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  1. Do you have insider informations from SJW circles? Tumblr and other social media where they usually operate?
  2. Oye, not all of us have a patch to download yet! They are working on the GOG patch
  3. Since it seems to be a fake, i think mods should close the thread now. We should all go back and enjoy the game and ignore those fools
  4. Why? Actually when i think about it theres no real reason for it, except maybe ethical / moral reasons, because children are innocent etc. and they cant defend themself against grown up persons
  5. i dont think so. That would be HUGE. Its a major part of the main story and the sidequest in act 3. Also you cant speak of the "next" thing because they didnt remove the "transmisogynistic joke", or did they? I heard they just replaced it.
  6. Hey guys, just saw that picture on reddit. Apparently the easily offended moved to the next target. While i agree with the statement that children should have special protection in video games and shouldnt be allowed to be slaughtered or sacrificed, i dont think that we should change major story elements after a game got released, especially since this is a videogame for 16+ year old people Tl;dr: In my opinion the devs should NOT change it.
  7. Maybe its just the game for you? Plenty of people love the combat
  8. Its like people are still mad at trans people for simply disagreeing and not liking the joke...callm down guys, please. we dont want to take your toys away.
  9. As a trans PoC this stuff makes me super angry. I literally lost interest in this product and i regret to spend even a cent on it. My desire to play this game vanished and im getting sick even hearing the name of the game or people talking about it. Im going to my lawyer, i really want my money back. Everyone should demand their money back. Why would any sane person support a company that spreads transphobia and obviously doesnt care about feelings from trans people, theyre even outright mocking them...
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