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Character Completion Disappearing

Sir Real


Seen some strange behaviour lately with regard to characters' completion in Story Mode.


I had a party consisting of only Merisiel and Kyra, for obvious reasons (free.)  I'd got them up to scenario 6.5 and was having some trouble with it, when I got distracted by buying new characters and starting another party.  So I hadn't touched the Free Party since the week that adventure 6 dropped.  This weekend I went back to them, and found that the party was no longer up to 6.5 - it was back at the beginning of 6.  I figured I'd lost some progress due to a bug fix or something in the meantime, and didn't worry about it much; I just started over.  Zipped through 6.1 - 6.4 (on normal, I think, since it was the only level unlocked.)  At least one of those scenarios, Kyra didn't get the scenario reward despite still being alive at the end.  I thought maybe it had something to do with having really done it before, so I didn't pay much mind.  Today I finally pushed through 6.5 (even on normal, my two-man party of Kyra and Merisiel - with level choices made when I had no idea what I was doing - lacks a bit of punch...) and Kyra again didn't get the scenario reward!  Since it's really the first time I've ever completed the scenario, I know this time it's got nothing to do with having done it before.


When I go to the Manage Party screen and select the Completion tab for my experienced Kyra, she has green ovals with checkboxes next to 6.1 and 6.3, a brown oval with a checkbox next to 6.5, and no credit for 6.2 or 6.4 at all.  Merisiel  has all green except for brown for 6.5.  My other party now has Heroic unlocked for 6.5, so my account seems to have gotten credit for the Free Party finishing the game.


Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? 

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Playing on a LG-D415 Android 5.0.2 phone.  My PFID is apparently 9F10552F50FABA72.  Google Play thinks the app is completely up-to-date.


No changes to any of my parties, though I did buy access to some new characters in the store.

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