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  1. I know what you mean, I spent a long time trying to rule out hardware issues, too. Went through a heck of a time fiddling with drivers, BIOS, and stress-testing my GPU. Not a lotta fun. To update on my game post-patch, after three additional attempts at the game I can probably confirm that the game, for me, is much more stable. It's still crashing on me, but after 20+ minutes of stability, which is an enormous improvement as prior to the patch I was lucky to make it 20 seconds without a crash. It's far from ideal, but it is playable. EDIT: oh, and for once one my my crashes generated a
  2. Y'all doing the hard resets, are you running the game fullscreen or windowed? I found that when it froze on me full-screen, I had to do a manual reboot, but in windowed mode I was able to access the task manager and kill the process from there w/out rebooting my PC. Also, while I didn't see anything specifically relevant to freezing/crashing in the patch notes, I just gave 1.02 a whirl and am pleased to announce that I was able to play the game for much longer without freezing/crashing. I was in-game for two whole minutes and moved between two different maps, and was then able to (for the
  3. Hm... glad you found a workaround. On my end, I can have the client application running forever, it seems, but freezing/crashing only occurs after loading up a map. Longest period of stability I've had so far is maybe 40 seconds. It's possible it's only certain maps that have this problem for me, but it's hard for me to test b/c the very first map (the In-Between) is one of 'em. Yeah, I'm grasping at straws here. We all seem to have very different GPUs, CPUs and even OSs. There don't seem to be any common denominators with our hardware, but if it was purely a software problem, you'd
  4. @thedarkbird I think you're the only one that's been that specific about memory, but I'm pretty sure I'm also using Corsair-brand DDR3 sticks. I have no idea how such a thing could be possible, but might this finally be our common denominator? The *brand* of RAM?
  5. I've definitely tried disabling telemetry. Also wifi. Also the Steam overlay. Also the Steam client. Also DPI scaling and GPU scaling. All of the options I could possibly try, I have tried. I think I commented on this before, but that's precisely why this issue is so weird: people are reporting this problem on a diverse array of machines. There does not appear to be any common piece of hardware. If we were all using ATI GPUs, for example, that'd be one thing. Or if we were all running Windows 10. But we're not. And with this problem cropping up on so many machines that are so diffe
  6. Definitely! Thanks for the advice. I don't suppose y'all have any ideas about the yellow parchment background Obsidian uses? I guess I could try scanning in my watercolors and try adding some transparency effects in photoshop (though that doesn't sound particularly promising) or try adjusting the color balance to "yellow" the white paper. And maybe there's a filter I can apply that will give it that "old parchment" feel.
  7. @GregoryBaltoro lol, you've been just as thorough as I've been. Frustrating, ain't it? (Though I'll admit I was unable to test more than one GPU myself). From what I can tell, this issue seems to be occurring on a wide range of hardware. I initially assumed it might be an ATI driver problem, as in my personal experience it's almost always an ATI driver problem, but it seems to me that virtually everyone else w/ this problem (who is posting specs) is running into the problem on very different hardware. GPU, OS, CPU, it doesn't matter. Which seems kinda weird to me as, evidently, the con
  8. Thanks! TBH I've kinda gotten spoiled w/ digital painting. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I love being able to adjust every little detail and easily undo/erase stuff. <3 layers. I'd say that my experience with my Wacom tablet might help make me better w/ physical media now than before, because digitally mistakes are so much easier to create, I've lost (hopefully) the habit of stressing out about little errors. I'll definitely try to share them when I'm' done, if they're not too awful. Should probably scan 'em in stages just to be safe--have a feeling I'll end up ruining at least one d
  9. You mean PillarsOfEternityII.exe? Anyway, I tried it. Got about 15 seconds of play-time before the game crashed. Thank you. I'll admit I feel a bit better seeing that other people are having the same issue.
  10. I'm playing the game well, well *below* minimum specs. But not by choice--since Deadfire crashes constantly and incessantly on my gaming PC, my only option is an ancient laptop that was never intended to play games. I get like 15fps exploring, lost of load times, lots of delays pulling up new dialogs and scripted interactions. But, even on the lowest settings, the game still looks good. (I could try seeing if lowering the resolution might help framerate, but TBH it doesn't seem like going down to 720p from 768p--laptop native--will do much.) The main problem is combat, as the game grinds t
  11. I prefer Deadfire's general approach in theory, but in practice, yeah, it feels a bit lacking. Feels like it could've benefited from a small inventory of generic map bits that could be stitched together to create larger "random" areas for the scripted sequences that end in combat. You know, so it's not *just* an arena, but also an opportunity for some exploration and maybe the chance to find a cool item, a new quest, or maybe another monster. To work, there'd probably have to be an extra option in the scripted sequences for when you successfully avoid a combat encounter to w/ something lik
  12. It'd be nice to see happen, especially in a patch, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it. White March's new companions were barely integrated into the rest of the game, and from all appearances the three Deadfire expansions are even less ambitious that White March.
  13. CONSTANT RANDOM CRASHES -- An Unplayable Game Hello Obsidian. I am revising this post because the "bug" I originally wrote about is much, much worse than I originally thought. I am getting constant random crashes. They occur 100% of the time. They make the game completely unplayable. If the opening PoE1 recap isn't skipped, the game will freeze/crash before the introduction cinematic (narrated by Eder) can play. If I skip the recap, the intro movie plays (Deadfire has not yet crashed mid-intro) and the first area--the In Between--loads and the game appears playable and stable. However it wil
  14. Heyo folks. Unlike many (most, hopefully) of y'all, I can't play Deadfire. At all. Because crashes. Constantly the crashes. So in the meantime I thought I'd try my hand at some watercolor portraits to mod into the game. Gonna do myself as an elf w/ a goatee because Evil Spock, and am thinking of make a Death Godlike based on Avery Brooks (who you may know as Benjamin Sisko) and an Orlan based on Ellie Kemper (who you may know as the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Only I haven't done much more than pencil sketches (and digital oil painting) in more than a decade. It's probably been two decades
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