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  1. Possibly; it was the mustache and cheek that seemed like Arsenio to me. Weathers' cheek/head is more rounded. *Paula Abdul instead of CE.
  2. Possibly Brian Dennehy, Carmen Electra and Arsenio Hall.
  3. That's a failing of the artist's ability, to have to merely embellish the reference photo. Bioware paid them for copyright-able assets, and they provided copied assets; with attached estate managers no less...
  4. Pulling the same stunt? More likely it was the assigned artist cutting corners on them. I cannot believe that they would have left themselves open—gambling that D&D nerds would not notice. It didn't save them any money either.
  5. That's what we need! ...and Eye of the Beholder remaster! * Kidding , though while in premise this is not bad—in practice, in today's gaming era, under the modern player/dev mentality... it would be painfully wretched. Like a Fallout 4 derived from Fallout (1) ; not even close to being a Legend of Grimrock clone— which itself is an EoB / DM clone.
  6. Planescape:Torment Styx: Shards of Darkness
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_tax
  8. Is the rubbished version a shader deformed version using the original item, or is it a manually deformed copy of the original asset?
  9. Perhaps this (or something like it) could solve the issue: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/move-mouse/9nq4ql59xlbf *Just a subtle (perhaps imperceptible) twitch now and then.
  10. They should be remastering Nocturne instead.
  11. Oh it's me alright; good times.
  12. I'd suggest a captcha of an animated flag, with a word on it that is always distorted, and never appears fully in any frame. It should confound OCR, but they would just get teenagers to read it for them.
  13. Indeed. I used Adblock; two clicks and it was gone for good.
  14. So... When can we expect Sqrl authentication?
  15. I resumed my Disciples 3: Renaissance mid-game save from 2014; I realized that I have two unplayed sequels to this game.
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