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  1. Microcenter has created a settlement outside their store as people wait for 3090s to drop.
  2. EVGA 6 POSCAPs were review cards only, they didn't sell any. So I think all ASUS, FE, and EVGA cards should be good.
  3. My FE should have 2/6 expensive, and the EVGA had 1/6 (just saw some are 2/6). The ones effected most are the 0/6. I hope it's a simple fix for people, just limit the boost clocks. I think people will make a massive deal out of nothing like the 970 memory, and the "Zen 2" (not sure which Ryzen tbh) boost clock controversy. We don't even know how widespread the problem is though.
  4. They should treat 16:9 the same as a normal screen, just not use 2 portions either side (on most monitors I've used), the same way 4:3 would display on a 16:9 display. VDM can give you virtual displays on the same monitor. Haven't used it personally though, I use Divvy to divide my screen. Some TV's have picture in picture, I haven't tried it, but mine does support it, and it would be cool to output from 2 ports on my graphics card to the same monitor.
  5. Would a super ultra wide be the equivalent?
  6. Apparently some 3080 cards have problems crashing when they hit high boosts. Allegedly the EVGA card I still have on pre-order. Good job I have a FE on order now. Which was also over $100 cheaper. Yep, I almost always have 2 20" 1080p windows top left and right, and a ultra wide window at the bottom. It works as 4 1080p monitors really well, that was the plan as I was replacing a multi-monitor setup. I've had a multi-monitor set up since 1996. It's not quite as good at single window workflow, as a small monitor would be, it's just OK, but I can imagine the problems being exaggerated with a monitor twice the size.
  7. His movies? Yes. Anal rape and drugging of a thirteen year old? Not so much. Have I missed MCA developments?!?
  8. It is equivalent to 5K with AI upscaling. Which is fine, definitely an acceptable use case for a 8K TV as it's better than 5K, but it's not true 8K, so shouldn't be marketed as 8K. I actually think that true resolutions aren't that important, dynamic res, checkerboarding, and DLSS aren't going to be noticeably worse in a lot of scenarios of real world gaming. Digital Foundry talked about max res being a "canvas" and games don't have to strictly abide by it to get the best overall experience. Sacrificing res for post processing or frame rate when required. I have my doubts that 80-100" screens are going to be an acceptable experience for PC gaming (i.e. desk with mouse and keyboard), 48" is on the edge of acceptable for me. Definitely not a good general PC experience, 48" is a bit too big, 32" is probably the ideal max, or ultra wide. As a console replacement (i.e. couch with gamepad) should be OK, but there aren't many games I'd choose to play that way personally.
  9. GN throwing shade on Nvidia's 8K marketing, as the performance isn't great. Not many games are actually playable, 1 out of their 6 game suite. The EVGA 3090 in the UK is 2142 USD. Probably more than my entire build will be with a 3080. No one should buy this card for gaming.
  10. I've managed to get a Founder's Edition 3080, at least I got through checkout and have a confirmation email. All it took was over 100 attempts and F5 camping for just under a week, almost 160 hours.
  11. My 48" LG OLED is almost the size of my desk already. A 100" TV would be as wide as the wall my desk is against. Who needs VR when you can have a holodeck? I genuinely don't notice the difference most of the time between 1440p and 4K when gaming. I'm fine with dynamic resolution because in action, dropping resolution isn't going to make a difference for me. I'm more of a FPS snob. Every decade I double my FPS, and I literally cannot play on lower FPS then, I usually end up not finishing games and go back to high FPS games.
  12. The likelihood is that most people's 4K monitors look as good as that TV in terms of resolution, as the PPI is going to be roughly equivalent. It is very cool that a GPU can actually run 8K, and you can now game on a 80-120" TV without sacrificing resolution. 2klikphilip tried running 8K on a 3080, but the 10GB VRAM meant most new games broke. Definitely need 16GB min for 8K. Of course at 4K the 3090 is only 10-15% faster than a 3080 at double the price. My Index came today, I haven't decided whether to test it out before I built my PC. I'm waiting for Zen 3 so I could be waiting until November. I am sure I'll wait for it before I play Half-Life Alex.
  13. If the parent company owns the IP. The developer created the IP. The fans of the developer want a game with the IP. It's hard to argue against, it's whether Obsidian want to do it.
  14. I love how timely this comment was. How unlikely? Looks like Fallout's back on the menu boys.
  15. Every gen was a game changer back then went from a ATI Rage Fury ('98) to a Voodoo 3('99) to Geforce 2 Pro('01) to a Radeon 9600('04). AMD HD4650 & HD5870. Then GTX 970, 1080, and now RTX 3080. I tracked the launch of the Vega 56, but it was more expensive than the 64 by the time I wanted an upgrade and they were both very uncompetitive. The 1080 was way cheaper with better performance, lower power, lower noise. I can't wait to try a ray tracing game at 4K DLSS 2.0 @ 120FPS. Right now my 1080 can't output 4K 120hz or GSYNC to my OLED.
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