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  1. is the staff not supposed to work (defeating barrier by recharging the staff and discarding a spell) with the spells you get from the codex?
  2. do we know if the next adventure will have plenty of enemies with the giant trait? still not sure if it's worth the hassle
  3. seems like today's patches fixed this? i'm not 100% certain if the bug i had was this crow bait bug, but the problem i had was very similar where i have to bury a card, but then it does the banish animation and then the soft lock when i tried again just now, i can click the settings and then just forfeited the game normally
  4. description for inspired dexterity says "When you play a blessing to add to your dexterity check, you may recharge it instead of discarding it." blessings of erastil gives you 2 dices for dexterity combat checks, so do they interact with this power?
  5. a question to those that bought the 4 person character add on deck or the whole bundle is the deck c character specific? edit: why is there a white background on my post?
  6. can i buy a new character and then let him/her join my party in progress? found what seemed to be a really powerful arcane magic card that i would like to keep, so i was thinking if it's possible to buy a new character and give him/her this card
  7. any guides on levelling up skills/powers for each character? somewhat hesitant to progress the game since i'm scared of screwing up so i've been doing farming the 1st adventure for gold and trying to get 2nd masterwork tools and maybe shalelu andosana (i already have one masterwork tools and i put it on kyra, are you limited to 1 of it per party since the vault shows there's only 1 masterwork tools?) is there a way to reset your stats this game?
  8. so you're talking about the treasure chest that you need to buy from the store with gold right? as mentioned by dunesparrow when you buy the gold chests, do you only get the cards that you haven't unlocked in the vault (still shows as ? in the vault) or can you get the same card multiple times? the completionist in me wants to complete a whole "box" before continuing onwards to the next adventure lol
  9. ok so i cleared the 1st adventure and got into level up, and chose to level up a skill how do you level up a power then? unless we can only level up either a skill or a power, not both at the same time if that's the case i think i'll reset my game
  10. just to be clear, are you talking about chests you encounter in the adventure or chests that you can buy with gold?
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