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  1. It might be a good idea to increase the max level of each disposition to 10 so having at least a bit of each would make more sense. Or maybe use pairs of dispositions that have to add up to 100% (like honest vs shady for example). IIRC that's the way Divinity: OS handled it.
  2. I want the next DLC to be BIG. White March 1+2 size. I loved Beast of Winter but it was just too short. I would like the DLC to add 2 or 3 large dungeons, lots of NPCs with side quests, a companion or two, increase the level cap, and maybe add a couple new classes or at least new abilities to existing classes. I don't like these $10 DLCs with a few new areas. I want a nice, meaty $40 expansion like Heart of Winter and Tales of the Sword Coast. But it sounds like that's not going to happen unfortunately.
  3. All the companions seem to have a very strong moral compass, though. They all want to do "the right thing" in the end. It's very annoying.
  4. Here's my issue with it... I'm playing a selfish, evil character who just wants money and won't let morals get in the way. Somehow I've managed to get 4 stoic, 4 shady, 4 rational, 2 passionate, 2 honest, 3 diplomatic, 4 cruel, 4 clever, 3 benevolent, and 4 aggressive, just by roleplaying a fairly common character archetype without worrying about disposition points. The disposition system loses its meaning when it's this easy to pick up traits in everything just by playing the game regularly.
  5. How do you get this achievement? I've finished the Beast of Winter main quest as well as the side quest to find Ehrys. I got the other 4 achievements, but not Traveler of the Void.
  6. I did a playthrough when the game first came out, and then put it down until the DLC came out. I ran into a LOT of bugs. I think most of my posts here were bug reports. I'm pretty surprised at how many people here are saying they didn't run into any. Maybe I triggered one particularly bad one early on and it messed up a lot of stuff later, because I had tons and tons of broken quests and quest-giver dialogue bugs. That being said, compared to other RPGs, it's on the buggy side but not as bad as FNV, FO2, Daggerfall, or IWD2. Those are probably the buggiest games I ever played. But I'
  7. You can see the edges of the backdrop in one of the areas in Beast of Winter: https://i.imgur.com/znVqGKA.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KvDjxPI.jpg
  8. I'm having this issue as well. The game has never performed particularly well, but I was mostly getting 40-50 FPS during combat and 60 outside combat. Now I am getting around 20-30 FPS and the game is nearly unplayable for me. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, i7 4790k, Fury X, default open source drivers. Issue started with the latest patch. I have no output_log.txt file in the PillarsOfEternityII_Data folder. EDIT: Playing a little more, this seems to only happen in the areas with the snowing weather effect. However, toggling the weather effects option in the graphics settings menu doesn'
  9. How does this not seem like a huge issue to you? Especially when considering that these types of games appeal to a largely older audience who tend to have more patience and less FOMO, therefore buying the game much later after all the patches. This can't be a sustainable business model, can it? I didn't call it unplayable or broken. I said many of the quests in Neketaka are broken. And you're doing it again: you're belittling Deadfire's problems by saying KOTOR 2 was unplayable at launch. But I guess my point is moot if there are so many people willing to bite the bullet and defe
  10. So wait, the arguments went from "it's not that buggy" to "other games are more buggy, so it's alright"? I don't care how buggy Skyrim or Witcher 3 are. I bought Deadfire and my expectation for a $50 game is that it is thoroughly bug-tested and polished before launch. Considering how many bugs were evident and 100% reproducible in the first 5 minutes, I think it's clear that Obsidian neglected to do adequate QA and left it to the backers and release-day buyers. I always knew Obsidian games had messy releases. And messy releases seem to be more common than good ones nowadays, which i
  11. No, it most certainly is not "impossible". Supposedly "hundreds" of bug reports? *TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE* bought this game. *THOUSANDS* are playing it *RIGHT NOW*. Even of hundreds of people experience those exact bugs, that's a *tiny fraction* of people. Human beings are *crap* at understanding ratios and large numbers. What world do you live in where people report bugs? The vast, vast majority of people will never even think to post about a bug, they will just look up a solution or give up immediately. And yes, it's impossible if you played before the first patch to not ru
  12. Check your local game folder. Hmm.. I've already beaten and uninstalled the game. Is the music in the installation folder the complete soundtrack and properly tagged?
  13. The backer portal still says coming soon for the soundtrack even though it's been on Youtube in it's entirety since the day after the game came out. When will we be able to download it?
  14. My personal list: Harsh Medicine Family Pride Food for Thought Clearing Out Crookspur Terms of Trade Cornett's Call Glimpse Beyond Also, Onezaka and Castol dialogues are really easy to break. Particularly, the way you deal with the Wahaki and when you're picking allies right before the final quest.
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