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  1. Boeroer it's time to admit Pillars 2 is lackluster in every department but combat. Luckily for those who enjoy the combat its 70% of the game. My final rating = 7/10. Tyranny on the hand is carefully crafted, engaging, and not completely bug ridden (except for hilariously undercooked Bastard's Wound) DLC. I know you will go to the grave defending Pillars 2, but it could have and should have been much better.
  2. Freezing Rake and Wall of Many Colors, both are incredibly powerful and can be buffed +PL with Eye of Wael and White Witch Mask. I would certainly qualify them as gamechangers.
  3. Soulblade But really, Trickster is one of the strongest single classes imho so consider going that route.
  4. Multi? Prob Trickster/Soulblade. But I'd much rather bring a single Trickster or Ancient.
  5. I'd give Pillars 2 a few awards - Best CRPG Combat, Best Graphics. And maybe something along the lines of Best Skill Trees. Every class is a new experience and multiclassing expands it while single class provides some really powerful skills. Writing though? I dunno. I think writing or lack there of is a weakness of PoE2. Show don't tell. Also I played Unavowed and than game has some awesome writing and it is an Adventure game lol.
  6. Not to be rude, but with all the work the dev team is doing with bugs and console release, I doubt their concern is salvaging people's no rest runs.
  7. Have you played Pillars? Good God the romances are half assed and downright insulting haha. Obs is playing to their strengths.
  8. That proves nothing except for the delusions of exclusivity.
  9. It's going to be a very derivative game I'm betting. Like you played it all before.
  10. It's a hard fight but it's cool you have options to resolve "peacefully". I mean the entire DLC is building up the boss fight.
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