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  1. I'm playing on android version 776-20170114 pfid dcac86675f7465c5.my problem is playing a party of 6 (barbarian,sorcerer,wizard,thief,druid,and cleric) the cleric has the spell invoke.(bury is card to recharge 1d6 blessings from discard back into the blessing deck.) I have had this card twice and once used the spell is banished.anyone else having this issue?
  2. Samsung galaxy s5 active. After newest update it will not go past the initial loading screen. Has the new update been posted yet?
  3. So I noticed when fighting the ghost or the spector. Certain characters who have the divine trait, ie the ranger with the skill or even the druid, and the paladin. When I have encountered the ghost or the spector I roll for the divine and when I pass it does not defeat the monster instead it gets shuffled back in.
  4. Because if magic in the touch feat from sorcerer it should automatically recharge the flasks. Since they have the arcane trait. It's similar to the monks ability to recharge potions instead of banishing them.
  5. Arcane trait should be auto recharged. With the blood touch. It's the same as the spells and they auto recharge
  6. While playing with celestial sorcerer with the trait blood in the touch where it allows you to recharge an item with the arcane trait. I have flask of force and flask of shock along with the wand of inveration. All items have arcane trait. But when played with sorcerer. Only given the option to discard or bury. I have screen shots if needed
  7. Andriod device. after completing into the mountain on legandary. I was going through the game to get better weapons and items for my other characters. Running a party of 4, monk, paladin cleric,and rogue. I'm on the mission 1-5 thistle top delve. I'm battling the boss and used a blessing and the game crashes. It goes to the main menu screen. So I was going to start a new mission and it has showed the I have lost all of my progress on legandary mode for all the missions. It has me complete on normal. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time the game it froze and wouldn't reset. I really don't want to do that for a 3rd time.
  8. I'm using g a party of 4. The team consists of valeros, merisiel,ezern,and kyra, I'm on the legandary mission for into the mountains (3-5) I have just beaten the boss to close a level ezern has a flash of shock in the discard pile. And firery bolt The level is descrated vault. The game says to recharge an item from discard (Flask of shock).but is completely frozen. I don't want to reset the game and lose all my progress. I have tried exiting and restarting but still same spot and frozen.
  9. Android I have an acrobat who when playing a blessing of Calista with the inspired dexterity trait. The blessing is banished instead of being recharged. I have lost about 4 blessing of Calista in story mode. Also there seems to be no more blessing of sarane available to find. I have currently 40 blessing of the gods
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