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  1. As someone who staunchly loves big, epic, single-player cRPGs, I would normally disagree with having co-op in this. With that said, I do miss the days of local LAN parties playing Icewind Dale II. I remember creating characters until the early morning hours with my friends and then setting out on the adventure. Great times. Having like 3 or 4 computers in one room, all linked together was epic.
  2. Thank you for posting this, very disappointing (AGAIN) but at least its an update. Middle of June?? Geez. So much for having the book and mouse pad for when I play Deadfire first time around. Anyone know if some of this stuff is able to be cancelled at this point? I mean, I threw in the mouse pad to help support a little bit more, but it's something I really don't need, especially now.
  3. I have really missed good thunder and rain sounds in this game. I remember entering Gilded Vale for the first time and just sitting there for a while listening to the rain falling and the rolling thunder in the distance. It was so awesome. For whatever reason, the ambient sounds in this game just are not up to par. I still think ambient sounds need their own slider to adjust. Don't know why Deadfire doesn't have this option. I don't want to turn up the sound effects (don't need louder swords clashing, etc) just to hear the ambient noises better.
  4. Ohhhhh. I had no clue this is how it worked. I assumed all spells were based on what were in the book. So, if I have picked spells when I level up those are ALSO included on top of whatever book I choose to use as well? If so, it makes a lot more sense to me now. Up to this point, I hadn't changed a grimoire!
  5. I went Bear this time. Having a 5 member party vs a 6 member party had me worried. I needed another tank roll in there. In PoE I went with a Wolf. Was toying with the Lion this time, but I think (may be wrong) the roar ability was removed this time?
  6. Years from now, when I look back on this game, I won't be thinking about that awesome ship battle I had, or that great conversation modifier win that I had, or the quests I completed. No, it will be about One. Single. Naked. Blue. Orlan. #bestgameever
  7. I didn't back the statue, but I did get the book, mouse pad, figures and pen and paper kit. Really bummed it's taking this long. This stuff should have been here for day one. Anyone have an update on this? All I've seen was the email Obsidian sent me telling me the stuff wouldn't be ready for day one. That was a while ago.
  8. I want to replay PoE as well. Haven't completed it in well over a year. I actually forgot a lot of my choices when I started Deadfire. Problem is.....time. I seem to be having less and less of it lately. I haven't even been able to play Deadfire the past few days and I'm only like 27 hours in.
  9. Cool. I will say, I miss the days of rolling my character stats like in BG. I remember spending like 4 hours one time on dice rolls, trying to get that perfect character. Think we didn't start playing the game until like 2AM lol. Good times.
  10. LOL. I wish I was home so I could check this out. Immediately before a patch!
  11. I have a relatively good setup: CPU - 6600k Skylake 3.5ghz GPU - GeForce 1070 Memory - 16GB I've only had one crash so far. It was when I was leaving the four level dungeon not too far north from the game starting island. I run diagnostics when I play my game and with regard to heat, this one tops out at 73C for me, which is hotter than most other games that are far more graphically intense than this one. But, come to think of it, I've never heard my GPU fan kick on yet. Anyway, you should post specs of your PC and especially post this in the section for support.
  12. I get your frustration. I for one completely expected this (not that that's ok). But Obsidian has a track record of fixing and adjusting their games to be very excellent a few months down the road from release (not that that's ok). I for one am happy the game 1) Actually runs. 2) Have not encountered any major bugs (to me at least). I can start naming off a lot of games that 1) Didn't actually even work on launch day. 2) Were so poorly optimized on PC it was unplayable. 3) PC games that never get the fixes/optimizations they truly need.
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