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Possible Bug: Infinite Hounds?

Sir Real


This may not be a bug, but I don't remember it from my first playthrough, so I figured I'd check...


In Underneath Sandpoint (5.1?) on Legendary, defeating a monster results in a Stealth or Perception 8 check to avoid summoning a Hound of Lamashtu.  If you fail the check and beat the hound, you've defeated another monster, so you get another check, and another hound, infinitely forever until you either succeed at the check, or lose to the hound.  Is that right?

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Yes this has happened to me too but sadly not to my advantage. Found a work around when the dice disappear after the stealth check which involved discarding a blessing to add to the check and then cancelling it. Had to forfeit in the end though when my characters ran out of blessings. The bugs have been progressively getting worse and worse. I never used to encounter anything that couldn't be solved by closing the game down and opening it back up again but recently... it's becoming unplayable.

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