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  1. If the Longshanks get the +4 difficulty if you are alone, that keeps getting added as you move from character to character. So, in a party of 4 at different locations: Difficulty 14 for first character Difficulty 18 for the 2nd Difficulty 22 for the 3rd Difficulty 26 for the 4th
  2. Has anyone been able to get the game to work on secondary profiles on Android devices? I have a Google Nexus-10 with the full game working great on my main profile. When I configure an additional profile and try to launch the game, I get a spinning cursor on the loading screen and nothing happens. I think it's having problems authenticating to Google Play Games.
  3. The monster might be able to do additional damage to you on the 2nd fight or have other effects. If you've already discarded your entire hand and there are no other negative effects on fighting/losing, simply roll again (and don't waste any resources on the second roll).
  4. I don't know it it's related, but yesterday, in the 2nd to last adventure of deck 3, when I lost against the Villain, he got duplicated. So, I ended up with 3 copies of him. 2 were in the same location, so when he was defeated, I didn't win the adventure since he was still in the location deck.
  5. Just encountered the same bug in the Goblin Fortress. Fortress was empty (since I failed to defeat the Goblin after defeating the henchman). Same issue as General Store.
  6. I've run into this as well. It appears to happen if you are closing the location because it is empty and not from defeating the henchman.
  7. I just encountered this bug a few minutes ago (and have encountered it before). I got the bug in The Poison Pill. It seems that the problem is with closing the General Store due to the location being empty. I intentionally didn't close it, because I had a specific card I wanted to banish and had plenty of turns. In other games, when I've closed it due to defeating the henchman or villain, it worked fine.
  8. I can confirm this. However, it seems to be specifically against the Spectre. Her Turn Undead works fine against the Ghost.
  9. Nope. No d6 was ever rolled. Happened again to me at the Farm House. Her Turn Undead works fine against the Ghost...it's the Spectre that has the issue.
  10. Undefeated Poison Traps only affect the active character, not all characters at the location.
  11. It happened twice in the same game. Kyra's Turn Undead vs a Spectre in the Descrated Vault failed to defeat the Spectre despite the roll being high enough (definitely beat it the 2nd time...might be misremembering the first encounter with it). My roll was a 15....no cards played on the check. Looks like it isn't adding the Magic trait anymore to the checks. Worked fine before deck 3 was released (at least, with Kyra).
  12. Thanks! For some reason, I didn't realize I was getting a power feat as well.
  13. How do you select roles after completing deck 3? (Or is it not active yet.) I can see the powers that each role gets by tapping the role name...but no way to select the role to actually complete the deck (and rebuild the character decks). Bug or am I missing something?
  14. It might be the new method of handling situations like this which is a bit confusing. It puts a lock on cards that you can't use WITHOUT making the check. You choose the activate the card and then it will make the check. Did you actually try to use a spell or did you just see the chains around the card and assume you couldn't use them? (That's what I thought with the Warchanter.)
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