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  1. I receive the push notification that there was a new daily challenge. When the app opened a notification prompting me to update popped up. Clicking the update option opened the Play Store on the game with an option to update. I clicked update, and when it completed I clicked Open to open the game. I looked at the Daily Challenge (Give 15 Cards to another Character), then selected Continue. It resumed the last Story I played (earlier today) and I began the second Scenario of the first Adventure (B), The Poison Pill. I put all of my character into the General Store and began giving cards to
  2. Is there any indication of when that next patch will be? Where do we go to find that information? Is there a patch schedule perhaps? And thank you for fixing it! You all rock!
  3. Where can I find out when the next patch will be released? I'm unable to progress my game due to the Roles major bug... is there a cycle? And if so, what is it please? Thank you. Really enjoy the game. Got my fiancé hooked on it too.
  4. I have encountered this too and now I can not continue playing my game! This is very frustrating. Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAMSUNG-SM-G930V) OS: Android 6.0.1 Team: Barbarian, Wizard, Paladin, Rogue, Sorcerer, Cleric Observations: Sound cues for actions plays but game does not respond (IE Selecting Settings, Selecting Roles button, Selecting (grayed out) Next Arrow) I have tested this starting from each character and as soon as I select the next character the game stops responding (except the audio sounds for selecting buttons). Closing the app and reopening, then continuing
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