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  1. Agreed. Seoni can automatically recharge without a roll, but so can many other casters if they bother to boost their skills (especially Ezren with his special recharging power). Having to roll to recharge every single time gets old fast. Especially when you're playing Ezren and easily casting over half a dozen spells per round.
  2. That's a problem I've been having as well. Given that you can't cancel a decision once it's been confirmed and you can't reload a save or anything, having the "Confirm" button right next to the "NO I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT" button is stressful, at the very least.
  3. That happens for all horde traps. I couldn't find a way to read them, so I had to go into the vault to check how it worked.
  4. Yes please. I need that link very often, and having to re-load the map screen to make the switch every time is annoying. Especially since there's already a Party button in the deck management screen, which you'd think would let you go back to party management.
  5. As long as your Inspired Grace doesn't send your one Cure to the discard, Seelah can abuse it all game long on all her rolls. So the upgrade to keep your spells is important. Also, remember that recharging means putting the card on the bottom of the deck, so if you see your Cure going down there, you know exactly how many cards you need to go through before drawing it. If you keep count, you can know when it's back on top and avoid using Inspired Grace until you've drawn it. Her Inspired Grace is amazingly powerful, adding a large bonus to everything. The only drawback is that it might dis
  6. They give you 2 dice, just like they're supposed to, and then the power lets you Recharge it. Unless you encounter the bug that makes this power Banish blessings instead of Recharging them.
  7. I don't know if it's how the rules work, if it's a bug, or just me not using the interface right so I'm asking this here: Ezren's Expanded Spellbook lets him try to draw a spell each time he uses an Arcane spell. But when he uses a spell that's displayed for the turn (like stat boosts or mirror image), it doesn't really work. I think that I sometimes get to use that power when the spell is recharged at the end of his turn (never at the end of someone else's turn). Shouldn't Ezren get to use the Expanded Spellbook when he casts the spell, rather than when it ends? Similarly, if I use an
  8. He's done that already. As for the suggestion, I agree that an Arcane character is most likely the best choice. Not only is it important to close a lot of stuff, that lets you use the Arcane spells that would be wasted otherwise.
  9. This has been a major issue for me. I really do not like spending resources to buy something (be it money or time to grind gold) without being able to tell what it is. There's really no reason the game couldn't show us the cards that aren't unlocked yet. It would also motivate us to make more of the material available.
  10. if you create a new Ezren and use the deck management screen to move the spells you don't want to see appear in scenarios into his inventory, that's 8 spells out of the pool of cards for location decks. And you have 24 character slots, which can be filled with many Ezren holding many spells...
  11. There has been so many bugs since the new update. I tried to use the Spyglass with Ezren while his deck was popping up for his power to draw a card, so I cancelled the action to sort this out. The spyglass disappeared. It was not used, not in the discard, not in the deck, nowhere. Didn't come back after the adventure either. While I was cornering the Villain in 1-3, I had Kyra in another open location that requires beating a Devilspawn to close. So I get her to fight one to temporarily close the location, burning her resources as I do it since it's going to be the last turn. Except that af
  12. Lini and Seelah are very good characters that can shine at pretty much everything, so they can help any party. Lini is harder to play (having significant difficulty handling combat if not handled right) and really needs to level up some to really shine, so I'd advise Seelah. But given your current party, you should seriously consider Valeros or Harsk. You don't have anyone that handles weapons well and can reliably clean house through the game (Seoni is close, but might have to burn cards to do that). Valeros is extremely good at beating things to death (high Melee and can recharge his man
  13. When I started Quest Mode, I got my assed handed out to me 3 times in a row (mostly by the same boss as you, actually). But each time I was defeated, I ended up with better cards for my adventurers. Now I've played a bunch more quests and haven't lost once in Normal or Heroic (not that it's easy either, I won too many scenarios on the very last turn to feel ****y). Also, getting a third character helps a lot. An Arcane caster like Ezren or Seoni is a very good match for the starting characters and only costs 1500 golds. Wow, I didn't know about that. How do you see that gold bonus?
  14. Your characters are stuck at low level in story mode as long as you don't get new adventures. However playing with the same team over and over again can get tiresome. If you love the dynamic of your current party and don't really want to try something new, save for the next adventure. Otherwise, pick a character you think you'll like since that costs half of the adventure (or less). There are a few. You can start the story mode again with a new party and earn gold rewards again for beating the normal difficulty. You could play normal missions to improve your character's decks and practic
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