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  1. Those card Are included in the random deck that it put together to each location. Every location is build by puttin together 10 random cards and those random card come from the pool of you owned cards affected by card level, locations own deck building rules etc. This is card based rpg. You character get levels, upgrade his skills, you collect loot and may upgrade your deck while you play. So you can not get big level items, Until later in your adwenture! if you want to know more read rules of original tabletop edition! https://paizo.com/download/pathfinder/PZO6000-Rulebook.zip
  2. Some card do just open aka go to card pool. And you may or may Nit see it layer in other adventures. This can be one of those.
  3. Just use same user account in the new device. The game is bound to user account, not the spesific device.
  4. The game is ready and there is not plans of making new adventures. There was plans for extra adventures, but the game was not economical succes, so it was no point of making new content anymore. Pity, I really like the game, but it was very work intensive compared to amounth people ready to pay for it.
  5. Sometimes the google play app get turned of or longer out and it causes these kind of problems because app does not get confirmation who (the google play accout) in trying to make contact to the game server!
  6. Check out that your player id is the same as it used be in google play account. If not contact support@obsidian.net
  7. Thumbs up! It is not easy to find reason, so good error hunting in there! In any case the best way to contact developers is to send email to support@obsidian.net These forums Are not too actively inpected. But nice that you find the reason by yourself!
  8. Contact the support@obsidian.net They can check out what happened!
  9. 3. Maybe the game randomice content each time you draw a card? Only keeping if there Are important cards in it, like willain or hensman. The it could be that you see junk car in the deck and it change to good card... or resufle resets the deck. Interesting feature if it would work like that. Did you remember if the card count of the location change? Aka was one card just missing or did it change to something else...
  10. Try to email support@obsidian.net. But I supose that we don`t get bug fixes this game any more, but who knows if there is time to do those in some day.
  11. Try to email support@obsidian.net. This game developers have long been in other projects, so They come here wery seldom.
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