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  1. I've just recently linked my main Android and Steam accounts. Logged into Steam. Found an extra "Burn Everything" card, straight from a Legendary Goblin run completion. Found all the parties from "Runelords", which is also fine. But my "Goblin" party is still missing (Steam only), though. There're no EXP'd goblin characters either.
  2. Happened only once to me, actually. Managed to complete the Legendary path without facing such a bug again.
  3. I have just finished Goblins on Legendary.Received the special card "Burn Everything". Went to find it in my Collection, saw the total number of cards increased by +1. Used to be 1812/1858, became 1813/1858. After a while I went to check another card out and... I still have 1812/1858, and the "Burn Everything" card is not present in the Collection anymore. Then again, after a while the Collection shows 1813/1858 cards in it, but the target one is not present under the "Spell 1" pane) Raisty #8800
  4. It's quite funny, you know... The Goblin DLC is listed as "owned" @ Steam. Still, the game itself is unaware of this fact and takes me back to the Store. Ofc I've informed the support team. Hopefully it won't take another decade to fix.This is just weak. There is no steam account associated with your PFID. Are you sure this is your ID?Sure it is! It's a long story, dear team! Let's check my old support related mails... My PFID used to be Raisty #5562 - E1CF77119F390145 (Android) when I started playing. Then some time (1-2 weeks) from Steam Obsidian Edition merge my Android part of a profile suddenly changed to Raisty #4790 and PFID-710B25AFC1768E46 (Android). Steam account stood fine though, as Raisty #5562. Then I got in touch with a support team, since the android profIle was BLANK and you got all of my stuff and my #5562 account back to Android. Then I linked Android with Asmodee and AGAIN had my account changed to Raisty #8800 and PFID-E1CF77119F390145. Also, the default account (via Steam) shows the Raisty #number (can't recall the exact number right now, something like 8xxx), which is different from all the above, and I have to log into Asmodee to get back to my correct Raisty #8800. And neither of them has access to Goblins... So much struggle, you guys... I should thank you for all your support, so thank you so much! But, afterall, I've said my thanks by purchaising the game at the first place. I can testify in front of all the Gods, Old and New, that I, from my end user side, had literally nothing to do with the "interesting" part.Please, ping me any time if I can somehow help you to sort things out (e-mail, steam name, dates of purchase, anything) I indeed felt a great disturbance in the Force. UPD: Sent a clarification e-mail to support@obsidian. I appreciate the pleasure you brought me by releasing Pathfinder Adventures @mobile and the joy you brought to the gamers. I'm willing to provide any information from my side to help you find the real cause of the "interesting" part of my profile.
  5. It's quite funny, you know... The Goblin DLC is listed as "owned" @ Steam. Still, the game itself is unaware of this fact and takes me back to the Store. Ofc I've informed the support team. Hopefully it won't take another decade to fix. This is just weak.
  6. Tried to log into my Steam account.Same story. Goblins are not available to play via Steam too.
  7. Made a double post due to net freeze. Allright, the idea of "Log into Steam First" sounds great, but I'm unable to do so, I play mobile Android Version only. And got Steam linked to get the Obsidian Edition Bonus and to appreciate Devs only.
  8. Hello, dear team The game won't allow me to play Rise of Goblins Comp. for free, but takes me to the Store instead. Tried to relogin a couple times, nothing works. I've purchased Obsidian Edition and linked my account across Steam/Android/Asmodee long time ago. My PFID-E1CF77119F390145 p.s. I've also sent a message to obsidian support pals, but last time it took 2+ weeks to fix my account.
  9. Logged in today under my Raist 5562. Thank you. Not sure if it was worth 2 week wait. Thank you, guys.
  10. You have to write to support@obsidian.net support. Don't forget to mention your PFID.
  11. How about to try to login using another platform?
  12. It's been 2 weeks already. Might look like 7 days since the topic is that old, but the message to the Support Team and PM to Devs both are dating July 8. Still, there're no answer given neither from Obsidian Support, nor from the forum developers team. Faced total profile wipe and inability to play @ mobile device for 2 weeks straight. Dunno why did I even bother to pay for a obsidian Edition. Lost interest. Thanks.
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