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  1. Huh. Interesting that that's my four person party that I bragged about how good they were, plus two more. I wonder if that's a measure of our differing playstyles, or of how differently the game plays with a 6-man party. I'm certainly noticing even the difference between 4 and 5, though it's hard to tease out what's different just because they're different characters.
  2. I played my first run through the campaign with Kyra and Merisiel. Good pairing, though I did struggle a bit with damage output in the final scenario. I played my second run through with the next 4 characters I had unlocked, chosen mostly at random at the time of unlocking: Seelah, Lini, Sagan, and Amiri. Great party. Plenty of heals, plenty of blessings, plenty of combat potential, couple of good Wisdom closers, and a couple of people who can deal with barriers and such. Ran almost the full campaign on Legendary (except for the last couple of scenarios just because I hadn't unlocked them yet.) Recently started my third party with everyone else, because it was everyone else: Valeros, Lem, Harsk, Ezren, and Seoni. Whew this combination sucks! Combat ability is decent, but no one really closes Wisdom, no one really disables worth a damn, tiny number of blessings, essentially no heals. Swapping back to these guys as noobs from the last mob all tooled up is a serious shock to the system; I lost the very first scenario on my first attempt (on Legendary, but still...) I'm not saying that there's anything necessarily wrong with any of these guys individually, but they do _not_ feel like they work together well. What was your worst combo in a party?
  3. That'd surely make life easier! I know I struggle to remember what exactly I played when and with who...
  4. Well said Nym. While I kind of want to like treasure chests, I'm really glad they didn't just make all the most powerful cards in the game available only through them. That's the sort of thing that has sent me running from other games long before I spent a penny on them, where I happily bought gold in this one to pick up characters and adventures.
  5. Playing on a LG-D415 Android 5.0.2 phone. My PFID is apparently 9F10552F50FABA72. Google Play thinks the app is completely up-to-date. No changes to any of my parties, though I did buy access to some new characters in the store.
  6. Seen some strange behaviour lately with regard to characters' completion in Story Mode. I had a party consisting of only Merisiel and Kyra, for obvious reasons (free.) I'd got them up to scenario 6.5 and was having some trouble with it, when I got distracted by buying new characters and starting another party. So I hadn't touched the Free Party since the week that adventure 6 dropped. This weekend I went back to them, and found that the party was no longer up to 6.5 - it was back at the beginning of 6. I figured I'd lost some progress due to a bug fix or something in the meantime, and didn't worry about it much; I just started over. Zipped through 6.1 - 6.4 (on normal, I think, since it was the only level unlocked.) At least one of those scenarios, Kyra didn't get the scenario reward despite still being alive at the end. I thought maybe it had something to do with having really done it before, so I didn't pay much mind. Today I finally pushed through 6.5 (even on normal, my two-man party of Kyra and Merisiel - with level choices made when I had no idea what I was doing - lacks a bit of punch...) and Kyra again didn't get the scenario reward! Since it's really the first time I've ever completed the scenario, I know this time it's got nothing to do with having done it before. When I go to the Manage Party screen and select the Completion tab for my experienced Kyra, she has green ovals with checkboxes next to 6.1 and 6.3, a brown oval with a checkbox next to 6.5, and no credit for 6.2 or 6.4 at all. Merisiel has all green except for brown for 6.5. My other party now has Heroic unlocked for 6.5, so my account seems to have gotten credit for the Free Party finishing the game. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on?
  7. Nope; not hard at all. I just would've felt silly doing it if it turned out there was an option for managing decks somewhere.
  8. Just to be sure; there isn't any normal way to swap cards out of your character deck for others that don't currently belong to any of the characters in your party, is there? I had to banish a Holy Light out of Lini's deck in order to close a location and win a scenario. (In retrospect, I probably should have just lost the game...) Now I'm stuck down one of my best combat spells, and having replaced it with Raise Dead or some such trash. I suppose I could play a game where I deliberately banish the Raise Dead and carefully don't acquire any other spells; I'm just wondering if there's an easier way that I've never noticed. If there isn't, anyone have any suggestions for the best adventure to run with a location to banish spells in?
  9. Hah! Got caught in the same cycle (With Seelah, Lini, Sajan, and Amiri) but had already done the daily, so it didn't do me any good. Now I'm trying to beat 5.1 by carefully losing to hounds by hopefully-not-too-much as the way to break the cycle...
  10. This may not be a bug, but I don't remember it from my first playthrough, so I figured I'd check... In Underneath Sandpoint (5.1?) on Legendary, defeating a monster results in a Stealth or Perception 8 check to avoid summoning a Hound of Lamashtu. If you fail the check and beat the hound, you've defeated another monster, so you get another check, and another hound, infinitely forever until you either succeed at the check, or lose to the hound. Is that right?
  11. Nice guide; thanks! Wish I'd scrolled down and read this commentary before I posted my own recent thread, but suffice to say I'm finding Lini to be immensely powerful.
  12. I've played a fair bit of the game, but most of it with Kyra and Merisiel, because that's what you start with. So I think I've got the game systems down pretty well, but I don't know the other characters much. I've recently been playing a 4-character party with Seelah, Sajan, Amiri, and Lini, and I've been amazed with how powerful Lini is. Have I just been lucky? Or is she really that good? I'm midway through the campaign now, so she essentially adds 1d4+2 to every test she takes, without using any cards. With that she acquires pretty much anything she wants, and closes almost any location without aid. She never fails a recharge test on a spell, ever. Inflict and Holy Light cover most of her combats, but discarding to make her base d10+1d4+2 (and therefore eminently blessable) means she covers fine even when the spells aren't in hand. And even if I'm playing cautious, and never discarding her last animal, she gets a fair number of free searches from recharging spare beasts. With all that she covers her own site fine (she just parks on a Mountain Peak and is immune to its' otherwise painful effect) while supporting the rest of the party heaps with buffs, scrying, and blessings that she doesn't have much need for herself. Does she maybe not scale well into the endgame? At the moment, playing with her in the party feels like Easy Mode compared to my last game.
  13. Nice. Thanks for that. Hadn't seen the list down the bottom of Aarik's post. I picked up the Rise of the Runelords box, so it all looks pretty similar so far. Not sure how many of the many many expansions I'll be up for, but we'll give it a go and see how we like it.
  14. Hey all, Been playing the app game for a couple of months now pretty regular, so when the card game popped up on sale at my local shop I figured I'd grab it and take it for a spin. We haven't had our first game yet, but reading through the rules I noticed a couple of things which are either different, or else I'd never figured them out in the app: In defeating a bane with multiple tests, another character at your location can make some of the checks, as long as the character whose turn it is makes at least one of them. (Does this work in the app too? I need to go check, but it hasn't come up yet...) If a character dies in the card game, they lose all of their progression from previous adventures. Any other major differences I should know about?
  15. Yeeeeeah; little embarrassed now. After putting up with this problem for a week or so, I finally got around to installing the latest Android patch for my phone, and it seems to be working flawlessly since. Oops?
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