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  1. I have scratch in the sound... still lag problem... the music fade out, but late, a few seconds after the change of windows. during this change, the music is lagging too. I hadn't this problem before.
  2. I was returning to the game after a few weeks and the game is very slow... music change without sync when changin windows (the change come after the window change) and lag during the game... big lag... is it a problem with the last update ? Samsung GT-P5210 (via MEmu emulator) VER 832 20170306 I have also, sometimes, two windows of connection problem when coming on the main windows... It seems that I recover all my gold at this time, but hard to read, because i have two windows. I'm well connected, with my name and the green button. thanks
  3. Android 4.2.2 (via Memu emulator 2.8.6 ) - Samsung GT-P5210 PFID : AC1FB7F38F6175E6 No problem with connection to my ID Playing with the bundle (all adventures + character's add-on) No Permadeath, no Pass and play Quest MODE - 6 Heroes (in the turn order) : WILD CARDS : 5 fewer blessings in the blessing deck QUEST MODE difficult heroic Amiri confront a athic wisperer at the farm she failed her wisdow check but loose no card.
  4. Android 4.2.2 (via Memu emulator 2.8.6 ) - Samsung GT-P5210 PFID : AC1FB7F38F6175E6 No problem with connection to my ID Playing with the bundle (all adventures + character's add-on) No Permadeath, no Pass and play Story Mode - Angel In tower, Legendary Difficult 5 Heroes (in the turn order) : Seoni - Lini - Amiri - Seela - sajan WILD CARDS : too many scarecrows retaliation 1) Amiri at the city gates After loosing a fight against a satyr, no monster was added to the location deck. 2) Seelah at the Shrine of de lamashtu or Seoni at the angel tower or at the throne room, or Sajan at the waterfront, against the Faceless stalker henchman, after failing wisdow check, the monster doesn't add 2 to his combat value 3) Sajan at the mill encounter a mercenary too many scarecrow cause Lini at the temple to summon and encounter a henchman defeated by a divine light + book + animal spell recharged, but no return to the monk battle. the monster image is stuck on the left part of the screen. and the turn pass to amiri instead of seoni. (turn order might be : Seoni - Lini - Amiri - Seela - sajan) on the sajan next turn, the mercenary is still on the top of the deck. sajan encounters the mercenary. He fight himself an other scarecrow hencheman and return to his mercenary fight. 4) Amiri movement from temple (closed) to waterfront the game doesn't offer me to take Seelah with her, due to her special movement power
  5. in quest mode (androïd version 4.2.2 - Samsung GT-P5210) as the pyromant goblin. no attack by fire after they act. too easy !
  6. I just thought back to what I actually did when I ran into a similar problem. What happens if you look through the power options for all the characters before you start choosing any? Ha, I actually did that before seeing your reply, and it worked! ^_^ So for anyone else that runs into this particular bug, I basically cycled through each of the characters before choosing a new feat for any of them, then was able to pick an upgrade for each of them. The UI still acted a little jumpy, but it didn't get stuck like it was doing previously. it worked for me too. thanks a lot. ... nasty bug !
  7. Hi, exactly the same... my Monk, wich is the first of the list can choose his role, his next he has to choose and then, for others, the power list is frozen... I can choose role, the new power selection is available, but, can't choose any... very frustrating and freezed in my quest mode now !!! Android via Memu (latest version) in quest mode - Legendary difficult.
  8. Hi, The Greater aid card and the other version in deck 3 have the same difficulty check of 6... is it a mistake ? the deck 3 version is much better than the deck 2 version... and not more difficult to get ... strange...
  9. Just the way it is. Quest mode isn't completely random. There are a series of quest templates that progressively get harder as your characters level up. Sometimes you just hit a stretch of similar quests because that's what got generated for you. The templates you see in a Tier are loosely tied to the equivalent Adventure Decks in Story Mode. Level up, and you'll draw some new templates. But all the heroes are now level 30... I'm starting to find third deck cards, but still stuck with the same Rogar Craesby...
  10. I'm playing on Androïd, via Memu simulator. I'm in for the quest mode... but... it seems that I'm confronting almost always the same vilains from the deck number 2 : The Ghast and the necromancer ( 80%-90% ) - with the same undead creatures (zombi or ghouls) is it a bug ? or just bad luck ? it seems I fought them forever !
  11. wouhou !!! Victory with only 2 blessings left. two dead characters and a lot of chance in my last rolls... great ! Very difficult but... well... fun... but the "all henchmen" is too heavy... maybe "henchmen from locations" is quiet enough. thanks !
  12. thanks, you have quiet the same strategy than me so spread everyone... try to close montain first... ok.. I don't have the barbarian. my roster is Priest // Warrior // Ranger // Mage // Rogue // Bard Hopefully I've got from my mage one scrying and one augury... but, until then, it wasn't enough... I was not lucky with goblin raiders, skeleton and skinshaws cultists... when they come... all my strategy falls down...
  13. It's too hard... all these henchmen, even the skeletons from the barrier card, gave me force damages... I'm playing with 6 characters, and I can't find the right strategy to kill this scenario. try to put them on the sames locations to easy their healing, but, I'm running out of time... the wild cards are also very hard... how can I win this game (and gain the splendid ranger bow !!) ?
  14. hello, I also have a problem with Bluestacks . since a few days can not start the Pathfinder application. I see the star that spins then come back on the emulator screen . I 'm afraid of losing my characters , and especially the almost 20,000 pieces of gold that I have accumulated . if I have to reinstall the application , do I risk losing all the money, all the cards in the gallery? Characters ? frankly, it's painful ... something i have to do please ? thanks !!
  15. I'm using Bluestacks on my PC to play and it doesn't find the last update ( Why ? I gain a lot of cards and i'm afraid to loose all of them... I can't loot gold when i win a quest (only gold for monsters) someone to help ?
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