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  1. I was able to click on the second character (i tried all 3) but right affter i did it, the game stopped to respond
  2. Yes. I was able to click to any 3 but right affter i did the game stop responding.
  3. Hello! I encountered this bug right after the update, but i am not sure it is connected because its the first time i reached the end of the chapter 3-5 (In to the Mountains) in story mode. My device: Samsung J5 (SM-J500FN) Android 6.0.1 My party: Cleric Paladin Rouge Wizard (Ezren) Bug: Cant select role. I got my reward cards without a problem. Then i clicked next I chosed Evoker (and illusionist as well is second try after i faced the bug. Tried to scroll down, tried to not scroll, down tried to start with otther character, with effect/tutorial on and off, tried to chose power feat and chose not) When i tried to select the second Chatacter The game stopped responding. Pls help me. Thank you for your time Regards: Ranc0r
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