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  1. I have both Holy Lights on my Lini, from just the method described. Sure it took FOREVER to get them, but if you follow the methods it isn't too bad. Also you can farm gold while at it, which is good.
  2. If I am not mistaken, Crossbow's (Light or Heavy) can only be discarded to help a character at another location (adds a 1d4)? You are not mistaken, this is correct.
  3. My calculations from the previous versions was that I could complete a Legendary run with 2 characters in 15 minutes, I would gain about 30 gold just closing locations and killing monsters. Netting about 920 gold per hour. Now, judging by your numbers, (taking in to account that turn length is pretty much the same no matter which characters you play, and not counting that in theory you would net more gold with 3 characters as there are more monsters and more locations to close) You should be able to net 720 per hour, that means every 2 hours and 6 minutes you can unlock a new character. Compared to the 1 hour and 36 minutes it would previously take to get a character. This also doesn't take into account that NOW as you unlock and add more characters, the reward for completing a scenario will increase, AND there will be yet MORE monsters to kill and locations to close, increasing your take even more! So I'd actually say that farming for you newbs is EASIER, since now you get scalable rewards. And when you figure out how to play with 6 characters you will rake in the gold. As compared to us people who had to slog through static rewards! And if you want to argue about the feasibility of farming, before Humble Bundle I opened 126 chests. 48 of those were purchased with $$, 1 was the initial chest, and the rest were purchased in increments of 11 at 10,000 gold a pop. That's 70,000 gold.
  4. Lini, she is a goddess, being able to add 1d4+ to ANY check she makes is awesome.
  5. No, AD 3 stuff only shows up in AD 3 and beyond. As for Holy Light, look at this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88072-holy-light/ Basically, you are not farming properly and also are unlucky.
  6. Yeah, # 2 works fine for me, I get non-basics like Healing Potion (for the times when I need to restock Sajan)
  7. Correction, they TOTALLY did design new cards. But that is not a bad thing, it adds variety. Seriously though. I wish they'd close this thread, it is annoying and accomplishes nothing other than sowing anger.
  8. Yeah this is a bug with Barl too. It seems it is the logic of OR checks combined with THEN checks: The logic seems to be: A or (B then C) Where it should be: (A or B) then C
  9. I would just spring and buy the Full runelords pack for $25. Other than that I would Buy Lini. IMO she is the best well rounded character of all.
  10. There are only 2 and they are both in AD B. This means that with the party you have 1 already with, there is only 1 more copy for you to find, and it is competing with all the other spells. Additionally if you are playing in ADs 1+ you will have a tougher time finding it, because you have all the spells for those adventures mixed in too. Then add in all the junk you get from treasure chests.... If you want to find the Holy Light, you should keep replaying AD B (Perils of the Lost Coast: Brigandoom!, The Poison Pill, and Black Fang's Dungeon), and make sure that you keep your cards well groomed by scavenging any unneeded cards from treasure chests.
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