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  1. So I’ve played through the entire available content twice with two different groups and each time I’ve only found 1 Holy Light. With one group I used the “farming guide” I found on this forum and went through both scenarios “Black Fang” and “Foul Misgivings” multiple times and still got nothing. What gives? How can the card be that rare? Am I missing something? Are there other locations or scenarios that I need focus on? I even spent a bunch of money on buying chest to help improve my ratio of getting rare cards. Still nothing. What am I doing wrong? That card doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to get. Without it my divine spell caster’s damage starts to really lag behind the arcane casters. Any advice to get this card would be most welcome. I know the location deck cards are randomized but gheez…
  2. Sajan suggestions Hi all. I'm at the point in the game where I can choose for Sajan to either go zen archer or drunken master. I'd love to get feed back from other players on which they chose and why. Currently my group consist of Ezera and Kyra. My play style is more of a beat down type - meaning my group rarely evades anything. Usually we just beat everything up and I liberally burn through blessings when I'm making henchman and closing roles to make sure I can shut locations down. Sajan has been awesome up until as of late. Lately I've run into a couple of scenarios where monsters are summoned by other players that must be fought by everyone. By the time it is Sajan's turn to explore again he has recharged all of his blessings and is gassed out. I was thinking about making him a Zen archer so he could have a few weapons with a reveal quality ( thinking it might make him not gas out so quick) Please let me know your thoughts
  3. Perfect! That was what I was looking for. Thanks for the input. There were couple if things I hadn't though about. Thanks again for the input! It is such a fun game!
  4. Evasion seems like a bad thing. I understand what evasion does. It allows you by pass a creature without fighting it or taking damage. But the creature gets shuffled back in the deck. This seems like a waste of a players turn and or cards. With time being such a tight commodity and action economy bing so important, it seems to me that it would be better for you to have a spell card in your deck that does damage and defeats the creature therefor lowering the location card count instead of wasting a card slot in your deck with a spell that just shuffles the monster back in the location. Now if evade defeated the creature or put the creature at the bottom of the deck or even let you shuffle the creature back into the deck and give you an addition free explore action then it seems like it would be worth it. But as it is it seems like a waste of action or card play. Please let me know what I'm missing.
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