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  1. In Flounder's last blog he talked about Obsidian eventually dropping support for Quest mode.. I think it has started.Damn, thats all I'm really looking forward to...
  2. Read the post from announcements. Aarik writes "Hey guys, We have fixed the issue with the loading problems as it was posted here: http://forums.obsidi...r-patch-to-116/ Thanks for keeping us up to date!" So I think I was being accurate... "fixed the issue" suggests they have fixed the issue. Does my english not work?
  3. Yeah, they're rolling the fix into a gameplay patch that hasn't been released yet (though it sounds like they're aiming for "soon".) Watch the post at the top of the thread from Aarik, and he (or someone) will let us know when it rolls out the door.I wish they would edit the thread that says the issue is fixed. Some might say that it's inaccurate, some more cynical might say more...
  4. Hey guys, We have fixed the issue with the loading problems as it was posted here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90608-game-wont-start-after-patch-to-116/ Thanks for keeping us up to date! So you fixed the issue? I don’t see any fix when i go to the directed thread. Just like i keep looking for the multiplayer mode that IS STILL part of the Google Play app advert... Aarik it would be nice to see better accuracy and honesty here... And i still can't load the game...
  5. Thanks Ethics Gradient, i hadn't read that correctly, about 500 gold/chest. As to the probability of getting 6 Legion Armour in a purely random distribution out of 100 draws, and them being 6 out of 8 legendary cards, if you guys think that is "normal" or "fair", I'm obviously on the wrong planet. What is apparently more obvious is the pointlessness of raising the issue.
  6. In the past 2 weeks i have opened 100 chests and recieved 8 golden border cards. Nice yes? 6 were Legionairs armour. Thats a bit too suspect. There is something very screwy about chest drops and this will be the last i purchase. Which sort of works out since they will be cutting the free ones (paid for with in game currency gold) . If we are expected to pay real money for chests, i would expect a far more realistic spread of items, and maybe some transparency.
  7. Yeah, I'm the same. Ignorant... I don't understand how this could be an issue.
  8. I use a Galaxy Tab A and Nexus 5x. The story mode is synchronised so long as i complete a mission. My quest mode characters are mostly accessible between devives. I have used that fact in the past when i have hit progression breaks. I rename different versions of the same character to help this. I haven't experimented too much though, but generally it sync's if i complete a senario on one device, and close the app through the game menu rather than the device screen toggle (not sure correct terms) . You just need to be sure you are logged into the same Google Playgames account with each device
  9. Forgive me if i just don’t understand the game mechanics correctly, but am i supposed to be able to reveal the magic shield, then reveal it again once it is in the reveal position, for a total reduction of 4 damage. In the same vein, when revealing the Cat ally to boost recharge of spells by 2, are you also supposed to be able to reveal it again once in the reveal position on screen, for a total boost of 4 to recharge a spell with 1 ally? Forgive me if i don't get it, or is it a bug/exploit. Just seems like cheating and against the one card per card type per check rule. Ta me
  10. It says add 2d4 to your non combat devine check. I would have thought using Holy Light was a combat devine check. And it was a boost to the spell, not a boost to recharge.
  11. Lini using Holy light at clocktower, lvl 15 recharges Holy Text to add 2d4 to combat check. Galaxy Tab A, Marshmallow
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