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Found 7 results

  1. I have to agree with the sentiment that Fallout New Vegas is the most underrated Fallout game. And i would like to see Another Obsidian made Fallout game.
  2. Fallout New Vegas has always been on the top of my list when it comes to gaming and especially in the fallout franchise and I really miss the feel of those types of fallout games developed by obsidian and interplay. I was thinking after a video I saw that the next fallout game might come out anywhere from 2027-2030 because Bethesda wants to continue with their other new IPs. I thought since the success of Outer Worlds there might be a possibility to reacquire the license or at least for just another game. Also just a thought since the van buren project was scrapped with many of its story elements still intact it could serve as a basis for a new game. Best case scenario obsidian gets Bethesda’s attention they give them the license for a game and they buy it from them but anything down that road would be awesome I know a lot of fans and probably the majority are hoping for this. I hope obsidian sees this
  3. Obsidian please I beg of you make a new fallout game. I’ve recently gotten into fallout and my first game was new Vegas I was amazed, the story was the best i’d played in a video game ever. So I got fallout 4 to see if it was as good as new Vegas and I was very disappointed, so now I’m writing this. Please make a new fallout, get the ip from Bethesda make it the obsidian entertainment passion project. Bethesda knows that fallout right now isn’t in a great place. fallout 76 was a total dumpster fire and fallout 5 is a few years out. So what would lift fallout right from the gutter a game by the best to have done fallout. They realize fallouts not in a good state so I need you to beg to get the ip. we the fallout community would go head over heels for a new fallout by you. Bring the reputation system back bring back skills like lock picking don’t put us on a path have us walk the wide wasteland of Seattle or Denver or Detroit have us meet interesting factions have ZERO brotherhood of steel have better graphics than current Bethesda tiles. Those are what we want as a community and I hope the og creators from interplay are still there to make the world they created happen and show that fallout is obsidians game not Bethesda’s. And thank you if you are a dev reading this thanks for all the games you have made for our entertainment
  4. Like the title says. I am currently working on a small quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas. All dialogue is already written, I just need someone to go over everything and check for bad grammar, missing commas and stupid sentences. The proofreader should be a native english speaker, the used english is the american one (it's set in California, after all). Being a skilled writer would be very useful as well. Would be fancy if folks around here could help me out. If interested, either post in this thread or write me a private message. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I tried asking this question in the forum that this forum links me to (BethSoft) when I click on New Vegas. I never got a reply there, so I'm trying here - since this seems to be for devs. I am wondering if Version Control works in the New Vegas version of the GECK? I got it working in Oblivion, Fallout 3, and now in Skyrim - but I just can't seem to get it working in New Vegas :/ I updated the GECK wiki a while back with intrustion on how I got VC working in Fallout 3 (there a links to Oblivion/Skyrim VC there) and F:NV seems extremely similar. Everything goes fine up until the point where I have to add masters and generate the .fid .fud .fvd files, but when I click on Details to generate them, it never asks me "Do you want to use an empty list to save memory?". Instead, a long list of Forms loads. Meaning, I can't do the "Bit Array File Update" in order to generate the .fid .fud .fvd files - IE: VC not working. Usually when I have that issue, it's because the user name specified under "WhoCanMerge" is wrong. But here's the thing, Fallout 3 GECK is so similar, I can copy a working FO3 GECK ini to the FNV dir and nada. I have been advocating VC for large projects and I'm constantly asked "did you get it working for NV?". The GECK is an unstable mess when working on large projects without VC :/ I'm hoping one of the devs here might have a trick up their sleeve or something Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey folks! Had the chance to talk to Chris Avellone on everything Obsidian! Here's the link and the transcript to the Project Eternity stuff. “I LOVE working on Kickstarter Projects, first of all, you get to share a lot of stuff with the fanbase (design documents, how you build levels) some of that stuff when working with a normally publisher model is allowed, with Kickstarter you know take player feedback iterate on it and make them part of the process. The other thing is, it gives you 30 days to see if your idea is something that the public wants to buy in the first place. I think that’s a much better funding model rather than building the game for two years and then trying to market it at the end. It lets you know if you’re idea is good right out of the gate”
  7. Dear Obsidian entertainment, I was recently playing fallout new vegas and I think a few changes nees to be made 1. for The House Always Wins V quest you should add it were the Mr. House ignores the BoS, it kinda ticked me off that you had to destroy the brotherhood of steel 2. for the quest For the Republic Part 2, the NCR and Mr. house should be able to have some kind of diplomatic solution so both sides are happy, because I really liked both factions and I wanted them to work together 3.There should be a choice in he game where some major factions are able to join sides for example Yes Man is able to work under Mr House command or NCR and Mr.House are able to have a treaty, There should be more diplomatic solutions in the game.
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