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  1. As being a new player to the game I didn't know the exact phrasing of 'Blood in the Sand'. But as I remebered it, I had to bury a discard card and not a card from the hand. So I am glad with your comment, Da_Mayor. I tried everything: - Hit cancel buttons (which were also visible at all the other characters as I remember ?!) - dragged everything I could drag - Went to the vault - Went to the shop - Quit the game - Hard-Closed the app and restarted I finnaly forfeited
  2. Thx , Now that you mentioned 'Power' I could easily find where it was listed .
  3. Can someone please explain why I start with 2 dice instead of one (See picture) ?? (I am new to the game so apologies if this is obvious but I couldn't find the answer)
  4. Hi, I want to report the following bug: After I failed the check I had to banish a card (caise of 'Blood in the Sand' ?). The discarded cards appeared in the red banner. I fiddled a bit around with these cards to see which one to banish and they went to my discard pile. I couldn't get one from there to banish it. Finaly I had fo forfeit the game cause I couldn't progress. Grtz Robert General (For all issues) What device type are you on? iPad What version of the OS are you running? iOS 9.3.2 What model is the device? iPad Air 2 Login Issues When you launch the game, d
  5. And the waiting can begin .... again: Fortress of the Stone Giants is expected for June
  6. Not really. "Early next week" is certainly subjective, but only to a point. It doesn't translate to "the last possible moment of next week." It's their game, and they can release it whenever they like. I just wish they'd simply said "next week" so we weren't all foamy over when it was going to happen. My quest mode is currently broken until the update. So here I sit. He is talking about unlinking the terms "Early" and "next week". So Early = early in the morning next week = ....next week So "early next week" = Some time next week very early in the morning. Leave
  7. I thought: If I buy everything at once with the season pack, I would be overwhelmed as a newbie. So I decided to go the long way: acquiring (everything) by collecting gold. (When I get more experienced I might might buy it as well cause it's not the money but for now more the selfprotection and the challenge). So, when I had 2293 gold I bought 'Burnt Offerings' leaving me enough for a new character to buy. But that leaves me the problem which one to choose ??? Any advice is appreciated !
  8. and (not surprisingly): Played Black Fang's Dungeon on Normal and succeeded . BUG: When I returnd to the Map screen I saw that all Fang's Dungeon (Normal, Heroic and Legendary) were checked as being completed.
  9. Ipad Air 2 9.3.1. Logged into GameCenter No Products were purchased ? Gameplay Is pass & play on? No. Is permadeath on? No Story Mode, - Brigandoom Murisiel and Kyra I have successfully succeeded all Scenarios of PoLC on all 3 difficulties and couldn't start a Quest (maybe due to duplicate charactersproblem ?) and felt I might have missed some rewards (due to dying on both of my characters). So ‚ÄčI decided to delete the app to start all over. All was reset (except for my gold ) Played Brigandoom on Normal and succeeded 1st time. BUG: When I returnd to the Map screen I saw th
  10. Answering my own question. If the deck is illegal the numbers ofd the cards are in red. I think the ! means that those cards were added in the scenario which was jus played.
  11. When I am ready with my adventure I have to set the decks right for each adventurer. Sometimes I see an exclamation mark (!) on the cards. What does this mean ?
  12. Thx for your tima and extensive replies. Although it gave me some directions I had hoped to get some general directions on adventuring/RPG, like ands maybe an extensive guidebook (I did the first 3 adventures on easy and could add cards/skills to my 2 party members : When I had to choose what kind of reward I wanted I just clicked something, not knowing what would be best ) Nevertheless, the replies helped and I will adventure on to learn by playing, reading forums (and maybe by finding an usefull guide). Thx!
  13. Hi all, I am completely new to the game and learned the game by playing the tutorial and reading the rulebook. It learned me enough to get the game going but nothing about strategy, the (best) cards and deckbuilding. I have looked on BGG, Paizo for some guides but couldn't find it. I have no D&D or RPG experience what so ever but I like the concept Some examples I have problems with: - Which cards I have to choose for a scenario. I know it depends on the scenario but some direction would be helpfull. e.g I get to choose between "Night Watch" (giving 1D10 on Perception) or "St
  14. Not completely correct. Once approved by Apple the developer can release the app on the date/time the developer wants: right away or later, not just on a Thursday. My Conclusion is that the app has been submitted for approval (when ??) and the waiting is for approval. Then Obsidian can release (at any time Obsidian wants). So the waiting is for Apple approval and Obsidian to release
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