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  1. Okay, you think there is value in what gold can be used to purchase but there's a clear line between things that cannot be purchased with gold and things that can. The former have value and the latter do not. Ultimately that's the entire point of this new system, allowing people to get valuable content for free was obviously a problem, but the inverse, not allowing people to get valuable content for their money is also a problem. That is definitely true. There's little worse after being aggrieved than people siding with the one who did the aggrieving. I don't think accommodating thos
  2. You can still buy Treasure Chests, but they still have absolutely zero value. I'm curious why that's where you draw the line. If a store no longer honours gift vouchers that's a problem, but if they let you redeem them for wads of pre-chewed gum it's fine?
  3. So in your mind the fact I spent money and got nothing in return is not a grounds for complaint?
  4. I'm not convinced any of that is true. Most people here seem poitively delighted they burned mobile players. At this point they've proffered no support nor even a basic aploolgy for ripping off mobile purchasers. If support can help then yay, but even being proactive iwould have been damage control.
  5. Working with your example then I'm curious as to whether you think that's acceptible behaviour? First off I'll make a couple of changes because I think without one of them it would have caused city-wide riots and probably bring down the government. 1) Cubits in this case are somehow analogous to travellers checks. It's not applicable to people actually living there. 2) In this case (since it's the one thing you are prepared to accept as lamentable) they actually did place a post on their blog saying down to, lets say rampant forgery, travelers cubits are no longer accepted in store
  6. Maybe the rational response to being robbed is to pay your robber for your stuff back. But holy **** is that a weird response. Anyway it's still £24 on ios and no I couldn't. So.. buy it on steam and then link your accounts. And of course you can. Working is easy. I don't know your personal situation, but you seem to be able to operate a keyboard, so if all else fails, one can make money with writing. Work isn't easy, there's still that huge recession on. But especially earning 60 odd pound an hour is a trickier proposition. It's definitely handy to know it works cross buy, albeit only i
  7. Maybe the rational response to being robbed is to pay your robber for your stuff back. But holy **** is that a weird response. Anyway it's still £24 on ios and no I couldn't.
  8. I have been reading your posts over the last few days, scratching my head, trying to figure out their logic. The best I can come up with is: You are a member of a secret society of time-travelling assassins, sent back to change the future by boring us all to death. You are so emotionally invested in being right you have now resorted to lying to try to "prove" your point. You did not pay for "items", you paid for gold. The gold is not "absolutely worthless": You can buy seven cards, eleven runes, and seven charms with it, plus the chests, from which you might obtain dozens (hundreds?) of item
  9. Can you at least attempt to call a spade a spade here? Sure I have the gold I paid for but changing the terms of the deal so that gold has absolutely no purpose is fundamentally identical to theft. I had money, now I do not have it nor do I have the items I paid for. The money I spent is gone and I got nothing in return. I bought it at a lower price, they didn't give me anything for my money but I can now buy it at a higher price. Theft. Not "handling things poorly" not "miscommunicating price changes" most certainly not "losing the chance to buy at a lower price". Theft. Did they nee
  10. Then you're going to stop using the word "theft" now, correct? Obsidian had/has no way of knowing what you *intended* to use the fake money that you spent real money on. You're pissed that they didn't uphold their end of some bargain...a bargain that only exists in your head. The analogy of the gift card only makes sense if all sides agree to what the gift card was for. Clearly, you're upset and odds are that if I were in your shoes, I would be too. The bigger questions are thus: 1. What is it that you're trying to accomplish here? 2. Is your current course of action *really* the most
  11. Really, so if I buy a gift card from a store and come in next week and they say they no longer honour gift cards that's fine because I still have the thing I bought? Legally speaking I recognise Obsidian scammed me rather than robbed me but you SURELY have to see how they feel almost indistinguishable.
  12. I think the fundamental problem Obsidian have with this is in how overproduced PACG is. You get a lot of cardboard for your 55 euros but precious little design.
  13. This literally kills me I'm not a fan of the misuse of literally to mean figuratively but don't you think you're stretching the bounds of pedantry to take issue with "taking money and not providing the promised goods" as being functionally equivalent to stealing?
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