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  1. I must have at least thirty PnP RPGs (core books & modules), and they have sat on the shelf for twenty-five years. (TMNT, MERP, GURPS, TOON, RECON, Ninjas&Superspies, Rifts, etc...)
  2. Actually... I don't think it would change; it's a local css. There is a way to host the file (on Dropbox/Google Drive, etc...), so that each device would pull the style from the same location; so any changes would be for all of them. Of course the better option would be officially supporting the color preference.
  3. Well... Until it's fixed (if that happens), you can always install the Stylus addon, and paste this into a new style. @-moz-document domain("forums.obsidian.net") { blockquote, pre, p {color:rgb(162, 167, 183);} }
  4. Been playing Druidstone; and have a decent opinion of it. But one must unlearn the habitual need to clear the encounter maps—that's not the point of the fights.
  5. Homeworld / Homeworld:Cataclysm [now sheepishly called Homeworld:Emergience] Myth:The Fallen Lords / Myth II:Soulbighter
  6. It'd be nice to have a check-box that omits them entirely from the narrative. Nope ; W2k:SP4 is the best version of the OS to date. All later versions started becoming their own video game, as the OS stopped being a shell, and intrusively began trying to become a 'user experience'. The only reason I went to XP, was that FO3 arbitrarily required it—and it was not worth the switch. Later I moved to Win7 because the Blender team dropped support for XP. [jerks]
  7. I won't run a PC without a Floppy drive; and an optical drive... Alas few motherboards still support the floppy Interface, so I've had to go with a USB floppy. _______________________________ Gamewise, I only buy from GoG, or occasionally the Humble Bundles—that may include Steam titles; and if so, I'll register them. But Steam won't ever get another dollar direct from me; nor any of the other services like it. I won't even install the other stores. I only have Steam because of Obsidian's Tom Foolery with sending out a collector's edition New Vegas DVD with just a Steam installer instead of the game. That was a case of fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. No more CE's for me from them. I'll play Tim's game when it eventually comes to a Humble sale or [some day years away] when it comes to GoG; but I would have bought it day-1 from GoG, or if the developer sold it direct.
  8. The problem is that it is not the Fallout setting —it is their own personally skewed and inaccurate interpretation of what they think is recognizable about the Fallout setting. EDIT: BTW,,, These massive youtube videos seen below existed as unobtrusive text links in my sig, but the new board software interprets them as full-size embeded videos. (... and there seems to be no obvious way for be to edit or change them. Would someone kindly PM to me instructions for how to edit my sig?)
  9. I tend to prefer turn based games over most others... but I thought that Pillars' was a return to the Infinity engine classics; and those are not turn based.
  10. Just finished FullThrottle:remastered, Grimdawn is on temporary hold, while I play through Vaporium.
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