden but who knows.
  6. I might be wrong but it seems that Nevada have stopped counting the votes. If that is true then Biden has pretty much won the race.
  7. Installed Condemned: Criminal Origins on my PC with all the patches and stuff. It looks well and runs well. The next morning my PC dies... I just hope my hdd is still intact but it might be the power supply by the look of things. It turns on and after a few seconds it turns off again. Can't get it fixed for now because of the Coronavirus hitting record highs over here. Guess I'll get back to playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on the PS3.
  8. Watched two movies: -The Usual Suspects: it was pretty neat. Good ol' 90s action/drama. -Sleuth(1972): hotdamn!!! Now this is what I call original. 10/10. Must watch.
  9. Just found out that my older brother survived the terrorist attack in Vienna. Apparently they all hid inside the restaurant for 5 hours until the police had everything under control. What the hell is this world coming to...
  10. I tried TOW on the Xbox(Xbox gamepass) and thought it was garbage so that's that. I still haven't played PoE II, or Tyranny but if they don't manage to catch my fancy it means that Obsidian hasn't made anything decent since F:NV. InXile on the other hand... Seriously, I can't wait to play Wasteland 3 once I have the time.
  11. Man, remember this trailer for Sonic Mania? Now fast forward to 2020: https://youtu.be/l4tkNjJsOvY Ghostwire Tokyo was inspired by...Finger Gunz. *mind blown*
  12. Man, I missed this on the Wii. Might buy a Switch instead of a PS5.
  13. I don't think so. They just look similar to one another I guess.
  14. Yeah, what makes it worse is that they keep making more and more Ass Creed games. I wonder where they are going to choose next for the neverending fight between the Templars and the Assassins: the Aztec empire? Japan? Pre-historic Africa? The north pole?
  15. Playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter SP campaign because I need my fix of shooting gallery goodness. I miss the old COD single player campaigns. Never was a big fan of the multiplayer. @Keyrock I agree. I really do want me a game with a neat Arabian Nights/1001 nights setting. The 2009 Prince of Persia reboot was pretty awesome actually, don't know why Ubi decided to make 'The Forgotten Sands' after that which took a u-turn and went back to the original series...or was that another reboot as well? Either way, it had nothing to do with the 2009 reboot which I highly
  16. The Last Ninja: Return to Lin Fen Island got canceled in 2004. Could have been really sweet. Mother 3 eventually got released on the GBA but I felt really butthurt when the N64 version got canceled. Besides, the GBA version was only released in Japan. Seriously, Nintendo.... I also had high hopes for Star Craft: Ghost at the time. Nocturne 2 eventually turned into Bloodrayne. Shame, I would have prefered Svetlana Lupescu because she looked like an actual half vampire and not a stripper.
  17. Yeah. That's the one. Good ol' childhood memories.
  18. This thread ain't for the faint of heart! The Prey reboot is the real System Shock 3 nobody knew they wanted.
  19. So I saw this moments ago and thought to myself 'how many canceled games do I know of and which ones hurt the most?' Hmmm... -C&C Generals 2 -Fallout Van Buren -Prey 2 -Duke Nukem Forever(2001 version) -Silent Hills Just to name a few. But yeah, that Generals games really hurt. Good ol' RTS games of the late 90's and early 2000's...
  20. I found this, boy did it feel weird to play this as a 9 year old: Now let's see if it's available on gog. Edit: wait...this is Quest for Glory 1? Haha...no idea why it's called 'Hero's Quest'. I searched a little and got 'HeroQuest' in the search results instead which is a Amiga game from 1991. Woah...I seem to have purchased Quest for Glory Collection on Steam at some point. I am off...
  21. Trying to get my hands on Shadow of Rome for the PS2, didn't knew its sequel was eventually scrapped in favor of Dead Rising.
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