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  1. Long ago, I purchased the RotR bundle, then stopped playing before all of its content was released. I recently returned to PACG but the purchased content is no where to be found (but I am given plenty of options to purchase again). Is there a straightforward method for resolving this issue?
  2. I almost never have characters at the same location unless they have powers (like Lem) that *require* someone at your location to benefit. Mirisiel is noticeably weaker if required to be wth others. Lirianne has a power that cannot benefit characters at her location. I can go on with other examples. The game allows bunching up or splitting up and gives some incentive for some to do one or some to do the other and gives no major imperative towards either method of play. I think it it clear why that is so. If you want a tougher game with the app, play at the legendary level. If you
  3. I have enjoyed this game, a lot. But the bugs and delays are disappointing. The last patch is causing a bug on my device (iPad Air 2) which has essentially made the game unplayable for me. Which is disappointing and may very well mean I am moving on to the next app and leaving PACG for playing live with my friends (they wanted to play S&S, which is cool since this is RotRL). I wish the best and hope these code & release schedule issues get sorted out while I still have interest. Call it what you will, I do not care about card border colour and feel that removing anything from t
  4. After the last patch, I have encountered this behaviour: A character explores a location and encounters a henchmen. After battling the henchmen (1st battle for a this-then-that henchmen), the game 'skips' with all discarded cards used having been removed from characters' hands but the henchmen not defeated and the character having the explore option (location deck has highlighted glow). If the character explores, the henchmen is the top card but with all the discarded cards just used to defeat the henchmen gone, this is harder to win. If the character wins this time, the game progresses
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