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  1. Wizard (Bloodmage or vanilla) works for pretty much any character since it's high number of free action buff spells are always useful and don't interfere with whatever your character's are doing with their standard action. Troubadour also seems to fit most characters. Shouldn't be too hard to find 5 different chants you'd want to have active all the time in a mixed party. Come Come, The Dragon thrashed, Ancient Memory, Aefyllath and Sure-handed Ila, as an example. Likewise, you can easily give your healer and tank support/buff Invocation, the damage dealers get damaging ones like Thrice she was wronged and the casters get summons and/or control Invocations.
  2. Turn-Based or Real-Time? Just asking because I don't think Dex is important in turn-based. I could see it's worth on a summoner, admittedly, but it mostly reduces your chance to be interrupted by making your spells go off faster. If you use stealth to approach most enemies (and why wouldn't you?), you can usually get the drop on them and get a spell off before they even get a chance to interrupt you. And there's always abilities like combat focus to make your first spell more reliable. By the time you have enough phrases for the next summon, you should have enough time to use positioning to make mostly sure you're not interrupted. As far as I understand, turn-based also allows you to directly control your summoned creatures, making them much more effective. Anyway, Int shoud be your highest priority. Note that a +2 int helm is available to buy very early in the game, so every race besides godlike will actually come out on top when it comes to most Int possible. Godlike are still a good race, just thought I'd mention this. For chants, pick those that improve your summons. Aefyllath (spelling?) should increase the damage of the ogres if I'm not mistaken and will also give your whole party a decent damage buff. Other than that, I'd prefer cahnts to make my summons a bit more sturdy like ancient memory.
  3. Thanks for the information on rounding! That does indeed explain quite a lot. Too bad Linger becomes anoher dead ability, but I guess that's to be expected when you tack on a turn-based mode on a RTwP game. I kept playing around with the idea of a loremaster blaster. Come Come seems to inflict damage on being applied to the enemy and then again on each of their turns as long as it lingers. Strangely enough, this actually means its damage per round is increased by Brisk Recitation since removing the Linger means the debuff gets applied every round, giving you two damage ticks per round. I've also noticed some enemies taking another tick of reduced damage at the end of their turn. I'll have to take a closer look on that one but maybe Come Come applies another 50% dmaage Tick when it expires or something like that. That would actually make it a pretty significant damaging Aura, especially for a passive ability. Also makes me wonder if The Dragon Thrashed has similar behavior in turn-based.
  4. Yeah, I noticed that, too. The question is, does the enemy still have the come come effect as debuff after he took the damage? And I think he does, so he should still take damage on his next turn even if he's out of your chanting range. From what I can tell, that's mostly a matter of weird implementation.
  5. I'm pretty sure the game doesn't do half round durations. It always rounds to full ronds in some way. But unforunately, the Troubadour doesn't work this way. I just had the "great idea" of using console commands (aka cheats) to do some testing. Int 30 (i.e. 1.5 rounds of linger) is rounded down to 1 round. Also, the hard cap for attributes seems to be 35. And even that resulted in only one round of phrase lingering. This means the Linger Ability of the Troubadour does absolutely nothing in turn-based combat. Well, unless your chanter has less than 10 int and you use Linger to get the phrase linger back to 1 round. I'll just forget this character idea and add Linger to the growing list of abilities that just don't work in turn-based combat.
  6. Base linger is 0.5 rounds (even for non-troubadours with 10 int). I'd assume this is rounded up to 1 round, is it not? So I thought a total linger of 1.5 rounds (30 int troubadour) would make the linger be rounded up to 2 rounds.
  7. So, Linger gives +100% linger duration for all phrases. In tun-based, the base linger of all chants is 0.5 rounds, so even with high starting Int, it seems extremely hard to get to 2 rounds of linger, making this whole ability rather pointless. I'm no expert at the game, but from what I can tell, I'd need +200% linger duration to get 3 chants going at the same time. To get that duration bonus, my Int would have to be 30, which is possible but almost guranteed requires me to have an intelligence inspiration going on. So, two questions for the people with much more experience than me: 1. Will int 30 actually be enough to get 3 chants going at the same time? 2. What's the best option to get easy and early access to an int inspiraton? Best thing that comes to my mind is Infuse with Vital Essense, but I might be missing something. I was thinking Loremaster (Troubadour/Bloodmage) with max Int, Might and Perception, using Aefyllath -> The Dragon Thrashed -> Come Come. I'd rarely use invocations because of the increased cost. Probablay mostly low level debuff and control stuff like Hel-Hyraf and At the Sound. Most other abilities would go to Wizard. Would a melee Wizard work well for this concept? Spells would mostly be buffs and weapon summons. I was always intrigued by the weapon summon spells in Deadfire but in turn-based, they kind of waste your first round. Being a Loremaster would at least allow me to get my chants going at the same time. But I'm not sure if a chanter multiclass does enough for melee power to make a melee wizard actually useful.
  8. I can confirm this bug. I have the same issue. Nexus 9, Android 6.0.1, game version
  9. Or you could press the button in the lower right corner of the power-page in the character screen of the app and see the roles and their powers in-game...
  10. I convinced a friend to get Psychonauts this way and got his voucher because he doesn't play Pathfinder :D
  11. It's ogres, not orcs ;-) And yes, Adventure three is notably harder than the first two. I cleared most of it in the first try, but it takes more planning and concentration.
  12. I have the same problem on three different devices (tablet, phone, emulator). I assumed it was due to a weird cloud save behavior (my emulator quest mode save showed up on my tablet for some reason) but it seems that it's a more common problem than I thought. I already reported the issue here in more detail, but I'm still waiting for a response.
  13. This is for 6 character parties. Before the patch, I had a level 29 party in quest mode on my emulator - I know, not officially supported but please keep reading. I've played another party on my tablet to level 6. I had deleted ALL other characters in quest mode on both devices before creating those parties that. After the patch, I played a scenario or two on the emulator, getting the party very close to 30 but not quite. I started another scenario (let's cal it Scenario A) but had to quit after a few turns. I just started Quest mode on my tablet and it continued the game of the level 29 party right in the middle of Scenario A. I have no idea why, since quest mode isn't even supposed to use cloud saves, yet. Tablet and emulator use the same internet connection but are never linked too each other in any way. Finished the previously started scenario, got everyone to level 30. Instead of the Card feat listed as a reward in the advancement screen, everyone got a power feat, which meant I had to pick their fourth (and last) power feat before they get a role. After the scenario, I left quest mode and when I returned to look at my experienced characters, there where only 4 or the level 30 party and 3 of the level 6 party left. Quit quest mode again, re-started the app and re-entered: 2 level 30 and 3 level 6 characters. I checked Quest mode on the emulator after that and it continued at the same point in Scenario A where it previously loaded the game on the tablet. Another Issue: I also have a single solo story-save, created in patch 1.03. It's a Merisiel-only save to farm some gold. I thought I could use it whereever I play with whichever device was available at the time (I'm playing on tablet, emulator and my HTC One M8 phone). While the save shows up on all devices, it's not always the newest version of the save game. I played last on my tablet, and It shows 30-05-2016 22:37 as the timestamp. The Emulator and the phone show the same date, but the time is 18:04. Each device is online when I play on it and I make sure to leave the game and close the app before switching devices. So cloud saves don't really seem to work right now. Maybe a manual "Synch with cloud" button that forces the app to update the files in the cloud would help. Some inducator as to when the files are updating / updated would also be nice so I know the cloud saves aren't just messed up because I quit the game and app too quickly. EDIT: And now I can't even start Quest mode on either of the three devices. The button reacts (Iget the "clicky" animation) but nothing else happens. I've tried force quitting the app on all devices and deleted all local files, ready to start with a clean slate, but I still can't start quest mode. Starting the app without internet connection doesn't help either. I'll try re-installing the app and restarting the devices, but I fear there's a quest mode cloud save somewhere in my account that can't be accessed somehow, causing all kinds of trouble. :-/ EDIT2: De-installed the app on all devices, re-installed on tablet only. Still no quest mode.
  14. Don't you get +7 to your skills? We've got +4 so far (up to end of A3) and the game lists an additional skill feat 3 more times: A4.S1, A4.S4 and A6.S3. Maybe Perils of the lost coast is not included in the card game or something?
  15. It's the same for me. Android devices (Tablet, Phone, Emulator), each with completely seperate saves.
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