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  1. Hi, In my games with Tup, Tup’s Hot Spot is bugging and crashing my games. After I use Hot Spot, the game continues to roll for fire damage after the initial fire damage roll. This continues until my game crashes....PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks!
  2. I'm having the same problem on Samsung Galaxy (Android) even after installing the update too.
  3. Hi developers, I finally see what folks are talking about (complaining about, really). I have almost all the content you've created, save a few original character ALTs and some dice, so this doesn't effect me as much as it effects others. However, I can plainly see that it kinda sucks that content you originally offered before in gold was changed to require $ (with no notice given in the actual game). I've been with you from the very beginning of PA and I think you should give your current loysl users a week or two to spend their gold at the original prices. It is fine to switch t
  4. Totally agree. I wish the developer had added a suggested level for the fighter side quest. Unclear to me whether the side quest was supposed to be attempted with starter party or level 1-6 party. Looking for the optimal experience---not too easy but not impossible either...
  5. After new update, I enter my Asmodee account email and password. A box pops up saying that I have successfully logged in. Then, nothing happens......IT DOESN'T LOG ME IN. Help!!!
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure what level the heroes should be to do the side quest. Would be great if obsidian gave a suggestion. I tied Val and Meri starting heroes and I'm pretty hung up on scenario 2 (CON roll of 10 is tough with buffs or healing cards!)
  7. Thanks developers for the new content and new character! I will happlily pay cash to keep the app going like this. I'm a huge fan of the physical card game and will do whatever I can to support the digital implementation of the game Here's my money.....please keep going developing more new content and characters!!
  8. Hi, Before the recent updates, I signed into my account for PA one time and then the app remembered me after that. After the recent updates, I need to sign in every time--is this what the developers intended? If not, can you fix so that PA remembers our Asmodee account info after entering it the first time in the app? Thanks.
  9. My two cents is that the heroes you choose, the combinations of those heroes, and equipping which cards to which heroes can have a big impact on the game. I definitely have the most success with certain heroes and struggle with others. I'm sure their are correct strategies for each hero; I'd recommend finding out which heroes you like and then explore their strategies. For example, I find the Valeros/Lem combo at the same location very powerful. However, I struggle with the monk and the barbarian. Having healer heroes is HUGE! Of course, after you start leveling, which abilities you ch
  10. Is anyone else interested in starting a "House rules/Variants" thread to explore other challenging or interesting ways to play PA? Something similar to what people do on Boardgamegeek for boardgames but instead just for digital PA? On this forum, it would be cool to share ideas and see what other house rules folks have been trying out or are interested in with digital PA. By the way, anyone who looks at this and wants to post "you shouldn't play house rules"......let me just say politely upfront---you don't need to bother participating in this post, ok?
  11. Hi all, Since the Goblin character alts are all stronger than the original characters they are modeled on, I developed and play with the following house rule in my Rise of the Runelords campaign: No more than half of your party can consist of Goblin characters. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think! I think it makes the game more challenging and fun. P.S. Incidentally, I think it works thematically too.....the relatively closed minded people of the Sword Coast don't trust parties of more than half Goblins to be their saviors....
  12. I was surprised by the following, maybe someone can shred some light on whether this follows the rules in the physical card game? I've got a party of 4 playing with perma death in Legendary. I win the 1st scenario but Ezren is killed. Remaining party of 3 picks up new Ezren and then finishes scenarios 2 & 3. The game gives me the reward (+1 skill) for 3 of the characters, but not for new Ezren. I thought new Ezren would get the reward too. Did PA have a bug here or maybe I'm missing something in the old rulebook. Does the new Ezren have to go through scenario 1 (to catch up) to get
  13. Thank you developers for contacting me on PM to try to fix the problems I'm having with the game.
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