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  1. Well it did work but.. I've lost half of my characters and all the cards they had ehhh
  2. Hey folks, I have a problem with my mobile version of the game - when i open the app, the google play window pops up forcing me to choose an account i want to use. When I choose it, the window pops again and again and again which means Im unable to play the game. Re-installing haven't changed anything. Please help (
  3. Yeah, now I've recalled thai it happened in the first mission of Fighter's Tale, so it has to be a lucky bug then. :D
  4. Hey guys, so recently i've drawn the Animalbane Dogslicer in one of the adventures. I've acquired it and it's still present in my Stash, but when i enter the Collection, the Animalbane Dogslicer has the question mark symbol on itself and its not in my "owned" tab. How is that even possible? Can this be some sort of bug? Or I just missunderstood how do acquiring cards during adventures work and it has to be added to the collection by drawing it from Treasure Chest? I'm really lost now, thanks in advance for any help.
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