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Hound Pounding for Fun and Profit

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...or, "How Amiri Exploited a Bug FTW"


[Possible spoiler warning for Adv. 5.1, "Under Sandpoint"]


Yesterday's Daily Challenge was to defeat 25 banes. Party of Amiri, Lini, and Seoni ("The Wild Bunch") tackles Adv 5.1, "Under Sandpoint," at Heroic. After you encounter a monster, you have to succeed at a Stealth or Perception 8 check or summon and encounter a Hound of Lamashtu henchman. I'm pretty sure the idea is to do that only once per monster, but the app seems to feel differently. You beat one Hound, and a fresh one pops up. Beat that one? Have another! Done with that? We've got more! And so on...


So, Amiri faces her first bane and soundly thrashes it with a Greatclub +3 and some Evangelical encouragement. Fails the Stealth check (duh), and it's Hound time. The Hound makes you do a Wisdom 10 check or have the difficulty of all subsequent checks increased by 2. Amiri rolls and fails (double duh), but then a bug kicks in that blanks out the results of that roll and just leaves you sitting there, unable to progress... Unless you can add a modifier to the die -- like, say, an Evangelist (or a blessing). Then it lets you roll again, accepts the result, and proceeds with the combat.


Amiri pounds the Hound (heh), then up pops another Stealth check. She fails, and the cycle repeats. The kicker, though, is that despite failing the Hound's Wisdom check, the difficulty of subsequent checks never increased. It was the same difficulty (20, due to the scenario's +4 to banes power) every time. Amiri worked over 5 perditious pooches in a row before the dice crapped out and the cycle was broken.


On Amiri's next turn, the cycle began anew. Only this time she was armed with Mokmurian's Club and strapped with a Belt of Giant Strength with a lovely decorative Scarlet and Green Cabochon. She would have been caught in the Hound's Wisdom check trap were it not for a blessing in Lini's hand (discard it to add a die, then immediately cancel; you can reroll and proceed, and the blessing will still be around for next time). It was like a canine abattoir up in here, Amiri glorying in the slaughter, healing with every successful fight. Completed the 25-bane challenge that turn, then used Lini's blessing and an Aid spell to pass the Stealth check and break the cycle.


Unfortunately, had to forfeit the game when Lini got caught in the Hound's Wisdom check trap; she passed the check handily with the help of an animal buddy, but the game rejected that roll, wouldn't let her use the Animal Trick power to generate a second roll, and nobody else had any blessings.


Just wanted to share this story of bugsploitation, which I found wildly amusing. Could totally picture Amiri going full beastmode on an endless pack of Hounds...





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Hah!  Got caught in the same cycle (With Seelah, Lini, Sajan, and Amiri) but had already done the daily, so it didn't do me any good.  Now I'm trying to beat 5.1 by carefully losing to hounds by hopefully-not-too-much as the way to break the cycle...

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