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  1. But i can do Honor amongs Thieves and simply finish Vailian Company without losing Pallegina right?
  2. @Boeroer I try to summon you for some help hehe, sorry if I tag you, but you know a lot of things!
  3. Heya, as stated above, i want to take Scordeo's Edge, but I dont want to lock on with principi and i dont want to lose Pallegina or other companions, since i will go Vailian. Do you know if Honor Amongs Thieves Quest lock you? Thank you all in advance
  4. Heya guys, as the title says, there are some mod that tune down the number of displayed mirrored images? Everytime my Aloth buffs i seriosly can't stand watching the screen, if someone can help me i appreciate it!
  5. Since is not my MC i will go for Steel garrote for the life steal. Any suggestion for stat spread? having 10 might is still fine with the rogue damage stacking modifier right?
  6. I plan to add a mercenary Holy Slayer (trickster rogue) with Whisper of The Endless Path. Any suggestion for stats spread? Can ditch might for Res? (dont plan on go below 10 on any stats, for RP purpose) @Boeroer any suggestion? WoTP still apply CC and Damage of skills on AOE?
  7. Decided to go for an offtank MC with chanter as one of the classes. Do you think that troubadour can compete with skald for this? I like the idea of having 2 chant with 20 int, but scared for the +1 phrase, is that good the brisk to have phrases? Anyway, im going for paladin or fighter as the second class, paladin will have 0 aoe and better single target, while fighter have plenty of aoe right? But maybe chanter cna cover the aoe damage weakness of paladin? ps: can you suggest me Builds for either fighter chanter and paladin chanter please? Thank you all in advance!
  8. Ye, im undecided, i like to dish out damage, but i have to be alive to do damage, thats the true problem. Shadowdancer seems really cool, but maybe in the end warcaller or inquisior can do more damage by remaining alive?
  9. Thanks for your Input too! As i said up, I wrote wrong, Helwaker is what i will pick in first class scenario. Will still be good? I think that rogue monk will have amazing damage, but will be squishier than chanter devoted i suppose
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