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  1. No, Capitalism - by definition - is a system of free market enterprise based on impartial competition. You're thinking of Cronyism. I'm mad at the twitter user for being retarded, and I'm mad at Obsidian for listening to a retard. The presence or absence of the line has little impact on my overall enjoyment of the game, but it DOES make me worry about the direction the world is going. Read this, for why: http://orogion.deviantart.com/journal/Save-the-Boob-plate-380891149 Alright- wow, you're bonkers. Time to enjoy the game
  2. No. As I said, I don't really buy that at all. Again, it is FAR from the most potentially offensive thing in the game. You would have to be unusually sensitive and prone to being offended to find it objectionable in the first place. Unfortunately, twitter is full of such people. If this one limerick "fell through the cracks" then so did a good 60% of the writing in the game. But the company made the decision...so who are you mad at? Does not having this one line ruin the experience for you?
  3. Because 1. they approved the message initially*, and then removed it later when someone complained 2. the person who complained is freaking insane, and their reasoning is stupid 3. the backer PAID to have their message in the game *Actually Obsidian claims that this particular message 'slipped through' their vetting process. With due respect, that sounds like horse****. It's not even the most out of place, offensive, or disturbing thing in the game, by a wide margin. So they didn't approve the message.... Their reasoning doesn't seem insane, maybe far too overtly sensitive to reasonable but not insane. If a backer wanted a limerick to say- "**** the Blacks I hate their backs?" Would that be permissable? I've talked to Josh a lot in interviews and he is the MOST singular censorship despising dev I've ever talked to. Is it not possible that this line was, as he said, something that fell through the cracks that wouldn't have been acceptible?
  4. It wasn't a quest. People who donated lots of money through kickstarter got to write their own personal message in the game. You can see them by clicking tombstones. One such backer wrote a short limerick about a lady's man who kills himself after finding out he slept with a dude. It was a short, comedic thing. Someone on twitter (who incidentally believes that all men deserve to die - seriously) took it as an insult against transsexuals. He/she/it complained to Sawyer, and Sawyer said he'd look into it. It got changed in patch 1.03 And why are backers upset by the notion of game dev's removing offensive content they missed? This wasn't content they created or endorsed correct?
  5. Could someone please explain to me EXACTLY what happened with the Transphobia quest issue? ME NO GET IT! PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE
  6. I just have no idea what team viewer is, It seems files are missing... It's just eternally stuck in updating mode in steam, yet when it finishes updating the game doesn't start and it asks me to update again.
  7. Did all that, unfortunately no luck. My code seems to be missing a .exe file... Not sure what I can do about that This is going to sound odd, but I can't help but wonder if you have an antivirus program active. I'm wondering because it is the .exe that you are having issues with. If you don't, I'm out of suggestions. This is a tough one. Anti virus turned off...after verifying the client data...the game is now permiently stuck in Update Paused mode. The update seemingly downloads but never finishes. This for the Royal Edition as well! What the hellll
  8. I have the same problem, this didn't fix it. Neither did re-installing
  9. Did all that, unfortunately no luck. My code seems to be missing a .exe file... Not sure what I can do about that
  10. There unfortunately isn't a executable now in the file- I fixed this last time by pressing the "Verify Integrity of Game cache" option Any ideas?
  11. Hey all, I've been trying for the better part of two days to get this game to work. Full reinstall, check, check driver integrity? Check. I was originally faced with a "missing .exe" problem, now the game eternally updates and never starts? I just wants to playyyyyyy
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