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  1. DLSS was always software. The hardware that it runs on is used for both DLSS 1.0, 1.9 (unofficial name for Control's implementation), and 2.0. There were statements about supercomputers and AI, but that was never implemented. Developers struggled to implement it on engines that were already well into development, like RTX ray tracing but even worse. At this point it's free TAA much better and actually boosts frame rates. It will probably get to a point where everybody should have some form of DLSS enabled, even if the base resolution is quite high, and the quality is highest.
  2. Even if AMD could compete on processing, Nvidia's software and features like DLSS 2.0 and RTX are so far ahead. AMD's only hope is that Nvidia decide to expand into more segments and forget about the PC space for 6 years, but what kind of company would... do... th... The consoles were able to get so much out of mediocre hardware, AMD hardware, but that software effort wasn't put into PC games. Consoles had dynamic shaders and resolution, checkerboard scaling, and some pretty clever tricks that would have been really good as AMD features.
  3. Rumour of better binned versions of 3600X, 3800X, 3900X, with the XT suffix. Not surprising, we've seen this a lot. Are they clearing inventory before a Zen 3 announcement, or is Zen 3 going to arrive a bit later than rumoured?
  4. The thread where many people said they played at a slow pace and did all the content they could, and it took them around 40 hours? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.
  5. I maxed leveled, I did most of the quests. I listened to all the dialogue. I went to most of the side areas. Stop lying. The game doesn't take 80 hours to complete, even if you do every single quest, explore every inch. Don't be ridiculous. That didn't happen.
  6. I max leveled and did the vast majority of quests in 18 hours. If you're spending 80 hours in a single playthrough, you're role playing outside of the game play, perhaps as a one legged blind man. It kind of calls into doubt all you say about this game. Why be so dishonest about something very verifiable?
  7. Listen to Steve's conclusion. If you want the absolute highest FPS in games get this CPU. Also he struggled to see scaling in many gaming benchmarks. You can force scaling, by lowering the resolution and settings. You're never going to be using those settings. Ask yourself if a 10600K makes more real world sense, and check out that review and how well that stacks up against AMD. In certain circumstances yes, but in most others a 3600 for ~$90 less and spending more money on a GPU makes more sense.
  8. I don't get the point in posting that chart, whoever would do that is insane. These CPU benchmarks don't make any real world sense. For the other chart, sure, for the people who have a 2080 Ti and want to play DOTA at ultra 1440p choose a 10700K over a 3700X. It's just funny that someone would take the time to cherry pick the one benchmark with a large difference from a page. Older games that aren't as multi-threaded aren't going to run as well on Ryzen. For most people though, buying a 3600X and a better GPU is going to make a lot more sense.
  9. If you ignore price performance Intel leads in gaming, if you don't then most segments Ryzen leads, that was my point. I would welcome that to change with next gen GPUs, but I don't believe the recent rumours or their source. 165hz and above is still an extremely rare segment, espectially at 1440p and above. I agree that if you target 165hz or above on 1440p or above, then Intel is the only option. I just think the competitive gamer market that games at 1080p 300fps, and the enthusiast 1440p 165hz, are not "gaming", so saying Intel leads in gaming when they're behind for most of the "sweet spots" is misleading. Which CPU do you recommend for 4K 60-90hz? Ryzen 3 Which CPU do you recommend for 1440p 90-120hz? Ryzen 3 Which CPU do you recommend for casual gaming 1080p 90-144hz? Ryzen 3
  10. I agree, this isn't an Obsidian game, or even a Troika game, it's more like a Bioware game. The companions aren't relatable or even likeable. The gameplay short comings can all be blamed on budget, small team, and time constraints, there's little meaningful choice and the game is repetitive in a lot of ways. The story telling, characters, and dialogue on the other hand are atrocious. The people who made Fallout, Arcanum, VtMB, and Pillars of Eternity made this? The reality is that they didn't, there's key people missing from the formula and there's plenty of new people that I would think wouldn't even like or recommend the games I listed, they'd recommend Bioware games.
  11. I don't understand the claim of "Intel's gaming dominance" since Zen 2. In the real world if you're pairing a CPU with a high end GPU going for 1440p or 4K then Intel or AMD doesn't really matter. The gaming benchmark charts, that use 1080p, have the most difference in games like DOTA 2 and CS:GO, only relevant to competitive gamers. If you're thinking about building a pc for gaming, you care about perf/$, you're thinking about a target resolution and frame rate, the choice is almost always AMD now as well, just buy a better GPU. There's very little circumstances where Intel makes sense for PC gaming. The amount of games that aren't well multi-threaded going into the future is shrinking. Intel's engineering on thermals is great and price segmentation on cores is way better, it's also so very very late. If they had done this 2 generations ago, they'd have been competitive. It's disappointing how little they care about desktop CPUs.
  12. The market for all genres is not the same. D:OS2 is a turn-based squad RPG. ~3M sales is the ceiling for such a games. TOW is a FPS-RPG, the ceiling for it is ~15m. It doesn't matter how well marketed or how good a game is, there's only so much market for it. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to put this in perspective. Who knows how many sales not being on Steam has cost TOW though. Epic paid ~$10m for Control's exclusivity. Doesn't seem worth it, but whatever.
  13. Pretty much all 3D games do that, it's called LOD and includes model complexity and texture mipmapping. It shouldn't effect loading much, but it can be a problem when streaming and LOD are not implementing well on a memory restricted system i.e. consoles, that's why pop-in became such a problem. I just finished playing the Witcher 3, lots of texture and model reuse in 3D games like this, with some texture and palette swapping. That game looks a hell of a lot better than Deadfire, and it has really fast loading, but also virtually no loading.
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