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  1. As the title says, i'm curious if any combination of Sabre (Zero experience on wich combination is the best) can out DPS Watcher Blade and Modwyr combination. The sword's Lashes and Action Speed are all you want for DPS, and on a Hit to Crit Build i'm curios if any Sabre combination can stand to them. Anyone experienced with this? Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm picking Warrior for added survivabilty and hit to crit. Rogue Will be ahead of barb damage? Aoe damage sounds fun, but on single target i think rogue will outclass him(?). I don't know how deathblow stack with sneak attack xD
  3. Heya guys, i'm having a blast with a Chanter build you suggested to me, now i want to hire a merc, i'm indecided between a Brute or a Swashcuckler. Wich one you think is the best for raw damage? i don't mind the micro aspects, i'm not sure if brute can keep up with the scaling damage of the rogue with sneak attack (it scales with PL?) and mortal blow, but i'm curios to hear your expert suggestions! Probably going for dw sabre or swords since they have a lot of double attack, but i'm open for suggestions! (swords or sabre since he will be devoted for sure) As always, thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys! I'm not sure if giving everyone in the party some point in all the various skill (religion etc.) is better than going to max one single skill. Can anyone help me? thanks in advance!
  5. This sounds really fun, which stats spread you suggest? Dual Weapon style? Also there are some dialogue ability to consider that are better than other? (i probably taking mechanics and stealth or alchemy on him if you suggest no one). Last question, best chant to take for endgame? Thank you for your help!
  6. Thanks to both of you guys! So i need to take one invocation or level 7, else my cap will not increase? Thrice and Biting Winds are the only one worth use for damage? And is better to upgrade thrice or leave it base? Still undecided if going one hand style or dual wield
  7. What about dual wielding scimitar skald fighter devoted? This one sinergize with the aoe stance and the full attack of charge. Or maybe devoted to single hand rapier for more crit fishing? The inspiration will boost crit fishing of offensive spell too?
  8. Heya guys! I want to create a character that can both dish out damage from melee/spell with some sinergy between these two aspect! I really Like offensive damage invocation of the chanter, like the lightning one, but how they scale to late game on the Veteran difficulty? How Skald can be build for this? People Always take CC to boost his crit fishing (that create sinergy) and skip the damaging spell that i like. I can even build a single class chanter with damaging invocation but i don't if he can be a viable dps, and i don't know whats good and not good to take. Maybe I have to
  9. 18:09]draego_:it prob has lots of bug fixes to [22:03]Aarik D (Community Manager):so many bug fixes [22:12]Helmino:@Aarik D (Community Manager) hope is not only bug fix [22:14]Aarik D (Community Manager):Turn that frown upside down my friend, many cool things coming! From the discord chat
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