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  1. Hunting Bow Modal + Light Armor + Ranged means you build focus faster than melee, which requires that you move close to the enemy before doing damage. You shoot out arrows like a machine gun, and attack 2-3 times where everyone else attacks once. Also, the arrows have penetrative power because of the electric modifier on the Essence Interrupter. Furthermore, it's something that's powerful from the very beginning.
  2. 1. Run Helwalker/Ascendant or Soul Blade in front lines. 2. Enemies all focus him. 3. Dead. I've tried Helwalker/Cipher front line. It doesn't work. Your allies have to spend all of their time healing you. Also, Turning Wheel damage bonus doesn't matter. What really matters is the extra might and int that synergizes with Cipher ascension. Sure, there's tricks to keep him alive in the front lines, but if you're asking for advice on the game that means you're noob which means it's probably best to keep the squishies in the back.
  3. If you go Cipher/Monk, drop all survivability and go ranged. I know you said melee but ciphers are very very squishy in the front lines, especially if you're trying to take advantage of Monk Wounds. The build is simple: Ascendant/Helwalker. Use the unique bow you can buy @ Port Maje. Use the ability that automatically gives you wounds, pew pew a couple of times with the bow, ascend and then spam mindblades and ectoplasmic, and later amplified waves and disintegrate. This build MELTS everything in its path. The bonus intellect from monk wounds means that you can sustain ascendanc
  4. Yes!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been validated!!!!!! (We need more threads like this. Heralds need more love).
  5. I haven't read all 8 pages of the discussion but why has most of the community decided it's monk, not herald?
  6. I really want to try my Deadfire multiclasses in Caed Nua. One of the problems with Deadfire is that there simply isn't enough enemies to test your build on. Speaking of which, what multiclass will you bring into Caed Nua? (For me it's herald + ascendant/helwalker).
  7. Obviously she doesn't get along with Pallegina and she sorta gets along with Eder and is neutral with Aloth. But what about Kana, Sagani, Hirvais, and the crazy Priest person? Like, I'm seriously wondering how her relationship with Durance will work out. In fact, how will any of the POE2 characters do with Durance? I can almost imagine this conversations: Xoti: Eothas is the one true God. Durance: YOU WHORE! Xoti: Hold my coffee, Eder . Looks like there's some reaping here to do.
  8. That's why you have the herald tank smack the boss with the morningstar. You can spam 7 disintegrates in a minute. One or two of them is going to hit (not graze).
  9. I nominate Helwalker/Ascendant. For resonance to work, you still have to hit multiple times. Whereas with disintegrate all you have to do is hit a couple of times and the boss is dead.
  10. Helwalker/Ascendant. (monk/cipher). For weapon use Essence Interrupter, which you can buy at Port Maje. Max Per, Int, Might. Dump Res. In battle, get 10 wounds quickly either from Dance of Death or getting damaged. You'll build up focus fast with Essence Interrupter and Hunting Bow Modal (fires twice as fast). Armor's not a problem because Essence interrupter is Pierce/Shock. Any armor that blocks pierce is vulnerable to shock. Get Turning Wheel's +10 Int bonus. Get +10 Might Bonus as Helwalker. You'll be sitting on 35 Might and INT if you add in equipment and food bonus
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