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  1. Okay, seems I won't be touching the game for a few days, just in case!
  2. All my preexisting parties are gone (Android 7.0). The characters are in there - I can use them to create a new party - but the existing saves are gone. That's... annoying.
  3. Shadow is a Deck 1 character, so the chances of having acquired Magic weapons when you first face it are greater. That said, Deck B has the Spectre which is really annoying at that point in the game. Sajan starts with an Amulet of Mighty Fists, so he can deal with magic only monsters.
  4. If you bought the RotR bundle, just go to the vault and check out the Promo Card weapons. At least until the next patch comes around, you've should have a copy of each new card "on loan". Thanks! That worked like a charm (pun intended). As expected, the ones with real flavor/usefulness are the expensive ones. But I have been wanting to contribute to the game and this kind of unique content is what entices me to spend. I have sunk so many hours into this game that I still come out way ahead.
  5. I can't seem to be able to zoom on the promo card pictures in the store page. Can somebody be so kind as to post the stats on the new cards? Trying to decide whether to purchase the base or improved versions of the Valentine bundles.
  6. I don't see the "God" case for Merisiel. She's a slow explorer, and her combat prowess is highly dependent on being alone - which is hard to manage in large groups or towards the end of the scenario, when most locations are closed. Her evade is pretty great though, particularly when talented so you can chose to leave the card on top. But that's about it. Sajan is a strong brawler but "one and done", and his utility is extremely low, even if you go for zen archer. Drunken Master looks fun on paper, but pots are very weak. I tried building a Drunken Master with loads of healing pots so he co
  7. Seoni or Lem through Local Heroes is fairly trivial too. 5-10 minutes tops.
  8. Might be a wording error? They changed the Holy Candle to banish too (it's bury in the physical game) to avoid players exploiting it by stocking several copies and thus rendering the blessings deck meaningless. So maybe it's working as designed, but they didn't change the wording on the card to reflect it.
  9. You cand pile up more +X via spells. Encounter a critter, give her +18 via strength spells, explore again, and then add improved guidances for the Alpha Strike. You can play around hand and deck limits by having characters in the same location and giving cards to Amiri (or to each other) to maximise the strike, too.
  10. Really struggling to beat Thessalonian Sins on six player Nightmare. Any advice from the pros? The difficulty of the checks to beat the villains just ends too much out of wack, and Nightmare rules make it way hard to try to work around this.
  11. Congratulations! PACG is also the winner of the very prestigious Celedhring's Mobile Game of The Year award.
  12. There was a workaround posted in this thread that may work for your situation: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90070-harpy-monk-card-persists/ Try these steps. 1. Make sure the card is visible. You might need to start a new scenario and do the first exploration. 2. Forfeit. The card should still be visible while you're in the deck resetting phase 3. Drag the card into your hand. It should disappear. 4. Click "View All". This removes the filter so you can see this Monster type card now in your deck. 5. Drag to the bottom to discard it. 2. Hit Forfeit. The card should still be vi
  13. I have a similar issue. I forfeited after encountering a henchman in the Town Square, since I decided I didn't want to banish a card and it was best to just retry. Somehow the Ghlorofaex card stayed on the screen, and now every card I draw triggers a battle with him (which freezes and cannot be finished), even when I play other scenarios. So right now my main progression save is unusable, which is kinda sucky.
  14. While we are at it, I would love to have a setting to speed up rolling/card animations. Some encounters that incorporate a lot of steps (say, roll x dice to increase difficulty, then roll for a "before combat" card ability, then roll for combat once or twice, then roll for an "after combat" card ability, etc...) can become really cumbersome.
  15. I'm also going to toss a #4 in there. 4) It's different, but there's really no practical way to address tabletop-style culling when you can play scenarios over and over or even go back to earlier Adventure Decks. Not only is it the best solution to the meet the "infinite replay" feature of the app, it probably culls more Basic/Elites per scenario than you would have had a chance to naturally do so in tabletop play. It's pretty unlikely that in the ten scenarios of AD3/AD4 you'd have encountered and removed nearly every Basic boon, but the game does exactly that when you hit AD5.
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