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  1. Is the rubbished version a shader deformed version using the original item, or is it a manually deformed copy of the original asset?
  2. Perhaps this (or something like it) could solve the issue: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/move-mouse/9nq4ql59xlbf *Just a subtle (perhaps imperceptible) twitch now and then.
  3. They should be remastering Nocturne instead.
  4. Oh it's me alright; good times.
  5. I'd suggest a captcha of an animated flag, with a word on it that is always distorted, and never appears fully in any frame. It should confound OCR, but they would just get teenagers to read it for them.
  6. Indeed. I used Adblock; two clicks and it was gone for good.
  7. So... When can we expect Sqrl authentication?
  8. I resumed my Disciples 3: Renaissance mid-game save from 2014; I realized that I have two unplayed sequels to this game.
  9. Once, a friend and I were walking to his car, and were stopped by a passing kid (10-11 or so), and he asked us, "Do you guys work with computers?" My friend said, "Yes". The kid then said, "I wanna work in computers!". This impressed my friend, so he asked the kid what interested him about computers. "I wanna get paid all that money for just clickity-click-click", the kid said, while pantomiming typing on a keyboard. Yes there are bad students.
  10. Certainly Xan was intended to annoy, but he had the enchanted sword as incentive to keep him around.
  11. Xan Certainly he was intended to annoy, but had the enchanted sword as incentive to keep him around.
  12. Not only in the cell, but the cell is welded shut, and the PC has the option to question how and where he was able to hide Boo during his capture & imprisonment.
  13. Ah... I'm used to playing 6-8; 4 was a real let-down in WL2.
  14. ? It's integral; why would anybody want to play just one PC—especially so in a Wasteland sequel?
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