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  1. Parts were cool, but the maps were garbage; most egregious though, was that there were maps that were impassible if using grid-step, rather than free movement.
  2. Have you a BG1 save game to import into BG2? Black Isle has an interesting [possibly Fallout related] easter egg in the Baldur's series... but it's split across all three games; BG1, BG2, BG2:Throne of Bhaal.
  3. Sacrifice Myth 1 Myth 2 Homeworld Homeworld:Cataclysm
  4. Could this be for perceived marketing reasons? It always appeared to me that the better the RPG, the more the mass-market players not only don't get it, but actually resent its features as impediments and sheer tedium to their ego-trip. They gloss over and click past the [carefully written] dialogs in the simple search for "Who do I have to shoot next, and what does it get me?". I think Bethesda learned a lot from New Vegas... but nothing I'd have wanted them too... It's as though they learned (or reaffirmed) that through further simplification (other than graphics) they leave less players irritated or confused (as to plot and their expected role in it); IE. the opposite of New Vegas. Or that they learned that the bulk of their sales go to players who essentially prefer DOOM to Dwarf Fortress, and look upon an RPG's best features with disdain. For some sad reason(s), Troika/Obsidian's (and certain other's) work always seems conceptually better than their more successful competitors, but always comes out second best or worse. It's like Watching Bugs vs. Daffy (minus the duck's signature caustic attitude, of course ).
  5. This was unexpected.... https://www.gog.com/news/revisit_rainy_los_angeles_with_the_return_of_the_classic_blade_runner
  6. ...Just to be Tolkien. D&D was the one being different, I think. (Tolkien's elves were ~about six feet tall.)
  7. With this last bit I strongly disagree. Gameplay is paramount in any game. Great gameplay can excuse bad writing in the same way that great art, in a comic or graphic novel can... But the same is not true of the reverse. Bad art will kill even the best written script, as surely as bad gameplay will; both sap at the will to continue the experience, and are immediate cause to abandon it. I have comics that I have never read, because I don't want to look at them; I have games that I know nothing about, because I don't want to play them. Conversely, I have comics that are almost nothing but pretty pictures—fun despite/ even because of that. With games (being their own special kind of interactive experience), having outstanding gameplay can excuse even horrendous art along with having poor writing—or even complete lack of a story. Why? Because in games, the art and story are just decoration for the game mechanics. Only good game mechanics makes a good game; the rest makes for a pretty game—if game at all. I was really liking Pillars [1] until a gameplay flaw stopped my game. There is a text encounter with a wall of thorns that can be slipped through—but only in one-direction (which you learn afterwards). What I found out on the other side was an encounter impossible to survive in my party's condition, so (having no other option) I sent them further down the adjacent stairs. The next map was something they could handle, and most of the map after that, but seeing as there is no means of healing the party—even on an entirely non-hostile map, without a campfire [] they could never escape the dungeon, and withered away to just a few hitpoints each; and I quit. Bad game mechanics IMO.
  8. The new players freak out if they are offline, or if they leave their phones at home. Some people actually resent and begrudge the lost hours away from their social media account—due to needing sleep; and of what postings they might miss until reading it later. It's comically sad IMO.
  9. Gizmo


    Why not post a photo of it? (The Port) Also a model number would allow identification of all the ports.
  10. @Topic: Diablo II: https://youtube.com/watch?v=uS8hMuHV7Sg Machinarium: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GGVXMx22EmE Unrest Menu track: [1:32 mark] https://youtube.com/watch?v=6JWqMTUuu-I Once Upon A Knight [menu track] ; AKA Knightshift http://youtube.com/watch?v=LgAXbaFiQ8o
  11. I must have at least thirty PnP RPGs (core books & modules), and they have sat on the shelf for twenty-five years. (TMNT, MERP, GURPS, TOON, RECON, Ninjas&Superspies, Rifts, etc...)
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