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  1. WIll the new campaign be available as a gold purchase at some point? I would like to play it, but I simply don't have any money to invest on games at this point (no, not even 6 euros). I'm sorry if I'm not contributing financially, but that's that.
  2. My first check was made by Seelah. I don't remember every card because there were a few of them, but surely ther was a blessing of iomedae which she then shuffled back in the deck, and at least a few blessings of sarenrae by Kyra (exorcist) which she then put on the top of her deck. Seoni used the staff of hungry shadows, and harsk use another blessing if I recall correctly.
  3. Correlation =/= causation, but I thought that it could have been the fumbling between checks caused by my Seela's and Kyra's Blessings of Iomedae and Blessings of Sarenrae. In the next attempt I tried to win without using any of those (quite a severe handicap since in the last round Kyra had 4 of those between blessings and favors ) and everything went fine.
  4. I managed to tackle the last scenario of the sixth adventure, and survive through the hordes of endless rune giants and dragons, and having cornered Karzoug as the only card in the deck, and beating his first check, only to get to this: There was nothing I could do. No trip to the vault or reset of the app managed to solve this. Suffice to say that I was kinda upset I play on an android phone (Honor 6)
  5. winning that legendary scenario was a frustrating effort for me. Glad that someone had a better time than me! :D
  6. Augury, scry, then augury, then scry some more. Oh, and Revelation quill, spyglass and magic spyglass. You want to close all the locations possible before attempting a single check against the villain. With a bit of luck, you can manage to beat each of the villains only one time, meaning that you won't be forced to do any check higher than 40, which, with a party of 6, isn't so difficult to reach.
  7. I think that since favor of the gods still mimics the blessing that is on top of the blessing deck, if that blessing isn't a favor, it won't act as a favor itself, which I think is unintended behavior, but I might be wrong.
  8. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90707-adventure-reward/ It happened to me, twice, with adventurers that never did any scenario of the sixth adventure
  9. Ah ok. So It could be that I missed a card reward and the game gave me one? Mh, if so I didn't notice when i missed it XD
  10. Unless I'm being foolish and I don't get something, after completing the first scenario of the sixth adventure I got both a power feat AND a card feat, and I think I was supposed to get only the former. Also, when chosing feats for my Seoni, even though I already given it to her, Favor of the Lady of The Graves was missing, and I had to re-give it.
  11. No ok, this time I defeated him. It seems that it happens only sometimes... EDIT: Ok, maybe I understood something. If I play anything to aid the character performing the first combat check with another character, the villain isn't defeated, otherwise I can make the second check.
  12. I don't know why this is happening just now, because I managed to complete the adventure with two different parties before with no issue whatsoever, but now, every time I encounter Mokmurian in the last scenario and I complete the first check, the game automatically replenish my hand and my turn is over, and I can't take the second check to beat him. Also, if I fail the constitution check before the fight I have to bury the cards, but then it replenishes my hand, this time without ending the turn though. Mokmurian returns on the top of the deck ready to be fough again, but I can't manage to get past it.
  13. Guys, it's already been one day and still the adventure five isn't out. I'm outraged. /bad irony Of course I'm kidding guys. The 4th deck is great, and I really enjoyed playing it with my phone even if already posses the boardgame, cause I get all the shiny stuff from the chests Great work. A few bugs here and there, but for me nothing that makes the gam unplayable. Thank you for delivering us this gem of a game. Take your time, we'll support you
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