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  1. Hey Thanks for the update. Can we expect it to be about 4-5 months unil we see another content update? Will we see the other Goblin characters, Ekkie, Reepazo, Reta and Chuffy in the future? What about Season of the Runelords? Will there be AMA this year? Keep up the great work. Thanks Dunesparrow
  2. Thank you. Great thread, I finally understand why I've only encountered 1 new boon.
  3. Hey While playing through the first Scenario of the new Rise of the Goblins content, on 2 occasions, 2 characters both spent a blessing on a check that Poog was making. After the check when I activated Poog's 'Shot in the Arm' power and the character select screen box appeared, it would always disappear after I had selected 1 character. As such only one character was able to shuffle 1 random card from their discard pile into their deck. Is this working as intended ? Poog's 'Shot in the Arm' power has the following description: When another character plays a blessing on your
  4. Hey There is a post on Bord Game Geek regarding the Rise of the Goblins update: https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/67416/app-news-new-pathfinder-content-coming-next-week-a In the post they make the following statement: ' it's coming to Pathfinder next week.' I re-checked the blog post: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-204-pathfinder-adventures-rise-of-the-goblins but, could not find any mention of a release date. Certainly good news if true. Edit: My apoligies I should have dug a little deeper. This tweet from Obsidian makes it a
  5. Hey Awesome, this sounds and looks cool. When can we expect to see the Rise of the Goblins content go live? Will the Rise of the Goblins Adventure Path contain multiple adventures (maybe 6 in total) or is it just a one shot? How will the changed cards interact with the Stash and the Rise of the Runelords Adventure path? Will existing Treasure, Promo and Loot cards be available in the Rise of the Goblins Adventure path? If Rise of the Goblins is an Adventure path, will there be new loot cards? How will asymmetrical Dice work? Will we ever ge
  6. This morning, was available for iOS. Great. I have just started up Steam and as expected Pathfinder Adventures updated, but it has updated to http://steamcommunity.com/games/480640/announcements/detail/1335729836938789227 Fixes: - The Charm bag no longer opens as an invisible panel. - Client culling of cards no longer applicable. I have just checked iOS updates and there is nothing else for Pathfinder Adventures, but I have loaded Pathfinder Adventures on my Ipad and everything seems fine.
  7. Check this out: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder_ACG/comments/6iwwhc/on_tuesday_june_27th_obsidian_entertainment_is/ The following Obsidian and Pathfinder Adventures team will be there: Eric Neigher (Director of Marketing) emoney Ryan Rucinski (Lead Producer) Flounder ??? Brandon Adler (Lead Designer) Badler Keno SanPablo (Programmer) MrBishop
  8. I have been checking my collection multiple times a day and have not seen any of my Card counts decrease. Also cards have been appearing in the unclaimed tab and I have salvaged them. When I look at my collection I still have the same amount of that Card. For example: In my collection I have six copies of Improved Arcane Armour. Last night after I had finished a scenario I salvaged 2 copies of Improved Arcane Armour for some gold. When I checked my collection this morning, I still had six copies of Improved Arcane Armour. As such it is my expectation that the Card Caps, Auto-Salvagi
  9. Thank you for the explanation Badler. I am disappointed that this change has occurred. What is the expected time frame for the back end Salvaging to complete? Does the back end Salvaging only occur while The Game is running and I am logged in? How many times will I have to log in? How does the System choose which cards will get salvaged? Currently when I start a new party, go to manage deck and select the 'my collection' tab, B Deck 'basic' treasure cards, that are in my collection do not appear. Is this because they have not been auto-salvaged by the system? As such is t
  10. Ummmm What the Hell??? I am very confused by this. Does this apply to treasure cards in your collection prior to patch 1.2.6.X/Steam release/Account Merge ??? How does this new system, creation of the card pool for Adventures/Scenarios and the Stash/unclaimed interact together? Could you please explain this in more detail?
  11. Hey. So it appears that there was a Pathfinder Adventures AMA on Reddit a couple of days ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg_gamers/comments/6hokh6/our_new_game_pathfinder_adventures_rise_of_the/
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