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  1. Please help! The update has been pretty disastrous for me. I can't put a finger on exactly what's triggering crashes, because it seems I can't do ANYTHING without crashing. It got so bad that I tried a delete and reinstall. After that, four parties of characters I had completed the entire AP with were gone. And it's now showing my more recently created parties as having completed scenarios I know they have not. On the plus side, I do appear to have received the correct Quest Mode bonuses, and all my Collection stuff appears to be intact. However, it seems like there's barely a
  2. Yesterday/today's Daily Challenge was to play 15 Blessings on other characters' checks. I played Rimeskull with Kyra and Merisiel on Legendary. I figured it was the perfect setup: with a forced Constitution check at the start of every turn, Kyra could play one of the Blessings/Favours of Sarenrae her deck is packed with on each of Meri's start-of-turn checks, and they would go back on top of her deck, rinse and repeat. But the game didn't register the Blessings played! It didn't ignore every Blessing; the ones Meri played on Kyra's checks seemed to register fine. Perhaps Kyra's recharge/on t
  3. I agree with Celedhring -- unique, cool content is what compels me to spend real money. I do have a complaint, though (don't we always?), as a Canadian customer. The bundles are listed here as $4.99 and $9.99 USD. Reasonable enough. However, the app wants to charge me $6.99 and $13.99 -- still USD. When my credit card bill arrives, those higher USD amounts will THEN be converted to CAD at whatever whackadoo exchange rate we're subject to that day. So I'm paying a premium ON TOP of the conversion rate. That doesn't seem fair. So before I plunk down the digits, is there anything to
  4. ...or, "How Amiri Exploited a Bug FTW" [Possible spoiler warning for Adv. 5.1, "Under Sandpoint"] Yesterday's Daily Challenge was to defeat 25 banes. Party of Amiri, Lini, and Seoni ("The Wild Bunch") tackles Adv 5.1, "Under Sandpoint," at Heroic. After you encounter a monster, you have to succeed at a Stealth or Perception 8 check or summon and encounter a Hound of Lamashtu henchman. I'm pretty sure the idea is to do that only once per monster, but the app seems to feel differently. You beat one Hound, and a fresh one pops up. Beat that one? Have another! Done with that? We've got mor
  5. Not a typo. It's an intentional reversal of the typical proficiency bonus, strictly for flavour. The Horsechopper does not behave as someone who knows what they're doing with weapons would expect it to, making it harder for them to use. That's goblin craftsmanship for ya.
  6. Play the Adventure 4 scenario The Black Tower. It includes the Mountain Peak, and at Legendary difficulty, you bury a card every time you acquire a boon. Especially if you have a few of those bury-for-effect cards (like Father Zantus, Emerald Codex, Revalation Quill) to play, you'll probably complete the challenge in one playthrough.
  7. Same as OP here. Game didn't track them while playing, Challenges screen shows 0/5 (Daily and Weekly), no gold awarded. IPad Air, iOS 10.2
  8. Same here. Also noticed Kyra's "Dawnflower's..." powers aren't working. iPad Air, iOS 10.0.2
  9. Two-character game, Merisiel and Kyra, Story mode on Legendary, Black Tower (4-3). Neither Pass and Play or Permadeath are on. For the purposes of adjacent movement, the location Mountain Peak isn't "connected" to any of the other three locations; there's no line going to it from anywhere. Neither character can move to it from any other location. This bug renders the scenario unplayable. iPad Air, iOS 10.0.2 Thanks!
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