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  1. Sometimes the google play app get turned of or longer out and it causes these kind of problems because app does not get confirmation who (the google play accout) in trying to make contact to the game server!
  2. Check out that your player id is the same as it used be in google play account. If not contact support@obsidian.net
  3. Thumbs up! It is not easy to find reason, so good error hunting in there! In any case the best way to contact developers is to send email to support@obsidian.net These forums Are not too actively inpected. But nice that you find the reason by yourself!
  4. Contact the support@obsidian.net They can check out what happened!
  5. 3. Maybe the game randomice content each time you draw a card? Only keeping if there Are important cards in it, like willain or hensman. The it could be that you see junk car in the deck and it change to good card... or resufle resets the deck. Interesting feature if it would work like that. Did you remember if the card count of the location change? Aka was one card just missing or did it change to something else...
  6. Try to email support@obsidian.net. But I supose that we don`t get bug fixes this game any more, but who knows if there is time to do those in some day.
  7. Try to email support@obsidian.net. This game developers have long been in other projects, so They come here wery seldom.
  8. You have to combine accounts. There is a plase in setting where you can combine your IO and Android and pc accounts. Go to - options - settings - link device And follow instructions.
  9. If I don`t remember wrong...just click the card. Long time from the last play. Also put these bugs to the Main bug forum. This beta Forum has even less trafick than the Main forums
  10. So when building decks you just take random card that belong to level B © to your adventure level. So if you Are level 3 and location says it includes 2 weapons you randomly put two weapon cards from level B to 3 at that location. And if you encounter and banish a card that is basic, you may banish it, not for any other reason.
  11. It all depends... I have played legendary through 4-5 times... and some scenarios it did take 5-10 even more? (Don`t remember anymore) retry and some did go first run. It depends a lot what wild cards you get and how is your starting hand and what heroes you do have. So the variance is Large. But both adventures Are doable in legendary difficulty. Sometimes you just get combinations that Are extremely hard! Also some wild card combinations Are harder to some characters and not so to others and vice versa. There Are some Many possible combinations of Group size, what heroes you have, what Path did you take with upgrades, what cards you have found combined to scenario powers, wild card powers etc...
  12. For blessing you don`t have to be in the same location. Some power requires that, like Lem and some requires that They Are different location like the dwarf. For help, just click another character portrait and chose blessing or character power to help in the check.
  13. It should be so that you don`t get rewards. Not sure though so long time when I played offline.
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